The Big Joe Polka Show

I like to think of The Big Joe Polka Show as polka’s answer to American Bandstand. Just replace the TV studio with a large plywood dance floor in an Elk’s Lodge, the awkward teens with polka dancing seniors, and Dick Clark with the charming “Big Joe” Siedlik and his loud, accordion-patterned vests.

For more than 25 years, Big Joe was a polka radio king, spinning a popular mix of Polish, Czech and German polka records for listeners in the Midwest. After retiring from radio, he moved to television and now showcases live polka bands and dancers on his program which airs nationwide on RFD-TV, “Rural America’s Most Important Network.”

Later this month, Big Joe will film a series of shows at the RFD-TV Theater in Branson, Missouri. It’s a big deal for the bands chosen to perform and they’re coming from all over the country — the Polka Chips from Alaska, Smilin’ Scandinavians from Washington, Phocus from Buffalo, and many more.

One of polka’s biggest promoters, Big Joe likes to say that “polka tots make polka teens, and polka teens make adult human beings.” This clip is proof of that, as Big Joe welcomes (and teases) the younger members of Colorado’s Polka Nuts:




  3. This is classic – thanks!

  4. I love the Big Joe Polka Show watch it as often as possible. My birthday is June 2, l927. I have reserved tickets to attend the show on June 2nd which is about two weeks off. I’m very excited about coming to Branson for the show.

    May 17 Pearl McArthur

  5. That’s fantastic, Pearl! Have fun at the show!

  6. Hi from NY. I just love Big Joe’s Polka show, play an accordian too !!
    I think the accordian player from Rhythm Playboy’s is awesome, energetic, and GORGEOUS !!!
    I’d love to meet him someday !
    Keep up the good work !

  7. Thanks Kathy! I’ve never seen the Rhythm Playboys, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for their “gorgeous” accordion player.

  8. Love Big Joe Polka show,but after a year Dish Network took it off of our sattelite,which is what most of rural Alaska watches.I,m an old accordian player in Alaska,started playing in the bars here when I was 16.So glad it is still popular today.


  9. My wife and I watch Big Joe’s Polka Show for laughs. Probably some of the worst musicians and bands are on this show. I have been a polka musician for 60 years, still playing, and I would be ashamed to work with most of the “bands” Keep up the good work, I need a laugh.

  10. Big Joe’s polka show set polka music back 40 years.No wonder many people,especially the younger, generation, those under about 40, laugh at polka music.

  11. Please bring back the Polka Nuts. I miss not hearing from them in a long time. The Big Polka Show is great!

    Keep up the good work!

  12. jeannie is great at interviewing, she is startiing to learn how to hold the mic right,,,I like joes hair in this of the dancers on the shows looks just like captain kangaroo! JOE ROCKS and I am a urban resident!

  13. I love the Dutch Hop music very much and this is a good band to listen to for that kind of music. I have watched this band perform in northern Colorado several times, and they gave a good performance each time I watched.

  14. where are god bless america usa
    america beautiful

  15. What about Polka Paul?

  16. Are you talking about Paul Belanger from Rhode Island? I’ve heard of his radio show — does he have a TV show, too?

  17. The Polka Nuts are always a welcome ans enjoyable part of the Big Joe polks Show

  18. hi the polkanuts are a great band we lover them we watch BIG JOES POLKA whenever its on its wonderful

  19. I know Polka Paul from Nebraska, and he says Big Joe does more for Polka music than anyone….Polka Paul looks like Captain Kangaroo. Jeannie rocks….she is the future of the industry….Thanks big joe,,you and the nuts rock…

  20. Kevin is such a cutie, he reminds me of my grandson, Milawsz, I even cut his hair in haircut like that. I am Big Joe Show fan. We are watch Polka nuts many time. I am go to Big Joe Show one day. I am 74 years old and I like the beginning of big joe show where Polka Paul says ‘Big Joe does more for Polka than anyone else’. I am thank you.

  21. Below is an email I just sent off to the Polka Nuts and a cc to the president of RFD:

    Dear Polka Nuts,

    Thanks to RFD and Big Joe, I recently “discovered” your band and I just ordered your two DVDs. I wanted to let you know that your music is wonderful!! The sound is so rich and the dulcimer has a wonderful sound–a marvelous addition in Polka music.

    Listening to your music and watching the dancers on Polka Joe’s show remind me so much of when I was a kid growing up in Roseland on the South Side of Chicago back in the 1950’s and my church would hold a big social. The Polka music would be playing, the adults would be dancing, and I could run around the church basement without getting yelled at–those were good times.

    Keep up the good work and let me know when your next DVD is released.

    Many thanks,
    Pete Bausys (RoselandPete)

  22. Please patron them directly. Big Mike will share the 411 on what he can.

    Not everything seems as it appears!

    The Truth Seeker

  23. Of all the polka bands on Big Joe, yours is our favorite. I would like to purchase one of your DVDs. Where can I order it? Norm & Sadie Bicknell

  24. my parents watch your progam wed. and sat.
    nights. yes, we often dance in the kitchen.
    they love all of your bands but their favorite is
    the Polka Nuts. It’s their 60th wedding anniv.
    this coming April- it would be great to see you at a
    Polka show.

    thank you for giving us so much happiness.

  25. Sadie: you can find the Polka Nuts (and other Big Joe Polka Show) DVDs at

  26. My husband and I love Big Joe’s Polka Show on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. When Lawrence was in the hospital this last weeks, I bragged that I got to see Big Joe. Being originally from Wisconsin, its a pleasure to watch, because the South has no idea what Polka Music is all about. Sure would like to see Brian Brueggen on his show, and Larry Olsen.
    Thank you
    Janet Holmes
    839 Lake June Road
    Lake Placid, Florida 33852-8925

  27. I would rather see two real “professional” bands on the show than five or six fair to lousy. There’s more to polka than Czech, German and Polish. I have been in and around it since I was old enough to walk.

  28. Get on board the big joe polka train! big joe IS polka! And he has alot of fans as you can see in the intros to the show. Like Polka Guy from Nebraska says in the intro “Big Joe Siedlik does more for Polka music than anyone”. He is right! Who else in this wonderful country has such love for the music and has it on such a great channel like RFD. Keep it up Big Joe—YOU ARE A POLKA LEGEND! See you at your next Minnesota gig!

  29. We really enjoy all the polka music on Big Joe’s

    shows. Is there a schedule as where the dances

    are held and when?

  30. Jean, check Big Joe’s website; it looks like there’s a taping coming up in Texas next month.

  31. Joe
    Let me know what I have to do to get on one of your RFD filming shows.

  32. If you like polka music watch the Jimmy Sturr show on RFD-TV every Friday at 5:00PM. The show repeated on the following Sunday morning.

  33. I lived in brighton, Colo for a long time and could throw a stone at the county court house. I lived there untill 1992 and moved to MO. I love the Polka nuts. they are fantistic. Lin

  34. We would like to hear more tapes of the Polka Nuts

  35. Would like to see the Polka Nuts on your TV show again. Is the band still together? I’d like to see new shows of them.

  36. I love the Polkas that you play on the t.v, I move the table and dance up a storm. Just like Big Joe says, I ‘kick up a rug’. I will be on your show one day, because I am learning to dance even better. Does Janie have a boyfriend?…Thank you, Eugene

  37. We love Big Joe Polka. We wish it came on earlier in the evening during the week. It used to be on at noon and that was a good time. I think that for the older people 4AM is kind of a bad time. We know a lot of people like the horse shows but we feel it is over done. You should cater to more people than just the horse people. What dates are you taping Big Joe in July of 2008 and where.

    Virginia Lumbrezer

    P.S.: Our 3 year old granddaughter Madison loves Big Joe Polka. We would like to bring her to one of the tapings this summer.

  38. Joe: Where are other tapeings going to be this year, other than Texas? We were planning to go to Minn. or Branson, but can’t find any information on dates at those locations.

  39. Sammy, there will be another taping July 24-27 at the Medina Ballroom in Medina, MN. Keep checking Joe’s site ( for updated info.

  40. Just a question. Of all the shows I have watched I have yet to see audience or band member play a STUMPF FIDDLE. My uncle who has not pasted had several. Would love to see one played again, as the whereabouts of those STUMPF FIDDLES are a mystery.

  41. Just to pass on some sad news,
    Ralph E. Herman, long-time frontman for the Rhythm Playboys, passed away unexpectedly at his home in rural Osseo on Monday, Feb. 25, 2008. His charismatic stage presence and unique style delighted audiences throughout the country for over 50 years. Ralph was the accordian player and vocalist. Copy and paste the following link for more info:

  42. I would like a dvd of some of the shows that are on The Big Joe Polka Show. Do you offer them. My father loves polkas and he doesn’t have cable or dish to get your show. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Doug

  43. Is RFD TV still carrying BIG JOE??

    If not what happened???? Big Joe is great. Does anyone know why RFD is not broadcasting Big Joe? I hope his health is OK. If anyone knpws anything please let me know.


  44. What happened to Big Joe? We watch him on Wed and Sat and has missed his show. been replaced by some old polka shows, when will he be back? Polka Vic from Monmouth Oregon 97361 Phone 503-838-1009

  45. I heard there’s a contract dispute between Big Joe and RFD-TV, which is why he isn’t currently on the air. Hopefully it’ll be settled soon — check Big Joe’s site for updates.

  46. Doug: You can order Big Joe Polka Show DVDs through Big Joe’s website at

  47. Hey Big Joe I just wanted to say that watching your show is the highlight of my week. I only wish that I could be there live swinging and kicking my heels while listening to that sweet Polka beat.

  48. Big Joe, I can’t remember a program I’ve enjoyed more than Big Joe Polka. When the clock strikes ten in my home in Louisa, Kentucky, everyone knows to step out of my way and make sure my recliner is empty because that’s where I settle in for an evening of quality entertainment! I’ve been known to spring to my feet and dance a jig across the floor myself, just wishing I were live on Big Joe’s! Someday!

  49. I love your show, but I have a question, I have a very old vinage Wurlitzer Accordion, would love to sell it but I can not find anyone here in Vegas that is interested. If you know some one that would love a beautiful piece please contact me.

    Thank Very much,
    A true fan
    Robert Sacco

  50. I would like the schedule for Big Joe’s polka party at Medina, Minn in July

  51. Eugene, check our calendar listing.

  52. Wil Big Joe ever come to Chicago? There is a Huge Polka loving contingent here and Polka Joe could pull all of em’ out of the woodwork. Let me start the chat…’We want joe’, ‘we want joe’, ‘we want joe’!!!!! Any Chance?… there are alot of hotels here for the fans to stay at.

  53. Hey Joe! When can we get to see the Polka nuts on your show again?? What a great group of performers! Kevin is FANTASTIC on the dulcimer. Would sure like to see them play more than one song when & if they ever get on again. Love your show especially the Slovenian stle like Virgil Baker.&&&& the Alaska Polka Chips.Marge & her group hold a big place in my heart. Keep up the good work!!

  54. I was trying to see if there was a change in band schedule for Medina Fest. but can’t find anything out. Do try and get the Polka nuts back for some taping. They were great back then. Do they still play or not. Just wondering.

  55. Phyllis, check Big Joe’s site for the latest information.

  56. On Aug 23 from 10 t0 11, I watched your show. You had a band called Buttons and banjo from Madison Wis. I would like a cd from them. Is there any way you can put me in touch with them. Either by e-mail or phone. Thank you, Jakob Unger Sr.
    1416 Laconia St.
    Sebastian, Fl. 32958

  57. I’m a Polka Dee-Jay at Vassar College, WVKR, 91.3 FM (on the web @ for the past 20 years. I enjoyed your music and would like to obtain a CD from you so that I can feature it on my show on Saturdays, 9-11 am. Could you get back to me so any information.

    Mike Skok

  58. love to see the band play. Bring the “nuts” to Wisconsin.

  59. I know the Country Polkateers from Pierz – when are they going to be on again. I just saw them up in Silver Bay, MN at a 60th anniversary party. They are a great band!


  61. We learned about Big Polka Joe’s show when we started tuning in to RFD TV through our Dish satellite subscription. We love the show and told other family members about the show. In fact, the show broadcast Saturday night on 12-20-08 became the highlight of entertainment when our family got together for both Christmas and a college graduation party for our daughter.

    Simon & Cindy Castillo
    San Antonio, Texas

  62. I love your show and tell Everyone that will listen to me about it. Would like to see the Polka Nuts back again. Nice to See Chad from Pulaski on your show.

    Jane Sperberg

  63. are dvd’s available of when you were in medina,mn.

  64. I was wondering what happened to the Texas Polka and Waltz music from Round Top. We havent yet heard the last ones. Mark Halata, Jimmy Broach, The Czechaholics, and Leroy and the Swingmasters., and many more. What happened to them We sure sould like to hear them play also. I do like who you have but the others were great also. Thanks Pauline Sturm Victoria, Texas

  65. Without a doubt the biggest collection of the worst music ever put on television !
    At least Jimmy Sturr’s band can tell one note from another, but not so with Big Joe, oh no.
    Happy music for tone-deaf people.

  66. I enjoy the interview segments with Joes daughter Jane. I would like to buy the dvds for my granddaughter who wants to get in the tv business, but the commercials go by too fast when i try to write down the number to call. Also, what is the schdule for Big Joes live shows this year. I want to plan a vacation around one or two of them and would like advanced notice for I can bring a friend or two. My friends Ellen and Clyde love the show too.
    Thank You kindly,
    Stewart S.
    Crystal Falls, Mich

  67. I live in Shawnee, ok. and my sister-in -law lives in omaha, neb. and says she don’t get rfd channel and has cable. I don’t underdtand????? I didn’t know what polka music was till i met my wife 58 years ago in Prague, okla. and i can;’t do with out the BIG JOE POLKA SHOW . While it is showing i just can’t keep my feet still so please keep up the good work. Thanks for the good and wonderful show. Jim Wright and Margaret Dostal Wright—The Dostal clan were orignally were from nebraska.

  68. To Whom It May Concern’

    Re: Big Joe Polka on RFD-TV

    Are you watching the polka shows yourself what you are giving us to watch?

    We have been avid listeners to Big Joe Polka Show for several years and look forward to Saturday Night and the Big Joe Polka Show. Of course there are better shows and others; however, we accept what was given to us, knowing that it’s temporary. We have recommended this show to many friends and always emphasize to keep watching because there are good band and singers and there then are the best bands and singers.

    The last few weeks, the televised shows are OLD, poor quality of recording, and the singing and music is also outdated. The wearing attire, including the eye glasses that the people wear signifies how old the show really is. If we have to listen to repeats, why not have the repeats of current years. It’s disappointing with today’s technology and know that the Polka Show has many, many excellent current shows and yet we are given this quality and old shows to watch.

    We love the Polka Show, however, not these old, old ones. Recently, we are really disappointed. Thank you for your consideration.

  69. Love you Big Joe

  70. I heard a man playing a guitar and singing the “Alaska Waltz” with his band about a year ago.I think his name was Sam Welling or something like that. Could you get him back on again. I really enjoyed it. I enjoy your show Big Joe
    Thanks –Homer Hess




  73. When are you going to have some more Polka Shows that you can go and see? I know Virgil Baker is in Rockford, MI. Is there any way to get a hold of this group and find out where we can see them? We are from Michigan and would like to see them in person.
    Thank you.
    Judy Sayler

  74. We are confused. We watch Big Joe every Saturday night on DISH and see segments of the show that are very old. How much of each show is “today” and how much is 20 years old? We love the show and love the music, but feel we are in some sort of a time warp.

  75. I would like to see more of the dancers instead of the band and not a close up of a instrument thank you


  77. Jim, take a look at our accordion events calendar. You can do a search for events around Buffalo, NY — click here to see more.

  78. We Love to watch the dancers. S0 PLEASE keep the camera on the dancers more than the Band. Keep up the good show. Del.

  79. My eighteen year old handicapped son Micheal loves Big Joe’s voice and the polka music. Grandpa got us watching the show and Micheal loves it. We watch Wed. and Sat. and ordered the cd and dvd’s.
    Kim and Micheal Gustin, Minnesota

  80. Brought my mom to the Buffalo convention which we enjoyed. Does anyone know when those will be on tv?

  81. Earlier today I heard some disturbing news with regards to the Big Joe Polka Show.

    The info is on a Blog at:

    To Summarize: Contract negotiations between Big Joe and RFD-TV have hit a roadblock, and in order to pressure Joe to sign an unfavorable contract, they have pulled all of the “Polka Nuts” and “Polka Catalog” advertising which generated the revenue for new show creation, editing and distribution. The Big Joe Polka Show will be going off of the air at December’s end, unless some positive development occurs between now and then.

  82. bring on the polka nuts they are the best

    thank you

    bud guse

  83. i want to thank big joe for having my band play for the video taping of his show in buffalo ny. on sunday oct.4,2009. thank you joe, bob uleck polka relations polka band. we’ll be watching.

  84. I live among the “Polka Proud”” in western Pennsylvania, where we all watch the Big Joe Show, and was dismayed to hear (from a credible source at our local cable provider) that negotiations have hit a snag with RFD-TV, and that the Big Joe Polka Show will no longer be on RFD-TV as of New Years Day, 2010. I’ve noticed that only older shows are being shown (maybe old stock that RFD-TV had on file?). My cable provider told me that since RFD is on his higher priced digital tier, that he has been threatened by customers that they’ll pull their digital package if Big Joe goes off of the air. Let’s all pray this doesn’t happen, as TV is bad enough without losing a treasure like the Big Joe Show!

  85. I would like to know when are you going to brocast the more recent programs ? We are tired of seeing the same ones over and over.
    You need to show the more recent programs.
    Your viewers are losing interest.

  86. To: Yvonne Jakel

    The Big Joe Show is apparently in the process of contract negotiations by RFD-TV, and probable discontinuation. For more accurate info, and a denial on the part of RFD-TV, please visit this thread at on Google:

  87. Big Joe, You used to have a real good TV show when it was in Medina — good midwestern bands in a homey atmosphere, even with Abe Lincoln dancing, and Janie featuring fun to watch couples kicking up their heels. Then you went to Texas, and the 6 guitars and a washtub bass just gave polka music a bad reputation. Some country and western clutzs singing Beer Barrel Polka just doesn’t get it. Then it was Aksarben? with time warp reruns — shaky accordions and rhinestone blazers (send them back to Jersey). I would watch your show again if you went back to “Medina” (a spanish surname pronounced MEH-DEENA) and the programming you had there. In the meantime, I’ll get my polka music from CD’s. Yea for Rod’s Music.

  88. Please!! let the camera men pay more attention to the dancers. Do you realize that 90per-cent of the video is on the band. And when on the dancers, it’s only for two or three seconds. Try zooming in on some of the really good dancers and stay on them for at least 10 seconds or more, and show their feet, it’s no fun watching the top of their heads.

  89. One more thing, I watch Big Joe’s Polka show almost every week, and I keep asking myself why. But then I answer myself, because just watching some of the really good dancers, even for just those few seconds, makes it worthwhile. A year of so ago, the camera men did stay with the dancers more than they do lately. Why is that? Camera man is a technical job. Do they really suck at it or is some director calling the shots?

  90. the sat. nite polka show is so outdated that it should be replaced with recordings from the last 5 years at Medina Minn. with more emphasis on the dancers ,not as much on the bands.Who cares to see the opening of a horn ? I would like to see more of the Rhythm Play Boys from Osseo wis. also Leon Olson from New Ulm Minn. on the Big Joe Show. Sincerly James Goplin Osseo Wis.

  91. Please show more of the dancers . Sure love to watch the dancers.

  92. I really loved your show when it was from mehdina mn but since that all changed I really am very disapp ointed in the show. who needs to watch what you did 20 yrs. ago. please bring back janie and some of the shows within the last , maybe 5 yrs.? thanks joe or are,nt you in control any more since RFD TV is getting so huge.

  93. When will the Mike Chelewski Band be on Big Joe’s Polka? Is there some place to find a schedule of who is on?

  94. Still watching, though I don’t know why. I get tired of looking at the bands. I realize they need the exposure, but why give them 90% of camera time? Lets see more of those dancing feet.

  95. Ok, what ever happend to Kevin the dulcimer player from the early Polka Nuts videos? He appears to be have been quietly replaced by a nephew sometime in the mid 90s. Was Kevin a relation to Mike and the girls? What happend? Where is he now? Was there some sort of bizarre dulcimer accident where he was injured? There seems to be no record of his existence after the Big Joe Show appearance.

  96. I am of croatian blood and enjoy a good polka. It would be nice to see more of this type of music,i.e.,Don Lipovac, etc. I am also interested in whatever happened to Mark/Deana Vyhlidal records, of past. I hope someone can answer these questions.

  97. Since some of their shows are twenty, or so, years old, I am hoping to buy some older records if they are available. I am of croation descent, as stated earlier, and would love to find some old records, or tapes with this type of music.

  98. We personally enjoy the older 1980’s Big Joe Polka Shows. We look for the regular dancers. Does anyone know who these dancers are? Big-haired Lady, Headband Dude (Bob), King and Queen, the Count, Captain Kangaroo (Polka Paul). We have about a dozen regulars we look for. I know, we need a life.

  99. Love those polka nuts. I was raised with the dutch hop music. I am of volga german descent and enjoy all their music. I believe that this band and myself are related to someone in Brighton, Colorado. Please polka nuts come to the Omaha or Lincoln region and perform your music and I’ll be there to enjoy.

  100. I too am of vulgar german descent and love das polka nuts. I still am waiting for the nuts to play the tuckahoe area. I believe we are all related to one polka nut or another. we in the community still we remain concerned over young kevin the dulcimer wiz.

  101. Had a wonderful time in Buffalo with a friend of mine that came all the way from Culver City, CA. I’m from Dutchess County, NY. We drove up together and had one of the best times of our lives . Please keep on the shows for us to enjoy our memories.

  102. Watching the Big Joe Polka show is the high point of my 93 year old mother’s life. We get it on Dish in Watertown Wisconsin. However, the shows that show the bands all the time instead of the dancers are BORING. Why is your cameraman doing this? This Saturday night was particularly disappointing.

  103. My husband and I have been watching the Big Joe Polka Show on Wednesday night and on Saturday night since we went up to Medina in 2005. However, we too are anxious to see the new polka shows from New York and Wahoo, Nebraska, that was in 2009.
    Joyce Riedel

  104. Absolutely the worst job of camera work I’ve ever seen. Hey Big Joe, why don’t you send your camera men to cameraman school?
    Don’t you read these blogs? If you do, you must know that your viewers all feel the same as I. We want to see more of the dancers, their feet, not the top of their heads
    I am watching the show right now as I type 1/30/10 and it looks like there is more play on the dancers, but still the camera work leaves a lot to be desired. Pick out a couple that are really good dancers and keep the camera on them for at least 10 seconds. Is that too much to ask?

  105. When were the shows that are airing now on RFD-TV taped?

  106. What a nice relief from the usual crap on TV
    .Real people enjoying themselves !!!

  107. Nice show !!!


  109. No one, and I mean no one, not man women or child, nor man nor beast, anyone, nobody, has ever, never, not in a million years, for enternity, never ever, ever, ever, never, done more, not less, but more, much more, oh, so much more, lots more, tons more, just plain more, for polka music, than the man himself, thats right, I am talking about the big pappa with the big moppa, yes, Big Joe himself ladies and gents.

    Perhaps he could help us find Kevin from the Polka Nuts.

  110. Does COX Cable carry RFD in Scottsdale, AZ?

    I am from Wisconsin and watch Big Joe every

    Wed & Saturday and really enjoy it. I have

    Cox cable in AZ.

  111. Now that’s more like it Big Joe. At last we get to see more of the bands in action. We like to see the cameraman zoom in on the sliding trombone. We like to see the view over the shoulder of the drummer and see how he hits those symbols. Yes we’re glad you don’t show the folks dancing and having fun. Oh,and, I almost forgot, lets see more shots of the flowers around the bandstand.

  112. We were in Buffalo,New York on Oct. 2,2009
    We had a wonderfull time, the music was just wonderfull and had a great time. The Bands were also great.
    When will the Buffalo taping be shown on TV.
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful music.

  113. HI BIG JOE AND CO., We enjoy your shows very much, and we were wondering if you can do a taping in Michigan (preferably) in Detroit area. There is such a huge Polish population in the area,and it would bring some excitement here.Keep up the good work!

  114. why are we getting so many reruns of very old shows?kinda hoping to see some updated players.

  115. TO POLKA NUTS FANS, After seeing all the enquiries regarding Kevin from the Polka Nuts, I wrote to them to find out any news, and here is what I found out………..Kevin is alive and well. The taping on Big Joe was made in 1989, and Kevin was replaced in 1991(did not give reason why), and they never plan on returning to Big Joe Show.

  116. Watch your shows on RFDTV
    form here in Dedham Ma.

    Enjoy them– Enjoy the variety of Bands

  117. Watch your shows on RFDTV
    from here in Dedham Ma.

    Enjoy them– like the variety of Bands

  118. We love to wastch the Big Joe Polka Show. But how many nights is it on ans what are the times. We watch on Wed night and Sat night. Do you know about the Danny Jerabek Band from Oshkosh W? He is great.

  119. thank you joe. i grew up in a polish neberhood in buffalo ny. we danced and enjoyed polka music so much in the 50s & 60ts it had a great effect on my life.thank you for keeping it are someone who remembers the good old days and makes a genuine effort that they not be forgotten thank you keith PS never miss your show

  120. My wife and I love the Big Joe Show. We recently retired to an area that gets RFD-TV. We didn’t know what we were missing all those years! We hope to see some newer shows.

  121. I enjoy the Big Joe Polka show very
    much. I’m still waiting to hear Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchman, from Mt. Vernon , Iowa.
    She sings very good and has a real good band.
    Peg Zach from Swisher, Iowa

  122. Enjoy watching you shows, but wish you’d show more recent tapings instead of such old ones

  123. I would like to see some newer recordings, especially at Medina Minn. And of the Rythem Play Boys of Osseo Wi. They are TOPS!!!! also i would like to see Leon Olson of New Ulm Minn. there are a lot of other bands in the minn. & Wis.areas that wouldbe nice to heare & see on the show too. LET`S UPDATE the show!!!!

  124. I really enjoy the polka music on RFD. I would like to see more of your recent recordings from Medina and Branson. I would like to see more of the Minnesota and Wisconsin bands along with Becky from Iowa and Julie and the White Rose Band from North Dakota.

    Thanks for promoting polka music Joe..

    Jerry Schmidt
    April 8,2010

  125. I would really like to see some recent taping on Saturday nights. I love polka music

  126. I enjoyed reading some of the comments from above. We really do look forward to the Polka Joe show. We have finally received on Time warner Cable within the last few months. I agree with some of the comments why do the cameramen photo the inside of a horn. We all know what a horn looks like. I am sure all of us want to see the dancers and focus a little more time on the better dancers so possibly some of us could learn the turns, whirls, steps from watching. We really do enjoy the Polka Show on the RFD-TV network and hope and pray it will continue. I would like to know when and where some of the tapings are taking place and I am sure I could name a few bands from our area right here in Wisconsin whom possibly could attend a taping or two. Looking forward to the next 10 years of the Polka Show on RFD as is advertised on the shows. Thanks again. WE LOVE IT.

  127. Why, Why are you still showing the Omaha shows from 20+years ago, there are soooooo many new shows that could be aired and much better music that what you are showing on Saturday nite, why Moostash joe all the time when you have so many more band to show?? Have never seen any shows you taped in NY, WHY? Also many show from Medina have never been shown, why not update to the current world.? Also heard that you’ll be at Lost Isle in Carlton, Minnesota the middle of June, hope it happens. We love the show, but can’t stand the bands on Sat nite, we’ve seen them way to many times. Please help keep the music current thanks

  128. Another comment, Why do the camerament show shots of the ceiling and floor when there are people dancing and bands playing? Also when a bandmember is playing a solo do the cameramen show another bandmember just standing on stage? They need some help.

  129. Love the Big Joe Polka show,watch it every Sat $ wed. Specially l ike the Bobby Allan Polka Band and the wonderful cord-a-box player. I understand you will be coming to the Lost Isle in Carlton, Mn in June. I live close to there and would love to see the Bobby Allan Band there. Hope they will be included.

  130. We have to say that Big Joe has reeled us in as LONGTIME viewers… He is more than just a polka gentleman, he is a person you would like as a friend. I really likew hen polka paul from omaha nebraska comes on, he looks just like captain kangaroo. Jeanies interviews have gotten so much better and she is a good person to show our youth fancy styles. And the polka nuts are not geeks or lames, they are cutting edge. Big joe build winners.

  131. To Marv and Bev of Apr 16th. I heartily agree with you. The camera work sucks. I have been complaining on this blog for months, about the same complaint you voiced. Do you think Big Joe bothers to read these blogs? I don’t think so or if he does, he pays no attention to them. I’d like to see the dancers. An occasional shot of the band, fine, they need recognition, but 90% of camera work is devoted to the band. If I didn’t like polka music so much, I’d quit watching, but every Saturday night I faithfully tune in only to be disappointed all over again. Go to camerman school you camera guys.

  132. We were on our first time ever Big Joe Polka Show in Buffalo NY last October — and had a ball. But we’re anxiously wondering how come we haven’t seen the taping on TV yet? And a comment to all your criticizers on your program’s camera work—-From what we could see while we were there, they were doing an excellent job. Very professional and hi-tech. Some people can be so picky and impatient! Give the guy a break ya’ll!

  133. Please send your TV performance schedule and
    channel. Saw your show once–really enjoyed it.
    Where are you going to be this summer?
    Don’t know why we don’t have a polka party here
    in the Land of Enchantment–New Mexico.

  134. Where is that danced floor where television is coming from Is it Nebraska or Michigan??? Let me know Thanks

  135. We love Big Joe, also enjoy seeing his family, we grew up with polka music. Big Joe do you still travel to Texa?. Our favorite bands are the Polka Nuts,from Co.,Leon Olsen, from New Elm, Min.and Chad Przybylski, from Pulaski,Wi. Do you still film current shows, I hope so. Thanks, keep up the great music show.

  136. To Marv and Bev of Apr 16th. I heartily agree with you. The camera work sucks. I have been complaining on this blog for months, about the same complaint you voiced. Do you think Big Joe bothers to read these blogs? I don’t think so or if he does, he pays no attention to them. I’d like to see the dancers. An occasional shot of the band, fine, they need recognition, but 90% of camera work is devoted to the band. If I didn’t like polka music so much, I’d quit watching, but every Saturday night I faithfully tune in only to be disappointed all over again. Go to camerman school you camera guys.
    by al roberts on April 24th, 2010 It’s now May 22, I just copied my blog of last month. Why not? All of Big Joe’s shows are repeats.

  137. You people need to staop complaining about the camera work, those boys do a great job and the bands are fun to watch. Though I do want to see more dancers and more interviews with them. Why dont Big Joe come here and address us, we love everything he does and want to support him. We want new shows and we miss you big joe,

  138. What do you mean”they do a great job”? Their camera work sucks big time. And you criticize our complaining, and you yourself say that you’d like to see more of the dancers, that’s complaining about the camera work too.Now that I think about it, the Cameramen do, do a great job if all you wants to see are the bands and the top of the dancers heads.

  139. Biggy likes to see the bands, the dancers heads, and Big Joe’s bad vests. Indeed, Biggy loves the camera work. Biggy thinks they should start showing the dancers feet too. Biggy raps to the Polka Nuts and even did his doo into a mullet like that wiz kid on the dulcimer, Kevin. Biggy breaks out the leader hosen every sat night baby, and gets down with the smooth polka sounds coming from his tv. Yes, Big Joe speaks to Biggy’s soul.

  140. Dear Big Joe, I found your show while surfing on TV. before “Katrina” My husband and I come to Maine from April to November and watch it every time you are on. We miss you while we are in Louisiana because it is not available there. We miss your current shows and dancers who have become our “friends” We don’t know their names, but have “nicknamed” them and look forward to seeing them again. I hope you and RFDTV settle your dispute.When our children visit us they are anxious to see your show and watch it together. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Get it together/ We want you back

  141. Dear Big Joe, I found your show while surfing on TV. before “Katrina” My husband and I come to Maine from April to November and watch it every time you are on. We miss you while we are in Louisiana because it is not available there. We miss your current shows and dancers who have become our “friends” We don’t know their names, but have “nicknamed” them and look forward to seeing them again. I hope you and RFDTV settle your dispute.When our children visit us they are anxious to see your show and we watch it together. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease Get it together. We want you back

  142. I want to know why the dancers aren’t shown more on the show as that is what people want to see. We can hear the music and don’t need to see the musicians so much. The dancers are what people want to see so let’s start showing the dancers a lot more.
    PLEASE someone pay attention to what the viewers are telling you. They want to see the dancers MORE

  143. It’s a JOKE! The worst thing I’ve ever seen.I do watch ever week just to see if it’s improved. To date it has not. Perhaps if Big Joe would cut loose with the green backs more talented and proffesional bands would appear. However, that being said, I like the Polka Nuts……Kevin is hot!

  144. Love you Big Joe! …..Glad your back. I also agree
    with Marv & Ben & Al. Need new camera man or send them to camera school. I love watching people dance. I could hear the music I don’t need to see the music…….Help us Big Joe! Yes, try to bring
    back the Polks Nuts..

    Irene Schiulazo

  145. You people who critisize Big Joe and his show are mean dorks. He is a iconic figgure in the polka world and he has lots of friends that go to his dances. Janie might get a job on a tv network one day as reporter as she is smart and talent person. My people friends say sorry to camermen, I insist you say sorry to them because they try hard. Polka Paul and Abe Lincoln are aunties favorite dancers. I like to dance show is on. GOOD JOB MR. BIG JOE.

  146. I watch the show every Sat. even though many of
    the shows are repeats. I was wondering why more
    Polish polka bands aren’t featured on the shows?

    Aren’t there Polish bands in the Nebraska or
    Great Plains/Midwest area that could play on the
    show? I enjoy listening to the other ethnic polka
    bands though.

  147. Love Big Joe’s show. The Bands are great.

  148. I want to buy some CD’S what do I do or how can I order them from Big Joe?

  149. Hey Big Joe! Great Bands need some good
    german bands, for some good german polka
    music. The real deal!

    P.S………….The cameramen improved it’s so
    nice to see the dances alot more.

  150. It looks like Big Joe is back !

  151. Hi Big Joe! I enjoy your show every Saturday night, good music, great show. I would like to hear the Polka Nuts band more on your show. They are a great band.

  152. When our cable first got RFD-TV, I went ahead and started recording the Big Joe show. I would go ahead and watch it on wednesday and note the numbers I liked or didn’t. On Thursday or Saturday i would go ahead and watch the program again and record the numbers I liked. That way, I could also go ahead and avoid some of Joe’s long winded orations. All together,I now have about a dozen 6 hour tapes that we can go ahead and watch whenever the mood for polka music takes us. As far as we are concerned, the best music came from the first year at Medina with the mid-west bands, and got progressively worse as time went by.

  153. Why are your shows all old? They are very good but I was wondering why they aren’t recent shows.

  154. Hey Big Joe………..What happen on Sat nite show (7-3-10) it was all old reruns. …… Was just enjoying all the bands with the new show…… That show was were the cameramen was at it’s
    worst…..I turn the show off…

    Maybe next week the show will go on with the NEW
    up to date show again ??????????????

  155. Another Saturday night, and another night of re-runs. I think I know why Big Joe won’t tell the cameraman to focus more on the dancers, it’s because all his shows are repetitive, and he can’t change what is already taped. So anyway, no use complaining as these blogs are going unheard and unanswered.It’s been several months since the complaints started coming in and nothing changes..

  156. Al…… Come to think about it your right! But I still feel that Big Joe reads his blogs. And that Big Joe should focus on what the viewers are complainting about for the future shows………Agree????

  157. Hi to all my new friends in Polka land- I think Big Joe listens to what we have to say and he will probably be on here soon sharing why he does what he does with the production crew. He IS a man of us people, so please respect all he does for Polka…..Big Joe always tells everyone to ‘GET UP AND DANCE’, but I want to see him dance, cause he is very serious and happy when he sees everyone dance, so him as a dancer would be Big treat for all. I love his Show and dance at home every week to music, so stop asking to see more of dancers and enjoy all the good we get to see. Happy music for all us new friends to enjoy. Thank you my pals.

  158. Bi Joe: I also would like to see more of the dancers! Also….I think the cameraman needs a new camera. The picture quality is not that great on some of these shows! There’s many good polka bands but my favorite is the “Polks Nuts”…from Brighton, CO!

  159. We enjoy your Polka Shows old and new. We watch your shows on TV several times a week. Sure would like to come to one in person. Do you have a schedule of when you’ll be in Minn, Nebraska, SD or even ND? Sure would like to know so we can try to attend.

  160. I think your show is great good job

  161. Where can I find a schedule of when you will be in MN, SD or ND?

  162. I watch the Bi Joe. You are good dancer show. Best fan person is me, Karl Von Hausen

  163. My husband does not miss a Joe’s Polka Show TV episode–Tuesday’s at 6:00PM and Saturdays at 9:00 PM and records all of them. Will you ever be back in Texas with the show?
    Mary Ann E.

  164. My father watches the big joe polka show I hate It,every song songs the same,and everyone dancing or trying to dance looks like they are on there last leg,the worst music I have ever heard In my life

  165. In reply to Karen Hagel on July 30th, 2010. You will never see the Big Joe Show originating in MN, SD, ND or anywhere else. I,m sure Big Joe does not have anything to do with the broadcasts anymore. All the current tapes/videos are the property of RFD TV. all we will ever see from here on out are reruns. The Last shows Big Joe taped in Buffalo and Nebraska he will not release them. So get used to seeing the same old reruns.

    by George C on August 5, 2010

  166. I love the Big Joe show but come on the shows are so OLD and reruns and same old people, and same old dancers from way back when. It is no fun to turn it on anymore and watch such old shows! Thought some new shows were taped, so what happened to them?
    Plus knowing several of the people have died playing in the bands from way back!!!! The outfits tell you how old the show is???? It will be taken off for sure if this isn’t straightened out real soon and some new shows to watch. Plus the camera men need to be replaced for sure!

  167. I heard a rumor tat RFD TV will be taking Joe off the air. but I hope not as Joe has quite a following, and great for RFDTV

  168. In reply to Fred Carter on August 8th, I just recieved an e-mail 2 days ago stating that RFD TV was going to terminate the big Joe Polka Show after 9 1/2 years. The e-mail requested everyone to call, write or e-mail RFD TV and demand that RFD TV keep Big Joe on the air. The strange part is If you continue to read the e-mail, you will notice at the bottom an advertisment to order CD’s from Polka Cassettes of Nebraska, which is Big Joes Company. I believe he is trying to hood wink the public to get people to write to RFD TV on his behalf. He knows he has a large following and hopes he can get a contract from RFD TV which will inrich his coffers.When all he has to do is negotiate with RFD TV in an honest and fair way. I’m sure the President of RFD is an honorable man and would negotiate with Big Joe fairly. Get off the stick Buig Joe and release some of the new tapings.

  169. When are we going to see some newer shows on Saturday night. The ones we are watching are at least ten years old. The shows broadcast on Wed. are a lot newer and more fun to watch.
    Why not switch them around?
    Thank You
    Donna Anderson

  170. For several years we enjoyed the Big Joe show on Saturday nights as part of the Saturday night line up. However, no longer! If all we are going to see is old reruns every week it might as well be off the air! My wife and I have wondered for months what is going on with the ancient shows? Not to mention the cameraman. Get something current or get off the air! And send the camera people to school!

  171. Hey…….This Saturday night (8/21 ) was only a year ago, it was tape in July of 09. not to bad ! Cameraman was NOT to bad that night either.

    Irene S

  172. I just got to view Big Joe on some cable channel here in Colorado and hear some polka music. I am native to Minnesota and of German/Polish/Chec/Norweigian background and culture and been to numerous ballrooms of dancing and music. Loved this show and the great feelings it brings back. I am very curious to find out when these shows are on and be more a part of them. GREAT and AWESOME stuff. I am catching some news that this show may be cancelled? Nooooooo This is a great heritage and upbeat part of life itself. I would join in any kind of force or sign-up to keep this show on the air.

  173. I am a Lawrence Welk fan and love the Big Joe Show! Polka folk music for the whole family. You see all kinds of dress and ages of happy people having fun. I get a kick out of seeing how people dance and each different band. Joe Beno, Ernie Kuchera and Kenny Z and Polka Joy and others are the most professional that I have seen. Polka Nuts Hammer Dulcimer is fun. I like history and enjoy the old ones to see how we were in those days with styles and so forth. Everything does not have to be “today” to be on air. I pray to God someone of the Lawrence Welk family would gather up an orchestra and team of singers like we had and continue this wonderful music. Now with television and the Internet you don’t have to travel the road, just get together and record it and put it out for everyone to view on TV and Internet. Go for it!!!

  174. I was wondering if someone could tell me if there are still tapings of this show. My grandmother has always wanted to go to a live show, she loves big Joe. she is 87. She has had a stroke and been very I’ll for a Long time but starting to gradually recover- This would probably be the last year she’s be able to travel so my family and I would drive anywhere, is it still going on or are they all just reruns? And if they are still taping does anyone know dates?

  175. I was wondering where are all the Texas Czech Bands we went to see in Round Top, Texas, we were there 2 times. Those are the bands we know quite well, the music you play we were not raised on them. But We still listen to them
    I know its 2 different parts of the United States,but we are still Czechs , Germans and Polish.Thanks

  176. We love watching the Big Joe Show , and tonight Moostach Joe. Keep it comin’, guys! God bless, Micky and Larry Clute

  177. What a show for a good laugh! The floral arrangements look like they’re stolen from a cemetery! The camera work looks like the product of a two year old with his fathers cam-corder. What is really infuriating is the camera REFUSES so stay on the dancers for more than 3 seconds at a time! How aggravating!! And OMG what’s with the tall skinny lady who wears a polka lovers vest, (I’ve named her Flo) who has her bleached blonde hairpeice high atop her head? Is she for real? She’s a good dancer but I always get a scream looking at her hair! It’s a monument to spary-net, and no taste. As if she’s not funny enough, along comes “Amos”, I’ve named him that because he looks like an escapee from a Pennsylvania Amish farm. He has a full beard and always wears suspenders. He skips wide from side to side and never changes his steps. And Big Joe…my God, if he wouild just let the musicians play and stop trying to make a long winded segue into each song! And would someone please tell him that he is holding a microphone and doesn’t have to shout!! With all it’s imperfections, it’s still a great show for a hilarious laugh or two! SNL move over!!

  178. This show is so bad, i live in Wisconsin, all theSe is is reruns. THE BANDS ON THERE ARE FROM YEARS AGO. GET THE POKA FAMILY ON THERE OR JIMMY STURR. BIG JOE HAS TO SHAPE UP



  181. Hey Hey…..this Sat night the ( 4 th) we got a rerun
    from Jan 2010. The place had a good look to it very up-do with the flowers looked nice and fresh, stage was done up in red……Moostach Joe put on a good show he was the only one on that night. They did’nt
    have anyother bands on with him. Which was nice.

    Irene S

  182. My father in law (soon to be 80) loves Big Joe. He is a faithful viewer. He is very interested in a couple named Pete and Martha who dance on Big Joe’s show. Does any one have any information on this couple? Also I could not find an official site for Big Joe. Help.

  183. Klin…………This website might help you out this will give you lots of information.
    Polkacatalog.Com or Polkacatalog.Com/search
    Good Luck!

    Please …Don’t forget 9-11 I’m from New York .Keep them in your heart and prayers. Thank’s………..

  184. Hey S.H. Klin, what do Pete and Martha look like and what do they usually wear?

  185. Hey Linda Taylor, the lady with the tall hair is Lucille, and I know that she has since passed away. The Amos guy, we call him Abe for Abe Lincoln. We also have the Count, Pioneer Lady, Headband Dude, Cheerleader, etc. Too much fun. I know, we need a life!

  186. Richard…you’re a riot! I can guess who the headband dude is, the tall guy who always does the sideways dance. The count? Can’t guess. Pioneer lady? Is that the elderly lady who dresses in black polish garb? The cheerleader…is that the young damsel in distress who always falls sideways into her partner’s arms and motions with her arm? And how about “The Kid” the young boy with glasses who always wears the orange polish pants outfit. He’s pretty cool for a young guy. He makes me wonder what the “H” he’s doing there every week with all those old folks. Guess he’s an old folk too by now.

  187. Enough about 9/11 already.

  188. Hey Jimmy…………..God Bless you! I lose my brother at the W.T.C. It’s never enough this is with all of us for life……….Irene

  189. Yea Jimmy, There could never be too much about 911. It’s something we should think about often. God bless all those dear souls that perished that day!! I for one WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!

  190. Linda………Thank You for understanding my lose
    God Bless You!…………..

  191. Linda, it gets worse. Much worse! We even have names for some band members, like the “Joker” (Moostach Joe), “Lurch”, and “Old weird Al.” The “Cheerleader” is the 20-something gal that always wears a short two-tier white dress, wide black belt, and tennis shoes. She hops when she dances. The “La dee da da” gal wears a Bavarian costume or a tight gray dress. She waves her arms around and throws her head back and sideways. The “Count” is an older, distinguish gentleman, usually in a European costume and his wife wears a black mantilla in her hair. Great dancers! We enjoy watching all of them. When I grow up, I want to be like Big Joe! Well, the men in the white coats are here for us, so I’ll close ’till I escape again! Enjoy life and keep laughing!

  192. Richard, Richard, are too much! I absolutely agree with each of your assessments. I know exactly which ones you have named! Yes, I love watching them too! It’s my sick obsession I guess. I also have names for some of the band members. Like “Brillo head” who plays sax for Mustache Joe. By the by did you know that Mustache Joe has 11 kids!!!! Guess he’s good at more than playing the trumpet. Ha ha. Well one week Brillo head couldn’t keep his eyes off of the La dee da da girl while playing on stage. Then while the next band was playing here he comes around the dance floor with her in his arms! His eyes were transfixed on her like a puppy dog! What a riot!! Well tonite is Sat. and that’s when they dare to air the Big Joe Show here in Virginia Beach so I’ll be glued to the set laughing myself to pieces. Why Fios gives us the RFD channel is beyond me! But it’s sure good for a laugh for someone like me from NYC & Philly!

  193. Irene, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope and pray that time will at least take some of the pain away. May your sweet brother sleep in heavenly peace. I’m sure there is a very special and beautiful place for all the souls lost that day.
    PS I also lost 3 close friends in the WTC, and as an ex-cop my heart aches for all the police and firefighters who were lost!

  194. Hi,Linda…..You and Richard are to funny with all these name’s for the dancer. I just started to watch The Big Joe Polka Show about 4 months ago. Now I”m going to watch for these funny looking people!

  195. Hey Linda! We named the sax player for Moostach Joe “The Creepy Guy” but then changed it to “Lurch”. We then changed it to “Dirk” because that is his real name. Cathy agrees with you about his name of “Brillo head” because she says that his hair looks like a rusty brillo pad! So “Dirk” is now “Brillo head” with us. Brillo head danced with “La Dee Da Da” on the July 24 airing of the BJPS and it creeped us out! By the way, Cathy is the crazy one. I’m the sane, sophisticated one. We also named other dancers “Majorette”, “Old Weird Cowboy”, and “Big Bang Lady”. Did you see the upside down fiddle player tonight? We were speechless! I’ve talked to Big Joe and he is a wonderful human being. He talks to you like you’re his best friend! Well, my medication is starting to take effect so….. I….. better…..go……………………..

  196. I guess I’m not the only one who has nicknames for all these dancers on the Saturday night show. Does anybody know the real names of any of these nicknamed dancing people or a website that has more info on them?
    Are you sure the tall haired blonde lady is named Lucille? as the other dark/gray colored hair lady she dances with a lot it seems is named Lucille. I know in last night’s episode there was a bag with the name Lucille on it close to, but in front of, where “blonde tall hair” was sitting, but the Polk-of-A vest that the dark/gray colored hair lady was wearing says Lucille on the front. It looked like the name of the gray haired guy who dances with each of them a lot is named Kenny, from Springfield, NE. I would guess he might be married to the heftier blonde with glasses who likes to play Patty-Cake a lot when dancing, who doesn’t dance as much as the other 2 ladies, since her & “Kenny” both wear Springfield chapter vests while the other 2 ladies wear Omaha chapter vests. Probably most of the older dancers are dead by now as these shows are now 21 years old.
    Are “Pete and Martha” the same people as the “Headband Dude” who likes to run in circles & kicks his feet up 1 inch in the air, and his short wife?
    My favorites are Ms. Dramatic or “La Dee Da Da” and Hopping Peter Pan or “The Kid” and the “Headband Dude” as they are called here.
    I hope they continue to rerun these 1989 episodes forever even though I already have most of them recorded as the newer episodes on Wednesday nights aren’t nearly as good, since there are no funny dancers and they rotate between multiple locations.

  197. RE: the September Saturday 26, thouroughly enjoyed the Coopman band they are awesome. Anyone know anything about them? The young girl exceptional dancer did not appear, either. She is one of the best dancer seen by me in my life.

  198. Well, well…let me add a few more of my favorite hapless characters to the ever growing list…..How about “Rugsy” he is the guy about 5’6, dark hair and stupid looking mustache. His hair is all combed out and around from one central point on the top of his head…as is a bowl was used. If this isn’t a toupee..then I don’t know what is!!! He peers out from under his bangs as he glides, ever so gently, around the floor with a tiny little up and down movement. He usually wears an ethnic vest or costumed pants. I’m sure that Flo/Lucille must do his hair, actually I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a hairdresser himself. He is a regular on the show and one of the oddest looking there. And then there is the older woman with the long straggley dark gray hair…she has the B-I-G-G-E-S-T bottom I have ever seen!! You could ride a family of four comfortably on her rump! She usually only dances slow numbers. But when she gets out there bopping around with the tuba music it’s just too much!! LOL And has anyone ever noticed the old guy that belongs to Lucille’s Omaha club who often gets out on the floor but its as though his feet are tied together??? The ladies dance with him real easy and slow, ever mindful that his feet won’t move. I actually liked the introduction of the fiddle to the show.. I am a B-I-G Zydeco fan and this made it sound like a zydeco band. Hey, anything is better than what they usually have. And as for Al Coopman LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! What funeral home did they escape from?? It looks like the undertaker propped them up for the evening. Too much. Well, you can see I really need a life, but obviously, not a sense of humor!

  199. For Polkaholic : I do know that the headband dude’s real name is BOB. They showed a close up of him a few weeks back at the table and he had the name BOB embroidered on his shirt. Other than that I don’t know any real names…after watching that show for a solid hour I’m embarrassed to tell anyone MY name LOL.

  200. Linda, you’re right, the “Headband dude” is Bob. Polkaholic, the tall-haired lady is Lucille, and she has passed away. The other lady may also be Lucille, I don’t know. The “Rugsy” guy is Polka Paul. He is in the Wednesday BJPS introduction and he calls himself Polka Paul, although he now has a little gray hair on his mop/toupee. Cathy and I first named him “Toupee Guy”, and other viewers called him “Captain Kangaroo”, but he is now Polka Paul. We have seen the lady with the big behind playing drums for the Frank Prochazka band. The “Kid” and his wife/girlfriend (who usually wears a fluffy red dress) we call the Bouncy Twins because they bounce when they dance. He also swings his partners so hard that they have trouble standing up. But I love the name of “Peter Pan” for him. From now ’till eternity, he is officially “Peter Pan”. Cathy calls his red-dressed gal “Alice in Wonderland” By the way, my favorite bands are the Erie Shores Button Box Club, the Polka Nuts, and in a distant third, Moostach Joe, or the “Joker”. Moostach Joe has 11 kids? Eleven? Ten plus one?

  201. Yes Richard…11… E-L-E-V-E-N!!! As in 7/11. So much for zero population. But I guess after all the corn is husked and the cattle is fed there is nothing else to do. Try picking up a book for God’s sake!
    He now runs a bus company with trips to Branson.. Hey, you couldn’t make this stuff up! Put him in your search engine…there is even a video of him recently getting an award. He’s gray and almost unrecognizable. God only knows what Brillo head looks like now. What a coincidence we like the same bands! They are the 3 that I like best. I thought of another character…I bet Carol knows this one…she is a young girl 20-ish , blonde hair with the top of her bangs teased up real high and sticking up in the air.The rest of her hair lies flat. She probably doesn’t own a mirror! She’s be a good match for Rugsy/Paul. Another question I have is why doesn’t Big Joe’s pants have a fly in front? Could it be because he can’t reach down there anyway???
    I’ve come up with some slightly altered slogans that I hope you and Carol will appreciate…
    “Crazy Music for Crazy People”…. “We’ll be back after these special Meds”…

  202. Hey Richard…check out this link….it talks about Polka Paul etc….
    The RFD-TV Trifecta From Hell, Pt. 3: The Big Joe Polka Show

  203. Big Joe needs to have Alex Popp&Orchestra more often on his show.

  204. Hey Linda! We know the girl with the teased bangs. She is the one we call “Big Bang” lady. I know why Big Joe doesn’t have a fly. You know what, if you want to know, email me at
    As a disclaimer, I have to say that we enjoy the BJPS and I like Big Joe and all of the dancers. We may have names for everyone, but we like them. We may have twisted minds, but we both get alot of enjoyment from the show. I don’t know what we would do without Big Joe on Saturday night. Maybe get drunk and hold up convenience stores!!

  205. Yes, all kidding aside, it’s fun to tease and give them names but they were probably a really nice bunch of folks. More people should spend their time dancing..and staying out of trouble. And Big Joe, as annoying as he is, is most likely a big ball of nice!
    He’s kinda like the “Dick Clark” of Polka.

  206. no comments since September 28th where is everybody????BJPS tonight Saturday October 9….

  207. have enjoyed the Polka Joe show for many,many years, just wish theywood start usuig more of the newer show they have taped. Minnesita, Branson and buffalo. we’ve all seen the current show soooo many times and most of the people are dead and some of the newer ones would be a treat to see.

  208. which band members are dead? Also, the sound equipment for the older shows was not as efficient as recent years. And, based on that I listen more closely, and discover that those groups from the older shows are tremendous, too.

  209. Hi Linda…….Did you watch Sat nite, not good reruns the only thing good was seeing the Poka Nuts & Moostach Joe.I never have enough watching them!…….Talking about hair what ‘s up with Big Joe’s hair? Some part of the show he has a full front and then its goes very thin!

    Still looking for the girl with the tease bang! Alot of these people with the made up name’s I don’t see anymore.

  210. Hi Irene,
    Whats up with Joe’s hair is….the show is edited into many different segments from earlier and later shows…so he may be younger in one shot and then when they come back from a commercial he’s got less hair…that’s because its a different segment from a different show all edited into one hour show. You may notice that the clothes the dancers are wearing are also different after a commerial break, and the half dead flowers on the stage (I swear they’re stolen from a near-by cemetery) are different.

  211. OK, Big Joe Polka nuts! (That’s you, Linda, Irene, Phillip and Bev)
    Did y’all see Saturday night’s show? If you did, did y’all see the Cheerleader dancing at the very end of the show? She is the perky young thing that always wears the two-tiered dress with a wide black belt and tennis shoes. Did you see who she was dancing with? The winner would get a 55-gallon drum of Nana and Papa’s skin cream, but I used it all up. Calm down, not everyone at once! Yup, it was the weird accordian player for the Jolly Harmony Brass Band. (If you got this one right, please turn yourself in to the local authorities) Now for next week, we will have a guy dancing with his crutch!!! Can’t wait!! So…”and until next time, it’s Ho Ho Ho and away we go!”


  212. Hey Richard, No, did not notice, and I will still watch despite your purported event at the next show. LOL

  213. Yeah, they showed the “cheerleader” 3 separate times with the Jolly Harmony Brass leader as they are hopping around. My favorite clip ever of her is when they show her slip on that ice rink of a dance floor & fall down when she’s dancing with the tall skinny blond guy.
    I think the young blond lady with the bangs is only on episodes at the Peony Ballroom (where it is darker and you can’t see the people sitting at the tables around the smaller dance floor).
    Are you sure the tall hair older lady (called Lucille here) is actually named Lucille? I know for sure that the lady she dances with a lot is named Lucille (it even says it on her vest). The cameras are so old that they must not have had zoom back then, but it’s always looked to me like the name on her vest is Agnes or something similar to that (I’ve always called her Agnes). There’s a 10 second segment of showing them dancing together to Joe Beno’s Engagement Ring Waltz, which they showed again a couple weeks ago, but it’s difficult to tell even playing over & over in slow motion.
    The old guys dancing where one is playing the guitar with his crutch will be during Joe Beno this coming week.

  214. Well, here we all are again…isn’t a riot how we are fixated on these old shows! I just can’t stop watching! You seldom see such a large group of characters in one place. It’s sort of like a cartoon come to life! I L-O-V-E it! As to Lucille’s real identity…does it really matter…hey she’s Flo to me, Lucille to Richard…and the best part about all this is that she can be anyone you want her to be. She was a good dancer and looks like she was a nice lady but holy god the hair! I can just picture her as a waitress in a truck stop, chewing gum loudly and coming over to your booth saying, “Hey there hon, ready for another cup?” That’s why she’s Flo to me, and always will be. Hey has anyone seen the guy who usually wears kakhi pants with the wedgie from hell?? They allways keep the camera on him (his behind) because I guess they can’t believe it either. His pants are all the way up his crack!! Maybe this is what makes you a good polka dancer…puts that little jump in your step. He may have been dancing w/the cheerleader this week, I’m not sure…couldn’t stop staring at the wedgie! He must have needed a Proctologist to get his trousers off!
    I watched on Wed. nite for the 1st time last week, but really didn’t enjoy the Wed. nite show. Just not the same. It just looked like polka nite at a rest home, my god, was anyone there under 80 yrs old?? I thought I was looking at a re-run of The Night of the Living Dead”. No thanks…I’ll stick to my Sat nite habit…with my old stand-bys, Flo, Rugsie, the Kid etc. Long may they dance!

  215. We are attempting to locate Eddie Stupnik (stuponiv). He played in a band for our parents’ (Alvin Peters and Goldie Vincik) wedding day 64 years ago. We would like to reach him and see if he is available to surprise them for their 65th wedding anniversary next June. They saw him on one of the shows in February or March 2010 when we were visitng. They were so thrilled to see him.

    Thank you for any help you can give my sisters and me.

    Peggy Peters Everhart

  216. Hi Peggy,
    I tried a search on Eddie Stupnik but didn’t find anything. Could you tell me what state he is from or what instument he plays and the name of the band and I’ll try to dig a bit deeper for you. FYI even though your mom & dad saw him on a Big Joe show in Feb or March of 2010 be aware that those shows are about 20 years old. Hope I can find him for you!

  217. Peggy, You could telephone Big Joe he probably knows the whearabouts of the player….

  218. The correct spelling of the person I’m looking for is Eddie Steponick. He played with Leonard Steponick and Johnny Vincik among others in Grand Island, NE. When my parents saw him on the show, he was with a band from Luke City, NE. He plays the accordian. He should be in his mid 70’s as he was 7-10 years younger than my parents.

    Thanks for the help.

  219. Big Joe would know….

  220. We just found Joe on Direct TV. I am a big poka fan and so was my Mom. She would have danced the poka than eat. There were stories that she would be very sick during the day. At night she would go dancing. That was during and after WWII in Pueblo, CO . She past away 5 years ago and after the Rosary was recited we played Frank Yankovic. That felt good. But the tradition carries on! I have taught my daughter to dance the Polka. What fun we have. I just love watching Joe. God Bless him and keep him healthly and well.
    Dancing the polka as much as I can.
    Marilyn Liptak

  221. This is qan old post from 2008…it might help you some. I’ll keep diggin’ for you!

    Elba, Nebraska, recently held it’s annual “Kolache Shoot-Out” and where there are kolaches, there’s polka music. The soundtrack was provided by the Friends Czech Band, featuring 75-year-old Eddie Stepanek on accordion

  222. For more information on the Czech Friends Band, contact Dale Matousek of St. Paul at (308) 754-4928.

    Hope this number helps.

  223. Peggy…
    You may want to call this number as this Post was from June 2010, they hired the band then and might have a contact number for you. Good Luck!

    Something for everyone: The Farwell Athletic Club Ball will be Saturday at Farwell (Neb.) Public School. Dance to Czech Friends Polka Band from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at this free-will donation fundraiser for Farwell St. Anthony Catholic Church and Improvement Club. The event is also a 200th birthday salute to Polish composer Frederic Chopin. Call 402-657-9150 for more information.

  224. I located Eddie Stepanek. Thanks for your assistance.

  225. Good for you Peggy, hope it all works out!

  226. Wednesday October 20 Big Joe Polka Show preempted, geez….

  227. Hey Richard, Haven’t seen any posts from you lately. Have they upped your meds or have they tied your sleeves behind your back again? I hate when that happens! Anyhow…miss your posts, you are a really clever and funny guy! Lets pray you get released soon! We miss you! Please come back after these special words….

  228. Saturday October 23 BJPS some great music!

  229. Hey Linda!
    It’s nice to have a fan club even though you are the only member!
    Is everyone ready for this week’s Polka Joe Show? We are going to witness the gang doing the Chicken Dance! Woo Hoo!! I know, Linda wants to see the big lady wiggling her backside to the chicken dance! Yabba dabba doo!! But no, she won’t be there. The only thing better would be to do the Hokey Pokey with the big lady!! Hubba Hubba!!! Hey Linda, great job on finding Eddie Stepanek for Peggy! You are the Grand Pooba of Polka!! I am humbled in your presence!! I am no more than Big Joe’s belch at a beer fest. Or worse………Until next time, keep a polka beat in your heart and a wedgie in your pants. They will both keep you smiling!!

  230. Richard! You’re back! Missed you very much. Yes I’m ready for this Sat nite’s Hickville hoe-down. I don’t watch on Wednesdays…it breaks the spell for me to see it updated…I like to think that all the old gang are still bumbling along like they are on Sat.s I noticed that Frankie Yankovich’s drummer is the same dude from Joe Beno’s band (horn & vocals). Hey, did you catch Flo/Lucille in her white slacks the other week?? Only time I’ve seen her in slacks. I must say, I wish I had her figure! Guess the polka kept her trim. Oh, and I ass-ume (no pun intended) that you’ve seen the wedgie man?? Whats the deal with him? How could he dance around like that?
    As for helping Peggy, no problem. I like helping people find people. Takes me back to my police-days.
    Well, its time for my straight jacket to be tied on again, so keep those cards and letters comin’ in and don’t forget to zip em’ up!

  231. Linda: Just curious, did you do police work in one of your past lives? I retired from the city police department after 22 years. I think that is what made me the way I am. Too much sugar in them donuts petrified my half-a-brain. But the tricks you learn with the handcuffs!!
    And no, I have never seen WedgieMan. I don’t look for things like that. I don’t WANT to look for things like that. Except on the Cheerleader. Oh oh, I hear the sirens. Got to go………….

  232. Richard,
    Yes I have 12 years of police work under my belt, back up home in the Philly area. (I live in Va Beach now). I know what you mean about the donuts. I did midnights steadily for 5 years so you can add black coffee to my poison! Plus you know what midnites can do to ya! Thats my excuse!
    What city PD did you work 4 ?

  233. Okay……I’m….. alright now………Yes Linda, the old gang will forever be dancing in our hearts. Or is that in the Twighlight Zone? I don’t watch the Wednesday Polka show either. It just ain’t the same. We did see it a couple of times and Polka Paul is still there. You know, the one that looks like Captain Kangaroo with a bad hairpiece.
    I retired from the police department in Roswell, New Mexico. Still live here. And there isn’t much of a European Polka following in the Southwest. Thank God for Polka Joe. Well, it’s time to go, so beam me up, Scotty!

  234. Roswell…well, well…area 51 perchance??? Wow, what a place to patrol on midnites! I bet you could write a book about your observations!
    Yes, it’s not exactly polksa land is it? Thankfully ole’ Joe brings the sounds to us all. Thanks Richard…you have now given me visions of green pointy headed aliens dancing the polka on the desert! How disturbing. But then again, no more so than watching polka Paul bop around the floor.
    Well, must prepare, for tomorrow nite cometh…can’t wait to see what antiquated smeared up videos we’ll be treated to this week. I’ll be watching for the old gang of characters and hoping to spot a few new ones. Take care fellow bro in blue! They’re comin to take me away ha ha ho ho he he…


  236. Well, ladies and gentlemen…it’s Saturday night…time to loosen up the straps on our straight jackets and go easy on our meds…we have to stay awake til 10 PM to see Big Joeand all our friends. It’s Polka time!!

  237. Well, another Big Joe’s has come and gone. *sniff* Did you notice that Big Joe did not have any of his commercials? No Nana’s and Papa’s. No Polka Catalog cassettes. No Polka Nuts with Kevin and Michelle. Just iRenew scam bands. I wonder what that means? But we got to see Old Weird Alvin Styczinski. And the Cheerleader. And, of course, the LaDeDaDa lady in her tight gray dress. Hey, here’s a couple we haven’t seen in a while. Have you ever noticed the two women, one is a big tall hulk woman and the other is a shorter gal. The only dance with each other. I have never seen them dance with men. I call them Moose and Goose. Hey, I wonder what you Polka freaks would call me and Cathy if we were on the Polka Joe Show. No, we would not be green pointy-headed aliens. And the bands are starting to sound good to us! What does THAT mean? But until next time, “Let’s everybody dance!”

  238. Richard, well I see they let out out on Sunday to get some fresh air, visiting day huh. Nice to hear from you as always. Yes I have noticed the two hulks dancing with each other. Interesting indeed. And the La de dah lady (i call her the “fainter”) was sooo over-doing it wasn’t she?? And the gray dress looked like she had it painted onto her skin. Thought she was the sixth member of the Polish Sausage 5 &1/2 group. Guess the guys like that! Hey, where’s Amos/Lincoln been? And ole’ Alvin Styczinskile, what can I say? I couldn’t beleive how loud Big Joe was yelling into the mike!! Hey why doesn’t someone tell him its a microphone for god’s sake!! I actually have to grab the remote and mute him when he’s talking/shouting. god forbid my neighbors hear what i’m listening to…I’d be laughted out of the neighborhood. i had a sgt once that always yelled into the radio like that…always sounded like he was calling for a back-up. My Lt. finally told him one day he’d better knock it off or one day when he really was in need we wouldn’t pay him any mind. It worked.
    Yes Richard, I bet you and Cathy would look cool on the dance floor! Probably be the only two who looked sane.

  239. We live in a retirement area. Most of us used to dance,but are no longer able to. We love to watch the people on your dance floor, and less of the band
    Thanks, Paul

  240. Love to watcn and listen to your show!!!

  241. I wanted to tell you that I love your show. And my Great Aunt Melinda and my Mamaw love to watch it!

  242. Hi ……..Big Joe Polka fans! Sending Best Wishes for a healthy New Years……And have a great Xmas too.

    Hey last week Big Joe had a Xmas show on, would like to know how old that was?

    P.S. Linda & Richard have a Merry Xmas!

  243. Hi Irene,
    I saw the Christmas show last week and I think it was celebrating the first anniversary of the birth of Christ.
    Honestly…I thought the old Saturday nite shows were bad and they couldn’t get any worse! Well, think again!
    Where in God’s name does he get these so called bands? Too funny!! Move over Ren & Stimpy! Move over Saturday Nite Live…here comes Big Joe!
    Irene, I hope you and your family have a very happy and safe holiday…and may 2011 be the best year yet!!!

    PS. Richard! Where are You???

  244. Hi Linda….I watch the Wed nite show at 7;00 and then sometime on Thurs at 9;00 A.M. Then they play it again on Sat nite at 10;00 P.M.

    Wait untill you see this one…First Big Joe has a German hat on but not for the whole show. The band look’s like it came out of a farm barn. Check what the band is wearing. You will have a good laugh!
    Again enjoy your holiday!


  245. Howdy everyone!

    I want to wish Linda, Irene, Philip, Peggy, Polkaholic, and especially Big Joe himself a wonderful and blessed Christmas.
    Hey Linda, I’m still here. I was wondering about you! I thought maybe you were sucked into the television set and we would be watching you on the Big Joe Polka Show along with the regulars! By the way, Ren and Stimpy was one of my favorite cartoon shows. Surprised? I didn’t think so. So, Ho Ho Ho and away we go!! I’ll write you guys soon.

  246. Hi Richard and Irene and everyone… I’ll watch for the German hat Irene…and thanks for the warning. The whole show should come with a warning.Ha ha. And Richard don’t worry about me getting sucked into the tv screen…I always loop the sleeves of my strait jacket through the rails on my gurney so that doesn’t happen. It did happen once though a long time ago and I ended up “Lost in Space” for six weeks with Billy Mummy. I’m more careful now! Although I wouldn’t mind goin’ round the floor a few times with Bob the head band dude. He looks like a lot of fun! I’m tall so we’d look good together. Hey do you think he wears the head band hoping that the other dancers will stuff dollar bills in it…like at a strip bar?? Oh well, just a thought.
    Well lets see…Saturday nite is Christmas nite…lets see how many of us break free from our company to secretly watch the show.
    Anyway…I wish everyone here a very blessed holiday and a very safe and happy new year! A very happy holiday for happy people! he he

  247. Hi Linda!
    Now this is getting weird. When I was a kid, my favorite show was “Lost in Space” until it got silly. I’m much too sophisticated for such silliness!!! And I can just picture you with the Headband Dude. I know, you really want to dance with the guy with the wedgie…..Hey, did you see Headband 2 dancing a couple of weeks ago? He grabbed a handful of rear of the lady he was dancing with!! Right in front of God and the millions and millions of Big Joe fans! It was a hoot!! But the lady didn’t seem to mind. The LaDeeDaDa lady was out dancing on last week’s show. You couldn’t stuff any dollar bill on her, though. Her dress was much too tight. And I know what I am going to do on New Years. No parties. No drinking. No, I’m going to sit in front of the TV and watch the Twighlight Zone Marathon until my eyes twirl like the opening credit. Can’t wait. The only thing better would be a BJPS marathon!!
    Have a safe Christmas, Linda.

  248. I was wondering if or when you are ging to show the taping you did when you were in Buffalo New York?

  249. Well, another week, another re-run of a re-run of a re-run of a re-run…you get the picture! Hey I was wondering what big Joe may have given his wife for Christmas this year?? Here’s what I think…an i-renew bracelet, two twin draft gaurds, a no stick brownie pan and a Polka Nuts Cassette thrown in for good measure!
    And Richard…have you noticed that the girl who plays the trumpet and wears the shorts in the Bavarian Band (the one that does the stupid chicken dance) looks like her father has super glued her legs together from the knees up! When she plays, turns or walks her legs at the top are squished together for dear life! Wonder how she goes to the bathroom?? She’s doomed for a life as an old maid! That is unless Mustache Joe, old super sperm with his eleven kids, gets to her! Someone should loan his wife some super glue!!

    Irene and Richard…have a really wonderful New Year’s eve and I’ll be lookin’ for yas on the dance floor!

  250. Hi………Linda and Richard Happy New Years and safe one. Hey Linda, we know what Richard going to be doing for New Years day (Twighlight Zone)!!!!

    Sat nite must of been a real old re-run, the camera-man never move off the band. I was going to shut the dame T.V off, but then I saw the high head peice
    she was dancing with another women she never look at the other women her was to the side

    The trumpet player shouldn’t wear shorts her legs are to fat also that’s why she don’t move to good!
    We have already 7″ of snow in N.Y. at 4P.M.we are getting about 8-12″ or maybe more.

    Want to wish everyone a Happy New Years and a safe one.

  251. Hi linda ……………Sat nite must of been a real old re-run.The camera man went with the band and forgotten about the dancer.

    Linda, we know what Richard is doing for New Years
    (Twighlight Zone)

    The trumpet player is to fat for those shorts.Thats why she can’t move so good!
    Did you see high head peice she look so stiff.
    danceing with the other women.

    To everyone have a Happy New Year!

    Its 5 P.M. and have already 8′ of snow in N.Y. we are expected to get 8-16″ anybody some snow?????

  252. Hi linda ……………Sat nite must of been a real old re-run.The camera man went with the band and forgotten about the dancer.

    Linda, we know what Richard is doing for New Years
    (Twighlight Zone)

    The trumpet player is to fat for those shorts.Thats why she can’t move so good!
    Did you see high head peice she look so stiff.
    danceing with the other women.

    To everyone have a Happy New Year!

    Its 5 P.M. and have already 8′ of snow in N.Y. we are expected to get 8-16″ anybody want some snow?????

  253. Well it’s 6:PM here in sunny ole Virginia Beach and we currently have 16″ OF SNOW!!!! Va Beach has just declared a state of emergency! This reminds me of my first 50 years in Phila! Can anyone hum the “Shovel out the Driveway Polka ??” Sure could use a twin draft guard here!

  254. I think I know what Big Joe gave his wife for Christmas….an i-renew bracelet, two twin draft guards, a non stick brownie pan and a Polka Nuts Cassette thrown in for good measure! What do you think??

  255. Howdy Linda and Irene!
    Boy, you guys are having more than your share of snow. Here in New Mexico, Christmas Day was in the upper 60’s. I used to like snow when I was a kid, but no more.
    Yea, I saw the trumpet player with the big shorts. I tried not to look. And I can just picture Linda and Irene doing the Chicken Dance in their living rooms.
    Last year for Christmas, I gave Cathy a personalized, autographed photo of Big Joe. I really did! He sells them on his Polka Catalog on the internet. I gave her other things, of course. This year, I gave her a nice jewelry, but also threw in a jar of Nana and Papa’s skin cream. And a fire hydrant. You must understand that Cathy leans to the strange side and needs help. Lots of it. Not me, of course. Both of you know what Nana and Papa’s skin cream is don’t you? Big Joe used to advertise for them on the BJPS.
    Well, I’m going to put on my lederhosen and go do the polka in the back yard. With my dogs. Until the neighbors call the police. Again. You’ll never get me alive, coppers!!

  256. I sent a note last year. Apparently you ignored it.
    Your camera people keep focused on the band and not on the dancers. The bands will not change, the dancers will. Cover the audiences. Thank you. I do like your show; but I would like to see more dancers.
    Jim New

  257. Well Richard I hope you and the dogs have come in by now. Do any of your dogs wear a head band??
    Hey I actually subjected myself to the Wed. nite show last evening and I saw Polka Paul aka “Rugsy” dressed in red. He had gray/wht hair which was long and looked rather shaggy. Guess he was unable to locate the bowl he uses to cut it with. He looked very old and slightly feeble. He wasn’t able to keep up with the tempo of the dance and the old woman he was dancing with actually had to guide him around the floor. Wow! This must of been a rather new tape of the show because he looked really old, feeble and near death! It was actually quite a shock to see him like this. These shows being so old really play games with your mind. You watch the old shows for awhile and then they slip you a recent one and oh my god, all your favorite dancers are almost unrecognizable! It’s like being caught in a time machine.. its 1988, its 1987, no its 2009, no its 1987, no its 2009 again!
    Also, last night old Abe Lincoln was front and center! I must tell you that this guy totally creeps me out!! He looks like Lincoln’s corpse! He truly looks like a dead version of Lincoln. Down right ghoulish! It makes my hair stand up on end each time I see him! They need to put him back in the box and close the lid. Scary stuff!
    “The Night of the Living Polka Dancers”. Hey I live alone and I have to sleep with the light on after I see him! And I’m an ex-cop for god’s sake!! He must scare the hell out of the kids!

  258. Hi Linda,…….Just was going to mention to you, that you are’nt going to believe this one……I thought I saw ( Abe Lincoln) dancing he was so stiff and straight standing. But didn’t see much of him all nite .Maybe he did go back to his box after all one dance it must of been to much for him and to much light for him because he use too the dark!…

    I think the first 15 mins of the show is pretty much up to date within a year or two, and this lettering comes out saying
    Polka blast from the pass. And those reruns are from the floods zone!
    I like watching on Wed so, I know what to expect on Sat nite.

    Boy..some snow 16′ but big driff some where 7-8 ft covered my whole car under. Cop cars bus’s got
    stuck it was a joke! I live in the Bronx N.Y. faceing I 95 so its all open here, just got my street cleaned today (Thurs.) I think I’m done with snow this year, wishfull thinking winter just started.

    Have a safe New Year! Linda, and you to Richard !
    I’m staying with my children and grandchildren.

  259. Happy New Years everyone!
    Just curious, whatever happened to Phillip and Polkaholic? Have they seen the error of their ways and left? Are they too good for us? Or did Linda lock them away in her closet?
    No, Linda, my dog does not wear a headband. Just a tight grey dress! He can polka, but is not too good on the waltz. And he sings as bad as some of the band members. Some of these bands are somewhat good until they start singing! Hey Irene, since you live in the Bronx, are you a Yankees fan? I’ve followed the Yanks for 46 years now.

  260. Hey…Richard My whole family are Yankee fans, the new stadium is bee-on words its so big inside bigger then the old one was ,you get lost in it.It is so beautiful we live about a 1/2 away from the stadium. I’m near the Throggs Neck Bridge.
    New Mexico must beautiful there too . What part are you in?.

  261. I’m still here Richard. I use this name because a lady on one episode had a button on that said “I’m a polkaholic, in case of emergency play me a polka”. It was either that or ‘Urk Man’ since Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters had many funny polka dancing clips & was voted the King of Polka in the Polkapalooza episode in ’98, just like that old guy on Saturday night BJPS who always wears a crown. To ‘Jim New’, we all agree about them not showing nearly enough of the dancers, but the Sat. night ones are all 20+ years old & Wed night are at least a couple years old. If only they would show more of the years near ’89 rather than just the fabulous “summer of ’89” shows. There must have been TV tapings from before & after that time. They were celebrating Big Joe’s 25th anniversary in ’89. I don’t know what happened from 1990 to 2003.

  262. To…………..Big Joe and all his Polka fans I would like to wish everyone a ….Happy New Year!

    I Love this # ……. 1-1-11

  263. Hey it’s 11:01 AM on 1/1/11 cool huh? Happy dates for happy people! Everybody danze!

  264. Hi there Richard & Irene. I missed last nite’s show and just out of a sense of morbid curiosity am wondering what I missed? Were most of our regular characters present? Did we sell any irenew bracelets? Did Big Joe’s accordian vest expand any? I’m asking to see if they’ll let me gussy up the front of my strait jacket here like Joe’s vest. Maybe a little sheer sleeve. (Easier to tie in the back). I promised to take all my meds if they would let me wear an irenew bracelet but they said no. They don’t want me getting any stronger! They said anyone crazy enough to watch this polka show week, after week, is a clear and present danger to the public. So it’s here I must stay. Ooops I gotta go…they just wheeled Richard passed on his way to a shock treatment and I want to ransack his room while he’s out of it. I know he’s hiding some twin draft guards and polka nuts cassettes in there! Maybe even a mud-sucker door mat! Later…..

  265. Hey Linda!
    You missed a great show Saturday night! LaDeeDaDa Lady got into a fight with Brillo head and set his hair on fire. The lady with the big behind tried to extinguish the flames by sitting on his head and accidentally suffocated him. Polka Paul tried to restrain LaDeeDaDa and when she tore his shirt off, we saw a tattoo of a naked Big Haired Lady on his chest. Headband Dude fainted on the floor but his legs kept doing the polka. Moostach Joe ran out to help Brillo Head, but tripped and swallowed his trumpet. He kept on playing, though, and never missed a note. Peter Pan just screamed and ran around in circles waving his arms, but everyone thought he was just dancing. Boy, I can’t wait for next week’s show!!!

  266. So…in other words…I didn’t miss anything.

  267. Hi Linda………..Sat nite was so bad that I watch the first 15 min of it and fell asleep. BOREING.

    Just was watching Wed nite you’re going to like this one!…First NO Big Joe. It’s call Polkafest. All new dancer. great camera work . Some dancer were danceing with wooden shoe , Most of the bands had on there lederhoren on. One band was on the Big Joe show already he alway’s has that big green Teddy Bear in front of the band.(Ed Beck)????
    I guess tonite show will play Sat nite too.
    It was great to watch something new.

  268. Hey there Irene,
    Wow! A new show!!! I can’t imagine this! They’re finally catching up to the 19th century! To be honest with you though…if the show becomes in any way “normal” I probably will cease to watch it. It’s allure for me is it’s wackiness! No where else can I get to see so much inexperience, lack of talent and lack of personal style. I do think though that many of the dancers are good at what they do! Hair do’s aside. Sometimes when I see the good dancers in costume it reminds me of the little wooden people who come out of the German clocks every hour on the hour and dance. Really, I call them the “clock people” and I do mean it as a compliment. And while we’re on the subject of German clocks…well, I just have to add that there are many Coo-Koos to be seen on the dance floor as well. LOL
    I’ll be a watchin’ come Sat. nite…it’s sorta’ like watchin’ the paint dry! But I’m hooked!

  269. Linda & Irene:
    I’m anxious to watch the new show, but I like the old 1989 shows. The schedule lists the new Polkafest as “Big Joe’s Polkafest”, so I wonder if Big Joe will be hosting it. I’ll find out Wednesday.
    What bothers me is the continuing lawsuits between RFD and Polka Catalog of Nebraska. One report says that Big Joe is claiming that RFD is broadcasting his shows without permission. This is not good news. I sensed trouble when the Saturday night Big Joe Super Show no longer aired the Polka Catalog commercials. Why? I hope that we don’t lose his shows. I hope that the lawsuits are just rumors. Last year, the rumor was that the Big Joe shows would stop being broadcast at the end of 2009, but we still have them. I don’t like the new rumors. Look up “Polka” under Wikipedia for this information. As for the “Clock People”, I think that they are our Count and Countess. The Count wears a short sleeve Bavarian costume and the Countess usually wears a costume with a black mantilla in her hair. Very distinguised couple and wonderful dancers! Well, I will send a detailed report on the new Polkafest soon. And there is supposed to be a Big Joe Polka group on Facebook, but I don’t know anything about Facebook. I need to learn.
    Until next time……………..

  270. Whoops, that was the wrong http address for Big Joe. Just go to Facebook and type in “Big Joe’s Polka” and you’ll get to the page. Sorry for the mistake.

  271. Alas, alas, alas, I am devastated! Where are my cartoon characters! This new Polka Fest is just plain ridiculous but not insane like the Joe shows. I certainly didn’t miss Joe’s big mouth running on and on and on, but my god I did miss all the insane people that I have gotten to know each week. i.e. Rugsy, Flo, Amos, Lincoln, Mr Brillo Head, “Bob” the bobber etc. Now…what’s left to laugh at on Saturday Nite? Hey this was my Saturday Night Live an hour earlier! I didn’nt see any new insane looking characters to make this show worth watching again. Yea the couple in the wooden shoes were unusual but not exactly freaky. But Rugsy, (Polka Paul) now he was down right scary! And Flo (Lucille) rest her soul…her hair was nothing short of a spellbounding monument to AquaNet! And Amos, the escapee from the Amish community, …this suspendered wonder just skipped to the right and skipped to the left, skipped to the right and skipped to the left, over and over again. Just to mention a few. Richard!! Irene!! What are we goin’ do????

  272. Hi Linda…Don’t throw the towel in the fast! You found a cartoon character before you saw the new show Coo Koo clocks. I found one for you Barney and baby bop the bobber

  273. Hi Linda…Don’t throw the towel in that fast! Linda, you found a cartoon character before you seen the new show Coo Koo clocks. I found one for you Barney and baby bop the bobber . The couple in the purple & white out-fit. What about the couple that was danceing chest to back I think every week we will have something to write about.And i’m sure you will find some new character every show just give it some time.
    I like all the new bands new music new people I’ll watch again.
    Richard are you around ! . What was your in-take on the new show?

  274. Thanks Irene for bringing me back to my senses. I’ll keep watching if you and Richard will. Deal?
    Yes I saw the couple dancing chest to back. I never saw that before. And the purple and white couple could qualify as my new “clock people”. With your help I can find some new cartoon characters. Why I feel better already!
    Thanks Irene!

  275. O.K……..Linda you got it!

  276. To all of you smart mouthed polka knockers. Why do
    you make fun of people who are having a good time?
    If you don’t like the music, that your choice but making
    fun of PEOPLE as you do is a sin. Have any of you
    ever played and performed on stage? I bet not!! Smart
    mouth are usually cowards!!

  277. Polka knockers…Polka knockers….Is that like a door knocker???

  278. I am very disappointed that they took Big Joe off the TV
    We looked forward to this show every Wed and Sat. nites We even went to the RFD in Branson when we were there just to see it because we heard about it on Big Joe’s If the people didn’t like the show ,couldn’t they just have shut it off or changed the station and not run it down as there are some people that enjoy the old time music It is alot better than that loud music that they call hard rock . That kind of music makes no sense whatsoever The young people will all be deaf listening to that kind of noise BRING BIG JOE BACK !!! Why is he not on TV anymore???

  279. Hey Linda………..I Like that one Linda….

    What someone stated was complete nonsense . Of sining, did they write the book of what is a sin????


  280. Irene…I suppose this guy is “right off the boat” and doesn’t realize that we have free speech here. If I wish to say that someone’s hair is big I WILL darned right say it! And I’ll say it twice if he doesn’t like it! My assessment of these dancing characters from 20+ years ago is my right! Hey, my older sister was a regular on Bandstand back in the 50’s and we always laugh at the film clips we see of them too. The hairstyles, the poodle skirts etc. Anthony needs to bug off or we’ll add him to our list of cartoon characters…lets see…he could be Elmer Fudd…always out to shoot down ole Bugs and his friends! Wanthony, weeve dees wabbitts alone!!

  281. I hope you all recorded some of the BJPS episodes like I did, in case they never show them again. Big Joe will probably be selling them on now.
    From doing a google search, it looks like these Iron World Polkafest shows were an annual event in Chisolm, Minnesota until 2008. The one last week must have been early/mid ’90s because Frankie Yankovic died in ’98 I think? The “Just Because” group looks like some of the people from “Erie Shoes Button Box”, like that lady who smiles all the time? What name would you all give the guy dancer on Polkafest show in all red who was balding but looked like he took a razor to half the back of his head who kicks his legs back in the air a lot and did that one scissor-kicking dance?
    To Anthony, we aren’t bad mouthing the dancers or the show, the BJPS was/is the greatest show of all time, this is just something for us to do.

  282. Hi Polkaholic, I think I did see the guy in red for a split second or so but not long enough to “name him” so why don’t you give him a name for us? I’ll look for him next time. Yea, I sure will miss the really old 1980’s genre BJPS…they just don’t make em’ that bad any more. I also thought I recognized a few of the ladies from the Erie Shores Button Box Band. And of course the Hoolerie Dutchmen…they don’t look one day older than the shows in the 80’s. Wonder what their secret is. Or maybe they already looked like they were in their 70’s when they were in their 20’s in the 1980’s. Got that?? LOL Their teddy bear looks a bit worse for wear though.

  283. Hey Linda.. I got It! How about Father Anthony the father that writes whats a sin! I just can’t believe the statement he made saiding making fun of people is a sin! I’m a church go a did I miss something???

    I use to watch American Band Stand faithfully that was my favor show way back then with Dick Clark.
    ( Small World)
    I’ll watch Wed nite for razor head! I though I recognized the lady that smile. That she was on the Big Joe Show too.

  284. I must defend all of the folks on this blog! Especially that Richard!!! I… I mean he, is the greatest!! He is the polkiest of the polkas. I…. I mean he, is as handsome as he is witty, as dashing as he is funny, as manly as he is entertaining! What a guy I… I mean Richard, is. I will name all of my kids Richard. Even my daughters!! Why, if I could shake his hand, I would never wash my hands again! He would easily take LaDeeDaDa away from Brillo Head! We need more Richards and less Anthonys.

  285. I watched the new Polkafest Saturday night. It just wasn’t the same. Good thing I have all of the 3rd Rock and Twighlight Zones on video. I think that Razor Head was the one Cathy and I named “Larry” after the Three Stooges Larry. The couple that dances front to back, just watch where his hands roam. I may watch the show again, but I hope that Big Joe settles the dispute with RFD and brings the Super Show back. I think I have seen all 36 episodes. A dozen times. And we also thought that the ladies on the “Just Because” band are the ones from Erie Shores Button Box. I’m not ready to trade my Big Hair wig for wooden shoes just yet.

  286. Hey Richard……Your to funny! You should do stand up comic at lease then ,you get pay for it.
    When your good your good!
    We are diging out 9′ of snow today. In NY
    I happen to like the wooden shoes people! They are difference also, there out-fits

  287. Hello Irene & Richard from a cold and frozen Virginia Beach! Had some freezing rain yesterday but at least I don’t have to shovel it. Stay in and stay warm Irene, we love you and don’t want you gettin’ sick! And Richard, yes I agree, that Richard guy sure is spectacular! Why you must be so proud to have the same name as his! How did you get so lucky??
    Alas, I don’t have any of the shows on tape so my mammory, no, I mean my memory has to serve me well in perpetuating all the insanity! I know I will never as long as I live try to tell anyone about the crazy show…they would never believe it if they couldn’t have seen it for themselves! Guess I’ll have to just watch the new show and hope for some insanity there…looks promising so far. I know that “All good things must come to an end” but how does one explain BJPS ending???

  288. Hi Linda,…Thank’s for your concern and love! My husband and sons take care of the snow. I know better not to shovel. Don’t need a 3rd heart attack. Thank again that was sweet of you .

  289. No problem….we Yankee girls have to take care of each other!!

  290. Just for the record I was a member of the Erie Shores Button Box club. I am the big guy on the left and I don’t
    like being made fun of, especially by people who hide behind the computer. You would never get away with
    it face to face. I am sad to hear that you don’t know what a sin is. I have been told that our society has lost all sense of sin.I can believe it now. I am not trying to stop anyone from exercising their right to free speech but when that right results in deriding others it is wrong. Think about it. No matter what kind of response this statement evokes, I will not respond to childlike

  291. we watch polka joe everytime he is on. we enjoy laughing at the older versions andthow they are dressed. It’s nice to see people having a good time, good clean fun, and exercise. we would like it very much to get Big joe and his followers back on. Rfd you need to bring him back, please! It would to fun to have an aniversary Big Joe Show with Polka Paul and Larry Joe and the Lincoln, Pete and June, and Roy and Barb. The bands were’t the only thing entertaining. God be with you all. I know you’ll do the right thing.




  293. To Joe Major…Yes I agree with all that you said and my little Yorkie howls better than most of those singers. As if the playing isn’t bad enough..they have to open their big mouths and try to sing! How hilarious! I have never before in my life seen such a thing on TV. Maybe it’s because I’m from “the big cities” Philly & New York. My god they would NEVER air this in that market!!! And I’m not surprised to hear that Joe didn’t pay them. These loosers were probably begging for any gig they could get! How much do you wanna’ bet they paid Joe to get on the show?? LOL
    To Mrs. Mike,
    Yeah, lets hope and pray that RFD gets desperate enough to re-air those golden oldies! I miss them already!

  294. to Father Anthony:
    It’s funny you mention that you played in the Erie Shores Band because both Richard and I have previously stated that that was one of the band we LIKED!! But now that you arogantly ranted on…I’ll be glad to include you in my commentary. You sound as though you are some sort of religious zealot always spouting off about “sin”…guess you know the most about it! Those who go around spewing religious retoric are usuually those who suffer a mental disablity. If that is you then you have my sympathy. I can’t tell you how many people like you I have singed a 72 hr. involuntary commitment on. I wish you the best.



  296. hey joe what happened to ‘the polka joe ‘show on rfd

  297. I was just thinking…perhaps the FCC saw the Big Joe Show and told RFD-TV “What? Are you kidding” Perhaps they wouldn’t renew their license unless they provided the public with better viewing options. Although I can’t see where this new Polka-Fest show is any kind of an improvement. Maybe we’re the ones who have it all wrong….maybe the BJPS was really catagorized as a comedy, and we took it too seriously. That would explain it!

  298. So what if they aren’t perfect musicians or singers ? They are REAL people , and the dancers are having a ball . They are fun to watch and prove that doing the polka keeps you young. We love the family bands and the button boxes.Polka Joe promotes them all . Put him back on. Betty G Moyer

  299. I’m ready for some new Big Joe episodes. Happy music makes me happy.

  300. hi big joe i love your show god bless youall an have a good day

  301. Hey Richard and Irene… last night I think I may have spotted Bob the “head-band dude” dancing with his brunette partner. They were dressed in red and white and Bob (?) had his two little white hand towels on his belt. I’m pretty sure it was them. Yay! So glad to see some of our “regulars” showing up. Did you see him too? I hope I was right. Also I liked the couple dressed in green and white who went a bit off stage and did the “under slide”. Very nice!

  302. Hi Linda…. Maybe that was Bob but,,,,I didn’t see the head-band on so I didn’t think anything.I did see red & white dresser with the white towel on.
    Yes I did see the dancer go off to the side they are good dancer I wish I could dance like them.

    I’m going to watch on a Wed nite instead of Sat nite
    they run the show Wed, Thurs& Sat . So I can’t wait for Sat nite show.
    I don’t think The Big Joe Show is coming back for awhile and IF and when it come’s back……. Now that Polkafest is on. ….Somebody from the Big Joe Show should of up dated us or from RFD TV.That the rumors was true Big Joe will be taking off the air

  303. Hi Irene,
    No, he wasn’t wearing his trademark head-band if it was him but everything else seemed to match. If only the camera would stay on the dancers for more than 5 seconds!!! Drives me crazy! I’m tired of looking down the snoot of a tuba! Why in god’s name don’t they just let us see the dancers…with an occasional glimpse of the bands!

  304. Why is Big Joe polka not on? I always watched it WEd, Thur And Sat. Please writw and tell me what is going on

  305. What the matter with RFD, Too many horse shows??? the smell of horse crap is fogging there branes, bring back the polock. Bennie

  306. It’s the end of Big Joe, I’m not sure if it’s a bad thing. While the “Polkafest” shows may not be great, they are better than Big Joe that’s for sure. For people that want to see dancers (I don’t get that one) it seems they have dedicated time for them. I do believe that after these shows are done, so will polka shows on RFDtv. Call or write the station. Why hasn’t Big Joe been on this blog? Maybe he has no intentions to resume his folly.

  307. If you folks know much abut polka shows, you will note that most of the recent Big Joe shows were well over 10 years old, by the closing info of copyright dates..

    The recent PolkaFest shows may be 20 years old or so, since Agri-vision no longer exists and Frankie Yankovic whol was on last nite was 75 then, making that show dated 1990..

    It is my suspicion that Big Joe has retired.

    He did have a web page, but I cannot fine it now.

  308. Yes, alas, we may be forced to watch actual shows from our own century now. Hey anything we look at now is a step up. Ole’ Joe has gone the way of the old Dinosaurs….perhaps he’s fossilized somewhere in the mid-west. Guess I’ll have to get my kicks watching the “New” polka fest. I can’t imagine that anything I ever see again on TV even the likes of RFD-TV will ever be as ludicris and two-penny as the Big Joe Show! I wonder what the little screen characters from “Mystery Science Theatre” would have said if they were watching the BJPS. LOL

  309. To Cliff Lawson,
    The Big Joe web page is as follows…..

    His contact info is:
    Big Joe Polka Show
    P.O. Box 3643
    Omaha, NE 68103

    Call: 1-800-25POLKA

    Hope this info helps anyone trying to contact him. Good luck!

  310. Hi Linda…………I see you did your homework to contact Big Joe Show . (good) I hope they will give some info on what happen to Big Joe ! I’ll try too.
    Big Joe should get on this blog and explain what’s going on, and what the future holds for the show!

    I don’t think the Polkafest show is going to stay around too long either.
    The Jimmy Sturr Show is starting to look good it don’t have dancing but all Polka music. That’s Fri nite at 7:00.

  311. Hi Irene,
    Perhaps Big Joe actually watched one of his shows on RFD-TV and saw how insane it was. He may have been unable to face the public any longer knowing what laughing stock he was so he quitetly faded into the sunset…

  312. We love the Big Joe Polka show and would like to know what happened to it. We were gone for a couple of weeks and when we came back it was not longer on. Would like to know what happened. Thanks
    Minor & Shirley Nickens

  313. Hi Linda, And to all the Big Joe Polka fans left confuse and puzzled! …Jimmy Sturr has Polka music also if anybody is interest in. He also does cruises day and weekly. He has a cruise coming up in Feb coming out of Fort Lauderdale from Feb 6-13
    Going to St Thomas, St Maarten, Nassaus Bahamas
    Starring Bobby Vinton and Jimmy Sturr and his orchestra. Book early for savings…On the Blue Velvet Cruise ll
    To book call …1800 724-0721

    Jimmy is a Branson man!

  314. Hey i would like to know what happened to Big Joe Polka Show? My grandpa loooves that show and it hasn’t been playing recently and he has been very upset about it, Can anyone answer me? Thanks

  315. How come no Polka Joe shows?
    Maybe Polka Paul from Omaha has retired (Seems he’s on EVERY who, regardless of origin, except Texas shows).
    Maybe all the good polka bands want to be paid for appearing on the show (rumor has it, Joe and his wife were very tight when writing checks). No pay, now play.
    Maybe his daughter is too busy dancing, really can’t talk any better than her interviews (seems she never could take the microphone out of her mouth even when other people were talking), and maybe she needs more exercise show she won’t be known as “The Big Jaynie Polka Show.”
    But even with the bad performance by the big guy, I don’t believe viewship suffered … Hope RFD finds a good polka show replacement.
    PS — we’ve got a polka show in our area where it seems the sound people turned on every microphone except the onces on the band stand … and they still play a half-hour of crowd noise every Sunday … and people pay to sponsor this. LOL You have to go a long way to beat Polka Joe’s narration and interviews but we’ve got one that is worse … and they work at keeping it that way.

  316. These Polkafest shows in Chisolm, MN they are showing now are June 1991, as they said Frankie Yankovic was soon to turn 76, which happened in July 1991. So I guess the fabulous Summer of ’89 is being replaced by the Summer of ’91.
    Here is info on wikipedia regarding why BJPS isn’t on anymore:
    Big Joe hasn’t even updated his site to show they aren’t on RFD anymore.
    EIEIEIO…Add ’em up!

  317. I want to correct the idea that bands played for free on
    BJPS, Our group played for Joe in Omaha and we
    were PAID quite well.

  318. Hello all,I just stumbled across this web site and was reading some of your comments. Just seems to me it’s a little like keorokee, it’s all about having fun and although I am not always brave enough to sing I do give the people that are, credit and try to laugh with them instead of at them after all there would be no entertainment if noone was up there singing or dancing! . As I said they are brave enough to get up there. Well I just thought that some of you that have been to the may be interested to know that Big Joe has put a Brand New 1 hour show on his website. It has bands from Buffalo,Medina,Round Top, and I think Wahoo.All I had to do was go to his website and clicked special offer then I put in my state and email address. After I clicked on submit it took me to the show. It is in 3 parts but I have never seen any of this on the program. If I’m correct none of the Buffalo stuff has been aired yet.
    Anyway just thought some of you would like to see the free 1 hour show.

  319. Linda…………Big snow coming 4″-8″ again and may even more. I see you’re getting it too. It’s 9:00 oclock A.M. and its coming down heavy already.

  320. Irene… guys have really had alot of snow this year! We only had the X-mas blizzard here in Va Beach, just cold rain this time. Well, you should just snuggle up with a good book, a steaming hot cup of chocolate and let it fall! I’ll be thinking of you! Stay safe and warm Irene!

  321. Linda….. That cruise is starting to look good! LOL
    The big snow is coming later.

  322. Yes, book me in! The warm sun baking on my skin, a tall colorful drink with and umbrella and a twist of lime, the sweet scent of coconut oil wafting in the air….mmmmmmm I’m there!

  323. Linda………After all said and done we got 13″. We are going to get hit again Sat to. By the time this snow melts it’s going to be June. I love snow BUT this is a bit to much now.

    Linda.. where is Richard? Maybe he took that cruise……. Polkafest was good at the end,the last 15 mins ….good band they must be new!

  324. Hi Irene, Wow 13″! Yea, you sure have had enough for one year! I hope we have an early and a l-o-n-g spring time. I didn’t see the Polkafest last nite. (Lucky me huh?) But I’ll probably catch it on Sat. nite. I’ll watch for that last band. It would be refreshing to see a good band for once.
    Yes, WHERE IS RICHARD??? I know not of his whereabouts…but I do miss his humor when he’s not around. That guy is hilarious. He should be a stand up comic! I love both he and you Irene. You guys are great! Wish the three of us could meet for coffee and a Yankees game. LOL Guess we’ll have to settle for this blog for now. I wonder if this blog will go off line since Big Arse Joe isn’t around any longer? Gosh Irene I would miss you and Richard.

  325. Linda ………Try this website got this off Polkafest show……..www South West Has a lot of good stuff on it……..

  326. Irene,
    You were right…I watched last nite and the last band was very good. One of the best I’ve seen. But OMG the others that were on earlier were downright PATHETIC! Why, I’ve heard 6th graders play better than that! I can’t believe (maybe its because I’m from the big cities) that any TV station, even RFD-TV would put something that bad on their air time! Simply unbelieveable to me!! It makes Hee-Haw look syphisicated.
    BTW I’m wondering if ole’ Joe didn’t take an overdose of Vetericyn and take off in one of those dye cast trucks…never to be seen again…

  327. Irene,
    Are you still getting snow? The world must look white to you by now. I think of you each time I see the snowy street scenes of NYC. Hope you’re warm and safe!
    And WHERE IS RICHARD!! I’m getting worried….hey Richard don’t desert us….we love ya! And we really need a good laugh from you…now that ole Joe is a gonner!

  328. Hi Linda…………We are turing into snow bunny’s Now we had last nite a 1 1/2″ of ice…..I think it’s turning to be the ice age Sat nite we are getting hit again.
    Polkafest is tonite I I hope they have a good show.
    Yea…where is Richard he must be reading all this. Could you picture that maybe Richard is losts for words. Or maybe taking in sun some place. (Nice)

  329. Irene, Wow you’re getting more Sat nite??? WoW!
    As for Richard….well, he already lives in a warm place (Roswell, NM) sooo I don’t think he’s somewhere else taking in the sun. He may be off laughing at us for having snow. I must confess that it was 72% here in Va Beach today. Rainy this AM but then cleared off nicely. Getting colder again tonite 32%. Guess I’ll be doin’ the Polka to keep warm later!
    I won’t be seeing the show tonite but maybe you could give me a rundown of what it’s like. I appreciate your input/warnings. LOL Stay warm and safe Irene.

  330. Boy, what a nightmare I had last night. I dreamed that the Big Joe Polka Show was taken off the air!! No more close-up shots of tuba snoots….no more Big Joe playing his accordian vest…no more Moostach Joe and his eleven kids! Or was Big Joe Polka Show the nightmare? But I do miss my gang of dancers. This Polkafest just ain’t Big Joe’s. I tried watching it, but I don’t like it.

  331. Linda & Irene:
    Hey, let me catch up with you guys! First of all, I just read where Anthony claims to be one of the Erie Shores Button Box folks. Erie Shores is one of my favorite bands and I have bought their CD’s and videos from Big Joe’s Polka catalog. I have researched and have never been able to identify any of the members, especially the happy gals. So here comes one of the band members on this site and he HATES US!!! Say it ain’t so, Joe!!
    I still haven’t learned FaceBook, but when I do, I will look you guys up. But I’m still around, and I’ll write soon.

  332. RICHARD!!! Your back! And you’re making me laugh already! Missed you.
    I don’t like these new shows either…not as many folks to poke fun at. I had to make fun of myself last week! And that was no fun! Yeah as for Father Anthony, I told him that you and I actually had previously stated that we LIKED the Button Box Band…but I’m afraid he put his little devilish tail between his legs and went away mad. Who knew any of those hapless musicians would be lurking in here?? He came out attacking Irene and I telling us we were “sinning”. Ya’ gotta’ love it! Madness abounds…as we both know, since we’re in police work. LOL
    Well, I thought I found you on Facebook so I “Friended” you and told you who I was but never got a response…guess that wasn’t you. Guy had same 1st and 2nd name, wife named Carol and lived in Rozewell NM. Oh…he worked for the same PD also. What gives? I mentioned who I was on this blog. (Linda Taylor is my AKA) too ashamed to use my real name in here. Don’t want my friends to know I watch Big Joe LOL

  333. Richard, thanks for the nice remarks about our club. I am even more happy to learn that you enjoy our music,
    The tapes and cds are made by Big Joe from our two hour performance in Omaha.Our club does not play anymore due to health problems and the death of our great bass player, Charlie V. If you have the videos you have all the songs we put out on our own cd. The “happy” ladies are fine. Thanks again. The point of my previous letter was that I do not like to see anyone picked on or made fun of.

  334. Richard, here are the first names of the members of Erie Shores. Drummer, Butch; Bass, Charlie,: Accordions, Lori,Connie,Aggie is the lady that is sitting, Al, our teacher, Jack is the one with the beard and myself, Anthony. We all live near Cleveland ,Ohio.which of course, is on Lake Erie, hence, our name. I did not give the last names because they may not like it. The tapes and cds are the only recording that will ever be done by Erie Shores.

  335. Linda……….I didn’t see Weds show, I’ll be watching Sat too.
    Glad to hear Richard is back! …Also that Father Anthony is not upset with us anymore I hate when people jump the gun, it”s just having fun( goofing)
    Some people just look funny when they dance.If you are’nt a good dancer you stand out…. No one said anything about the band members they where good!

  336. Irene,
    Yes, I agree with you 100%. Glad we didn’t ruin it for good old Richard. We love him!
    @RICHARD…as for the FaceBook thing…MY MISTAKE…I contacted the WRONG guy! LOL…he must think I’m some kind of nut! …OMG I think he’s right!!! I do though wish you and Irene were on FaceBook…it would be cool to be able to see you and talk to you other than on this blog. Although it is a good blog.

  337. Does anyone know for sure that Big Joe will no longer be on RFD TV on Wednesday & Saturday nights? My husband & I got hooked on the Saturday night show & sure miss seeing him, all the bands and especially the dancers…both the new & the “regulars”—sure would be a shame if he was no longer on.

  338. anyone hear BIG JOE passed away thur. the show is supposed to go off the air this month. i heard they have money problems. theres a web site your supposed to write to . to keep the show on the air. its ( to keep supporting it on air.
    if anyone knows what happened to big joe. or was he sick ? wheres the funeral ? or services or what they will do for him ? he wont be coming or going any where if he did die. theres a website if you want to get free polka music online for 55 min no interuptions.
    lets say a prayer for him and his family. and if he did pass away. my deepest sympathy to his family. may he play polkas in heaven. for all polka lovers in heaven. if anyone wants to talk about polkas or big joes program i have email and yahoo messenger. his show was on wed at 6:00 pm, sat at 9:00 pm and thur at 8:00 am. and sometimes at 3:00 am BIG JOE WILL LIVE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER. HE WILL BE MISSED.. FEB. 6,2011.

  339. Just his show died……

  340. On January 20th I sent an e-mail to I asked what happened to the Big Joe Polka Show? We thoroughly enjoyed his interaction with the bands and audiences.I have not recieved any answer.Can you shed any light on this problem? Please send a reply via my e-mail. Thank you. e-mail

  341. I also sent an email to “patrick” and his answer was “we are improving polka music on this channel. We are taping this week in Las Vegas. In other words Big Joe is gone, I am sorry to say.


  343. Eugene, Please cut the caps, also use spell check if you want to be taken seriously.

  344. what happen to big Joe Polka show what they have on realy sucks it is the same on wed and sat

  345. ill stop watching R .f.d t.v iam not a horse lover

  346. i watched big joe show for 6 years what you have on now is older then me

  347. I miss not having anything to laugh at anymore! Guess I’ll just have to look in the mirror more!

  348. Linda…………..O my God ! Not a good show. Frank sings song;s from the 40’s Don’t expect to much from this show.. Norm was good.! I hope they show the Vegas’s tape that should be good they had the Polka Nuts on that show looking forward seeing them again. Linda ……you will be surprise for the rest of the show.

  349. RFDTV should realize that The BJPS highlighted presumably the best of the Polka Groups. There are not any groups better than the ones on his shows.

  350. We watched big joe all the time and even went
    to round top to see the taping in person.
    Thoroughly enjoyed his show. I do not like
    the new Polka fest. It is the same show over
    and over.

  351. I watched Big jJoe RFD show every week, now he is gone..Where?

  352. I have a recording studio in Chattanooga. One of the few TV shows I have time to watch is the Big Joe’s Polka Show. I do not appreciate the show not being offered without any explanation to your audience. In this business, professionalism is every thing.

  353. I hope the polka show improves soon. It is repetitous and dull. No emcees or intros. Big Joe was corny, but we loved the show. BGM from Pa.

  354. Sure miss Big Joe hope he come back he is the life of the show along with the bands he selects

  355. Im not a real hot polka fan. i ve listened to it since i was a kid. watched it on tv since a kid too.
    I watched the Big Joe Polka show on RFD tv. Its not on any more.. He did the show fairly good. Someone in these comments way back says he is dead. is this true or just a legal snag and he got canceled.
    Get him back on there. he was corny and somewhat hoakey. but he was good.

  356. To Bill Cowan:
    If you’re looking for professionalism….The Big Joe Show sure isn’t what you want!!! It’s so far from pro its funny!! I worked in NYC in the music biz for many years and this show is/was my comedy hour!!

  357. Irene,
    Yes! The show was beyond horrible! Norm is ok though. That guy with the grass skirt was pathetic! In the olden days they would have gonged him off the show! Why do I even look. I guess I just have to look to se how bad it can get! I’ m never disappointed.

  358. We watched Polka Joe.. Most of the time he talked to long. But most of the bands played good music the songs I grew up with.

    Now we get the fiddle lady who thinks she a one lady band. and the singers who we caint hear to understand.

    Wed. if the same bands same songs are on again we will find another chanel to watch.

    My sistor who from West, Tx. who gets the RFD paper said she unable to read from the paper anything about Big Joe exit. No information giver the reason we probley never get it.

    Give us some information and make changes to your polks show or you will see many people make an exit.

    Polka Joe good luck on comming back.

  359. Really miss Big Joe. I would rather watch his old shows than watch what they have on now. No explanation from RFD. I’m ready to pull the plug on them. Come back Big Joe!

  360. look it up on Wikipedia its there about the law suit….

  361. I thought something was up! I just discovered the
    cheesy, wonderful, entertaining BJPS a few months ago, now it’s gone!! Polkafest just ain’t the same, and I won’t be watching it.

  362. Please I want Polka Joe back for my parents. Boycott RFD pass this on. We want them off the air.

  363. Why is polka Joe not on any more? Help. We want him back. Please another channel. Any polka celebrations in Minnesota coming up in 2011? Just saw Leon Olson.

  364. Leon Olson one of the best bands we are now deprived of until Big Joe comes back….

  365. I wrote RFD-TV and asked them why “Joe” was gone. the answer I got was: “our contract with him expired and we are looking at new polka programming”

    One time Joe’s stupid daughter was interviewing people while wearing her usual ‘costume”. She asks this elderly lady her first name. Then where the woman was from. The woman said something like Jane from nowhere ville, Ohio. Then the daughter asks a guy for his name and where he was from. The guy says Tom. The daughter asks him where he is from and he says from Nowhere ville, Ohio. Joe’s daught er then says, ‘WOW too people from the same town”! Of course the man and woman were married to one another.

    Another time the dumb daughter was again interviewing guests while in branson, Mo . She puts the mic in front of this cute blond and asks her for her name. The gal says Penny Gillie. Joe’s dumb daughter didn’t know Penny Gillie is one of the RFD-TV network stars. Penny just took it politely. It was almost painful to watch her due her interviews.

    Then we had to watch Joe pitch CDs, 2 for $15, 3 for $30 or 4 for $97 or something like that. Of course his top seller was the Polka Nuts. I never could figure out if the dalcimer player was a guy or gal. never saw a dolcimer player before in a polka band.

    I’ll miss Big Joe. He was more fun to watch then the Three Stooges. His show was similar to Saturday Night Live’s “Bowling for Dollars” with the Schmengee Brothers

  366. I agree Lee…who needed SNL when we had “Joe”. As I stated previously I only watched for the laughs…and my god they were plenty! I never saw such a two horse show in all my life! It was a bit scary though to see so many people who thought this was top notch! And, most hysterically, they thought these shows were current! Guess they’re still wearing the same old clothes and hair styles as those in these 27 year old films. LOL LOL LOL!! God bless rural America!

  367. Lee, I think the dulcimer player for the Polka Nuts is very hot….fyi he is a guy.

  368. Jimmy….just how “hot” do you think he is…and are you a girl?? And lets remember since those videos are about 27 years old our “hot” dulcimer player is probably in his 40’s now.

  369. What happened to the Big Joe Polka Show? The Polka Fest is horrible. Big Joe had such great entertainers. Maybe Joe is ready to retire and he deserves it, but why change the entertainers? We deserve better for the money we pay for paid TV. This program is an insult to RFD TV. Get rid of it.

  370. We enjoyed the BJPS shows when we FIRST starting watching him in 2005…To name just a few, we were very impressed with Richie Yurkowitz (with gal drummer/singer…… and another band, in which, the leader’s daughter (reportedly a school teacher), performed. She was a great musician, singer and wonderful performer. As time went on, there seemed to be a lesser number of the actual Polish Style Polka Bands…and more of the funeral dirge, half tempo, OM-PA style tuba bands…whom, by comparison, were about as exciting … watching a fly…crawl up a drape….
    We assumed that the Better Groups like those mentioned above….had no need to probably play for FREE to gain recognition, as they probably were in great demand and got paid for their performances elsewhere.
    From a musical stand point…the bands which we have just seen on TONITE’S Polka Fest Show (like the Chiemleski Family and Dick Pillar Bands,….even though probably being 20+ years old, were far more entertaining, that the “marching band’ rhythms of the last previous months of Polka Joe’s Shows.
    For whatever he was….POLKA JOE was a celebrity (perhaps only…in his own mind), BUT WE ALWAYS ENJOYED HIS DILLIGENT EFFORTS IN DOING THE BEST THAT HE COULD.
    (With No Disrespect Intended or Implied…perhaps daughter Janie…should have just resigned herself to being JUST a “Mom”.
    All and all…while we shall miss Polka Joe…..we shall ALSO….. greatly miss, the small number of POLISH/CHEC Style Bands…as well. Perhaps with some type of Program Sponsorship….there might be at least….some monies, to provide the better quality of appearing groups, with expenses or travel monies…….[YA CAN’T KEEP ALL OF THE DOUGH FOR YOURSELF JOE]

  371. Hi Linda, With my name being Jimmy that should tell you I’m not a girl. I’m sure after 27 years he is still doable. lol

  372. Hi Jimmy,
    I figued you were a man but when you said he was “hot”….I never heard a man refer to a boy as “hot” before….sounds troubling to me.

  373. Big Joe coming back or not, if not DISH needs to get rid of that RFD TV we need to pass this on it works, believe me. No polka joe no RFD TV. Call your cable operator they will listen.

  374. Hi Linda!
    Well, I tried watching the PolkaFest, but I couldn’t take it anymore. Last week, I changed the channel and watched Gone With the Wind. I was thinking that it would have a different ending, but no, the South still lost the war.

  375. Anthony:
    Thanks for the information on the Button Box Club members! I recognized Al B. from the videos posted on the internet from your performance at Station Square in Pittsburg. If you ever run into them, let them know how much they are appreciated. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if some of the Big Joe regular dancers posted on this site? Did you ever get to know any of them personally?

  376. Anthony:
    I just got through watching the Erie Shores video from Big Joe, and there was a part where Big Joe was interviewing Al. Al introduced the Button Box Club members, including his sister, Connie, Big Chuck, and someone called Tanooch.
    Hey Linda, if you haven’t got this video, you really need to get a copy from Big Joe!

  377. I am a Facebook friend of>>>>Joseph F. Siedlik, so join up….

  378. RICHARD: Hey, I missed you. Yes I too have stopped watching these stupid PolkaFest shows. And praise be to the lord I don’t have any videos of the show…you don’t think I would have perpetuated such madness do you? Remember I only watched it to laugh. They should re-release the old Joe Shows as
    ” Dancing With the Farmers”.
    And yes the south always loses the war in that movie. And for the south being the side that lost the war…they are the ones who constantly talk about it and re-enact it. Funny huh? Redneck philosophy I suppose.

  379. Linda, Of course he is “hot”. Good grief you said yourself those vids are about 27 years old. I’m sure he is still a catch. And yes boys can be “hot”.

  380. Jimmy
    Well he may be a catch…but I ain’t fishin’,

  381. Need help…….
    Has anyone here heard of TIM HUFNELL, he is a radio engineerfrom PA that has been working with Big Joe on putting some new shows together. Does anyone know him????

  382. Linda & Richard……I’m watching Wed nite Polka fest the first 10 min was very good two little girls did a great Polka dance…….. So far I haven’t seen this rerun show!…….Guess what they just mention in March they are having a new Polka fest….I just saw the polka Nuts, Melody Kings, Julie Lee and some other bands that play on Big Joe show…… They didn’t say who was MC it
    Linda & Richard this was a good show you must watch Sat nite.

    Linda…..Sorry I can’t give you any help and infor on Tim Hufnell in the Northeast not much Polka going on here……Now if you talk about” Rock n Roll “Allen freed and Elvis Tom Jones that more my speed!….LoLo

  383. Irene:
    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll watch Sat. nite.

  384. Interesting info regarding BJPS…..give it a read.…/1723308/reply_from_patrick_gottsch,_president,_rfd-tv

  385. Sorry about the last post…this is the link…..,_president,_rfd-tv

  386. NEWS FLASH:
    I actually had a phone call today from Big Joe himself!! He is quite a gentleman and he helped me locate Tim Hufnell. I asked him if he would be doing any new shows etc. and he said that he and Tim are working on that now, trying to put something together. I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to push the issue any further so that’s all I know regarding any new shows. But, he was very kind and it was sweet of him to help me locate Tim. Just thought I’d pass along how nice he is. Thanks again Joe…you’re the best!

  387. Linda……Wow you got a phone call from the big guy……..Wow Linda I would of been in a state of shock!!…..So he must read all these blogs…good or bad!
    Good police work, did you feels like you’re back on the job again…..Well done Linda!

  388. IRENE:
    Actually, I had called him for help regarding Tim and he kindly returned my call within 30 minutes. He really is a very nice guy. Although I never doublted that he was.

  389. We miss you Big Joe! Hope you are healthy and enjoying life.

  390. I miss you every Saturday night. I eagerly await to
    listen and watch your program. Hope that you are well.

  391. Irene:
    Well I turned the show on last nite around 10:30 and I just couldn’t beleive how horrible it was…I heard funeral music that was better! My God! I quickly turned it off again and I know I won’t be watching it any longer. It’s not even funny anymore…just sad. I can’t beleive these ego-maniacs who call them selves musicians….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! What a joke!

  392. My mom watched your show and now it is not on the air.WHY?????????????????????????????????

  393. Linda……. I watch it again last nite too, they took that piece out showing all the new bands coming in March. This was on Wed nite!
    I don’t blame you for not watching anymore, it was sleep music. I hope the new bands come on soon!!
    Linda…..(I said to my self watching the show Linda is going to think Im some kind of nut job telling her how good it was)…..They must of change some of it. That I didn’t remember seeing at Sats show
    .This one was a joke!!!!!!!!!!

  394. Irene,
    No, I did’nt think that of you at all. I know that sometimes stations alter the content from show to show…they should have cut the whole darned thing out. LOL I guess I’ll watch the new ones if and when they come on. I’m not really a fan of polka music…I only watched because itwas fun watching the dancers. Especially the Old Big Joe characters. I don’t thinki any new shows could compare with those old hay seeds. But I’ll check it out. I wonder what our boy RICHARD thinks of all this????

  395. Miss Big Joe my dad used to play an M-Horner accordion with 3 stops on top and I like that kind of music What Happend and where can we email to help out?

    I am the Pastor that held Charlie Allphin’s funeral in columbus ne he was my friend

  396. Mr. Meaux-Mo:
    What happened was RFD-TV bought/leased an old block of BJPS tapes from the 1980’s. RFD-TV played them over and over and over again until their lease ran out. Joe hasn’t made any newer shows. So its not that anything happened to Joe. Joe hasn’t done anything newer since then. Its just that RFDTV isn’t continuing to play the old tapes. For example…if I bought or leased a bunch of old American Bandstand tapes from the 1960’s and played them every week, over and over again…then I stopped playing them. You wouldn’t ask “Oh what happened to Dick Clark”. Same thing here. Joe is however trying go get some new shows going, but nothing is certain yetr, and I wouldn’t hang waiting.

  397. What happened to the newer taped shows from Buffalo NY?

  398. What happened to the new shows from Buffalo NY?

  399. Congrats to RFD for finally producing a polka show (Polkafest) that fans can be proud of the music. The bands and technical aspects are great. I think we should e-mail or call RFDtv and let them know our pleasure. Taking nothing from Big Joe but this is how it’s done. Thanks RFD.

  400. My favorites from the newer set of Big Joe Shows were Polka Ho & Polka Dud, Corpse Guy & his always smiling wife, and Hans and Blondie. From the older shows I like Red Pants Dork, Head Band Guy and Thelma, The Creepy Guy in the vest with the heart on its back and his manic, show-off wife. My favorite musicians were all the tuba players that had absolutely no talent.

  401. Do you guys remember, ABE LINCOLN with the stove pipe hat and beard on Big Joe’s Show? He looked 8 foot tall with that hat and his wife or girlfriend looked like she was 5 foot tall. He was a regular “twinkle toes” out there on the dance floor.

    If all those shows were really old, why was he advertising upcomming taping at Round Rock, Texas and in Branson. Mo just before he got the AX?
    I don’t think RFD-TV was active in Branson 20 some years ago. I knew the shows were not current, but didn’t realize they were as old as they were.

    The grandaughters looked like they were from Transalvania and had Dracula genes.

    Thanks for the info on the Polka Nuts as I never knew if the Dalcemer player was male or female. He sure didn’t look hot to me but he “smoked” the dolcemer.

    As a side note, I do like good Polka Music and Ump Pah music. I listen a lot to internet radio 247 Polka heaven at: http// and WRJQ at:

    Houston, TX

  402. “Happy Music for Happy People”!

    “Everybody dance, everybody dance”

    “Two CDs for $30, three CD’s for $79, or four CDs for $149”

    “Take it away”!

    I will miss Big Joe. Now RFD-TV is giving you a chance to see a stuffed Trigger and Bullet. I want to see a stuffed Roy Rogers!

    Houston, Texas

  403. Hi Linda……..Heads up!!!! watch it last nite(Wed) Five bands came on.Its was OK (I think) I guess I’m compareing it to the Big Joe shows that no one will replace him or the shows are’nt going to be the same.
    As funny as they where thats what made me watch it more …agree!!…..O Well it is what it is. Untill Big Joe ever comes back….

  404. Well, I saw the last 15 mins. of the show last nite. Different format, not really any increase in quality. Saw a few funny dancers though. One old man had his hand so far down his partners back side I thought he might be a proctologist! Really miss seeing the old gang…Flo, Rugsie, Amos and the head band dude! They were the strangest and they are sorely missed!

  405. my dad and I miss his show(BJPS), too actually alot.

  406. My girlfriend and I really miss the show. We used to
    watch it every Wed. and Sat. night. I miss seeing all
    the local Bands that were from around the Wilber and
    Swanton area it was good to see those faces and call
    back the good ole days.

  407. Where is Big Joe?
    I watched last night, March 5, and did not see him.



  410. You know…I think I have found a new source of insanity…this blog! I can’t beleive it…these bloggers are as weird as the old dancers on the Big Joe Show. Irene, Richard what say??

  411. FYI from a Big Joe E-mail: – “At this time Big Joe Polka is not on our March/April schedule, perhaps in the near future he will be returning. In the meantime, I will forward your comments to our programing department.Have a great week,
    April Kantz, RFD-TV Circulation Manager”

  412. As the next step, effective March 19, 2011, Big Joe is offering a weekly, never before seen, Big Joe Polka Show brought to you with no commercial interruption. In addition, we will send you a previously viewed, first time re-run of the Big Joe Polka Show. This means you will get not just one, but TWO Big Joe Polka Shows each Saturday for the low price of just $9.98 per month. That is EIGHT shows per month for an average cost of just $1.25 each! You may watch both shows each week as often as you like until they are replaced with the new show each Saturday.

  413. More info Big Joe Fan.

  414. OMG! They really think people will pay for this???? Hey…I have some real estate you may be interested in too! LOL Why, they should pay US to look at this junk. UNBEEELIEVABLE! If you’re gonna pay for something get HBO for gods sake.

  415. I actually will buy it….need more info.

  416. Linda…………I’m right in back of you Linda …….I WILL NOT pay anymore then what I’m paying now! ….My cable bill is high enough!…….I like Big Joe BUT I’m not in love with him to pay the extra ………..
    Linda I got some estate too!..LOL….(It looks like you could sell anything on this blog)………..

    Good Luck Big Joe fan……!

  417. back to Big JOE Fan, what channel would he be on if a person were to pay the $9.98?

  418. To Mrs. Mike:

    Probably the COMEDY CHANNEL. LOL

  419. I think Big Joe’s deal is for the Internet.

  420. Ok….Just viewed the new show and have to admit not too bad. Viewing it on a laptop demands using a GOOD quality headphones but all in all a good show. Even if there is a charge in the future I think it is money well spent. Thanks Joe.

  421. Where is BJP show?


  423. What happened to your show?

  424. Dariene…………….Don’t you read any of the back logs blogs telling you what happen to the Big Joe show!…..Check out Linda’s infor…..on the show.!

  425. For Dariene:
    What happened was RFD-TV bought/leased an old block of BJPS tapes from the 1980′s. RFD-TV played them over and over and over again until their lease ran out. Joe hasn’t made any newer shows. So its not that anything happened to Joe. Joe hasn’t done anything newer since then. Its just that RFDTV isn’t continuing to play the old tapes. For example…if I bought or leased a bunch of old American Bandstand tapes from the 1960′s and played them every week, over and over again…then I stopped playing them. You wouldn’t ask “Oh what happened to Dick Clark”. Same thing here. Joe is however trying go get some new shows going.

  426. Where can I watch Big Joe Polka Shows? Please don’t say the Internet. I have a mother- in-Law and husband that prefer watching it on the televion and I know their are alot of older people that are the same.

  427. Is Big Joe Siedlik going to return to T.V. so we can
    once again enjoy him live or whatever ?

  428. Without Big Joe’s show I’m losing interest in RFD TV. It costs me extra money for RFD and I’m about ready to call it quits with them. I loved watching those people dance on Big Joe’s show. The new polka shows are boring me to tears.

  429. What is the schedule for shows for 2011 and 2012


  431. I too am losing interest in RFD-TV. Bring back Big Joe or I’ll find another channel to pay extra for.

  432. My grandpa is full blooded Checz and he is also a 90
    year old WW2 Vet. He is dreadfully upset with The Big Joe Show off the air! My grandpa pays alot for his satelite and onlys watches 3 main channels The Big Joe show, The Local News and Westerns. Make an old man HAPPY!
    God Bless

  433. I heard an annuncement on RFD-TV there will be a new polka show on RFD-TV. Joe is ‘hosed”. No more Joe. They were interviewing one of the new hosts. She was one of the gals who could sing and play many instruments and was featured from time to time on Joe’s show. Can’t think of her name now. She is fairly young.

  434. We watch the Big Joe every night that they were.I don`t care for the ones you have on now.Thank You.

  435. I am talking about THE POLKA NUTS. The guy that sits on a chair and plays that instrument, he really gets into it, his shoulders move to the beat of the music, he is great. I watched Polkafest tonight, is he the same guy that played in THE POLKA NUTS?
    He looks different.


  437. PLEASE bring back the Big Joe Polka Show ASAP. Don’t you realize what a gem he and his show is?

  438. Maybe Joe needs someone to help him with the show.

  439. My lord, what part don’t these people get????? Does anyone on this blog “get it”?

  440. I enjoyed your part on Big Joe’s Polka Show and look forward to seeing a lot of you folks on Polkafest. My, how you have aged!!!

  441. My mom myself enjoyed it so much.Why was he taken off rfdtv??????

  442. BJP show needs back or RFD needs to be taken out of my tier.

  443. The following statements from RFDTV.COM should put to rest all these inquiries as to when the Big Joe Polka Show will be coming back. Read carefully NEVER<NEVER<NEVER. The Big Joe Polka Show

    One of the very first programs to be aired on RFD-TV was "The Big Joe Polka Show", a Polka and dance variety program hosted by Omaha resident Joseph "Big Joe" Siedlik, which continued to be popular among the network's estimated (approximately) 40-plus million available households until its final RFD-TV airing on 01 January 2011. In 2010, litigation commenced between RFD-TV and Polka Cassettes of Nebraska, the creators/producers of "The Big Joe Polka Show" involving several lawsuits and counter suits (mostly over a contractual dispute). RFD-TV contends they had an option to air the program until December 31, 2010, while Polka Cassettes of Nebraska contends that the show was being aired against their wishes, and after cessation of the effectiveness of the previous contract, which expired on December 31, 2009. In August 2010, a multi-million dollar "slander and defamation" suit was brought against Polka Cassettes of Nebraska by RFD-TV.[Source= PUBLIC RECORD:The Fourth Judicial District Court of Nebraska Clerk of Courts, date of inquiry Monday 30 August 2010 Douglas County, Nebraska]

    The show was replaced by "The RFD-TV Polka Fest" on 05 January 2011, and airs during the same time schedule.

  444. The replacement show is no good and does not have the style or closeness of the original Big Joe Polka Show. You should do everything you can to bring it back.

  445. I sure do miss the Big Joe Polka Show. The show was the highlight of my retired life. Please bring it back. The show on there now is cold.

  446. my parents listened to big joe polka show everytime it was on! They even went as far as teaching my sister and I how to do the dances. My dad passed away last July and the show was like a lifeline for her to him even though he is gone!

  447. We do not care for the new so-called
    Polka fest show. We are watching it
    right now and it isn’t even polka music.
    Most of it is two-step and very slow
    music. If that is “taking polka music
    into the next decade”, you can keep
    it. We’ll be watching for Joe Polka
    to come back as soon as possible.

  448. pleae bring big joe back. right now, if not sooner.


  449. the new polka fest is crap and not worth burning the electricity to watch it. Since I have no interest in horses or Roy Rogers shows from the 50’s I have no need to watch RFDTV. Also they have now screwed up the Campfire Cooking show by having some clown interject so-called country music while they are burning your steaks.

  450. Folks!!!!! Please be patient!!!!!!!! Mollie B & Ted Lange from Squeeze Box have been already been filming new programs. I know these people and I’m sure they will be putting together some super programs. They will be coming in August to my town Frankenmuth , Mich. to film at The Summer Music Fest.

  451. Folkafest is unwatchable. Blah bands. Blah everything.
    Big Joe was hokey, some of the bands awful. But watching them and the regular dancers was fun. I recorded one Big Joe Show and watch frequently.

  452. I never knew so many people were entertained by BJ.
    I grew up in Milwaukee with Fritz the Plumber and the Six Fat Dutchmem.. BJPS was like being back in the 50’s except the Texas crew did the two-step instead of the polka or schottisch. I got a big kick watching the No. Wis bands like the Chimelewski’s.

    PolkaFest has no character(s). I hope Big Joe wins a lot of money and buys RFD.


  453. Hi everyone. I spoke with Big Joe this afternoon. He is in the process of putting his 2009 Buffalo, Nebraska and other tapes on TV. He needs the following information from various TV outlets across the country. 1. Local TV stations channel numbers.
    2. Address of each TV station.
    3. Phone number for each one.
    4. email this information to
    Attention Big Joe.
    If everyone gets aboard we can start watching Big Joe Polka Shows in the very near future. By the way the Polka Bands in Buffalo were terrific.
    Lets all get aboard.

  454. My mother is 93 yrs. old and she watched Big Joe Polka show every Wed. & Sat. night now that Big Joe is no longer on she is going to cancel her subscription to the RFDTV magazine. We were at one of Big Joe`s taping`s at Medina Minn. and we truely enjoyed every minute we were there. Hopefully RFD will take him back or he will get a show. These new shows that they have on now are terrible and I wouldn`t watch them if they were the only show on TV.

  455. I just got an e-mail from one of our friends that talked to the new host and told me that the shows that they are showing right now are only going to be played until the new program with the new host Molly B starts. They are going to record a bunch of bands in Wahoo Nebraska in June, and they said they were making a big change from the polkafestival shows that are on now and improving the audio and video quality and that their going to be recording some great bands there. She told me that the new shows are supposed to start sometime in July. I will wait to pass judgement until I see the new shows.

  456. My husband and I enjoy watching the Big Joe Polka show. when will it be on again? My huusband is blind and cannot hear well, but his entire attention is on the show when we can get it.please advise as to time, place etc.
    Thanks so much J. Johnstone

  457. What happened to “Big Joe’s” Polka program? IS Big Joe ok, healthy wise? IS he coming back to Polka Time?

    Thank you.

  458. Big Joe’s Polka Show was very enjoyable. The bands were good, and the dancers were great. Thanks to Joe for the past shows.

    When Joe comes back, I hope the show will be available on cable (Comcast).


  459. Big Joe was a big fun guy, who always had a kind word to say about everyone. He was kind of corny, but always sincere about his comments. Couldn’t help but like the ole fellow.

  460. Mollie Busta can hammer my dulcimer any time she wants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  461. Now that Joe appears to have gone the way of Bob Villa, we have to wonder where he will turn up? Is there another network out there as desperate as RFD to pick up his train wreck of a show? I say show the reruns and don’t give that fat bastard a dime!! Let us enjoy the blue hair, sequin outfits, mullets, tube sox, and mind numbing umpa music Big Joe has brought to us over the years. He left the Polka Nuts destitute and playing church festivals when they could be headlining Wembley. Stick it to Joe before he sticks it to you.

  462. We’re good friends of a lady who is part owner of Starlite Ballroom by Wahoo, Nebraska.

    They threw Big Joe out of the ballroom for not paying what he promised. Apparently he’s better at running off at the mouth than he is at paying his bills. Also, I ordered two CD’s from his store. Both were defective. They’ve promised several times to replace them, but I haven’t seen any yet. He’s basically an obnoxious fraud.

  463. We like Polka Joe. Dillon is 15 years old he has cebral palys…. How can we get some videos and cds..?? Grandma got him hooked on Polkas and he always wants me to look up polka Joe..kinda surprised nothing on

  464. Bring Big Joe back! He had the best bands on his show, polka music at it’s finest! His show was much better than Mollie B and her attempt to replace him!

  465. Mollie B is not trying to replace BJ. She and RFD will be doing a show all of their own. These shows will be captured at large fests with quality bands, unlike BJ. Many of the great bands would have nothing to do with BJ and his unprofessional production. May Mollie and RFD have great success with “Mollie B’s Polka Party.

  466. bring on the polka music polka musicc is happy music

  467. WE don’t need Polks Joe. He doesn’t even pay all of his good bands that come. He promised one band a CD of their playing and never kept his promise. WE need an honest person to take his place.

  468. That honest person is Mollie B. Can’t wait to see her new program on RFDTV. Go Mollie!!!!!!!!!

  469. I think all the support for Big Joe is GREAT! However it makes me sad to read the comments from the people that are willing to run their mouth without having the facts.

  470. “I heard from my friend that has a band that heard from their friend” Blah Blah Blah. Get the facts before you pass judgment.

  471. My husband and I just love Polka music. I grew up with it. Even though Mu Father came from Italy when he was a young man, this was his music. He had a radio outside and would play it loud so everyone could hear. My husband and I used to go dancing every weekend when we lived in Conn. Since we moved to South Florida we do not have Polka dances. So I was so Happy to see Big Joes Polka on TV. Now I miss him very much and hope he will be back someday.

  472. Does anyone know where I can purchase Big Joes Polka on DVD? Thank you!

  473. they have an online catalog. and one of the above posts has a email address, it has hope this helps.

  474. We danced to the Polka Joe show in October 2010 and have never seen it on TV. The Bumble Bees played and incidentally they were the best band there. Anyway, they say they never got a CD of when they played as Joe promised. What a fake he is. I am glad to not see him anymore. And not keeping his promis to the ownersw of the Starlite Ballroom just takes the cake. Good ridance, Joe.

  475. No one will ever replace Big Joe in our hearts. He may have been corny but we love him. The new show on RFD is ok but no where as good. Can’t watch it for more than ten minutes.

  476. Its a shame that Big Joe is no longer on RFD and there are lawsuits pending on both sides. Its a sad day when Polka is reduced to lawyers in a courtroom. Why can’t we all from polka countries, such as the German, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Ethiopian, Swiss, Swedish, Russian, Cambodian, Estonian, Hungarian, Somali, Bulgarian, Romainian, Maltese, and Tennessean celebrate as one to “Happy Music for Happy People.” More polka would mean less wars and less wars would mean more polka, just not with Big Joe. Why not outfit our leaders of the world in Lederhosen (no pun intended)? I believe we should all be grateful that at one time or another, we were able to see the polka nuts, with that young wiz kid on the dulcimer Kevin, on the Big Joe Show live or in recordings. I for one hope that BJ and RFD settle their differences and both can get on with providing the nation what the nation needs, more home spun polka from those great countries I mentioned above. I especially miss the Ethiopian polkas and the way BJ would introduce the the band in the form of forty Armenian orphans. God Bless.

  477. Dan, I agree with you about Kevin from the Polka Nuts. He is one hot dude.

  478. No, kevin is not “one hot dude.” He is a dulcimer prodigy, with a wicked mullet, whose musical ability is cherished by many polka fans, including the forth Armenian orphans who consider him a polka icon to be cherished.

  479. Was just a compliment….thats all, I’ve had a crush on him for years….maybe someday????

  480. I don’t know if I’d call Kevin ?McCallis? a prodigy. He was turning 21 at the time and 3 of the 4 people currently in the Polka Nuts can play the dulcimer as seen last night. He did have a great mullet though.

    I guess no one here is commenting on current shows regarding who from the 1989 Omaha BJPS showed up at the June Mollie B Polka Party? I’m fairly certain that the guy in red polo shirt & shorts + glasses dancing last night when Polka Joy was playing was “The Kid/Red Pants Dork/Peter Pan/Robin Hood” from 1989. I’ve also seen what looks like Kenny? (the gray haired guy who always danced with Flo/Lucille & her group) wearing black & white in most of these shows + possibly his wife?? Barbara? (heavy set who usually wears Polk-of-A outfit who rarely dances, didn’t see her last night). Also a couple others we didn’t have names for. Although it’s hard to tell what people would look like 22 years later. It looks like Bobby Z still has same drummer + 1 of the accordion players. I wish Mollie B would’ve asked ‘Who is here dancing that was also on the BJPS?” There are also a few from the Polkafest shows & the BJPS 2000’s version from Branson, etc. The bald guy in suspenders who stomps around like he’s in a marching band & the lady who hops around like the “Cheerleader” used to were both on Polkafest in MN. The lady with long white hair was also on Branson? BJPS.

  481. does anyone know if “Polka Paul” from Omaha,Nebska has been on Mollie B? We saw Pete (that usually does 3-laps to everyone else’s once around the floor. And Barb & Roy. Larry Jo and Bonnie. I think I saw the Polka King, not the Queen yet. Haven’t seen Polka Lincoln…but really been straining to see Polka Paul…he always stood out with his light purple vest, and” Sunny Bono” hair do. I think Molly should have Polka Joe on as a guest,. After all, turn around is fair play.

  482. Where is Big Joe’spolka show. Bring him back on
    That was the best show on there. And also put more
    of the polka nut’s on because they are the best band
    out there. Let them play longer.

    We don’t like the Molly B show as she has too many orchestra’s bands and not enough bands like the Polka Nut”s….. Please RFD TV bring Big Joe back……..

  484. I’m a Mollie fan and I think her show is a great improvment to the RFD-TV network. But tonights show with Kavas Band was the worse TV i’ve seen in a long time. Of course this is the first clunker since the show started. Mollie please keep your eye on the talent. Trust me this band will be remembered for a long time. But not in a good way.

  485. I miss:
    Polka Paul (s.bono hair, lol)
    Abe Lincoln
    The lady who stands behind polka pual in the intro
    Sweathy Betty
    Crabby King
    The nerdy polka nuts
    THe cafeteria queen
    Jeanie and her sappy interviews
    and most importantly, POLKA JOE!

  486. I miss:
    Polka Paul (s.bono hair, lol)
    Abe Lincoln
    The lady who stands behind polka pual in the intro
    Sweathy Betty
    Crabby King
    The nerdy polka nuts
    THe cafeteria queen
    Jeanie and her sappy interviews
    and most importantly, POLKA JOE!

  487. I was wondering if you invite different Polka Bands on your show? My dad has his own Polka Band “The Jim Gorman Trio” for the past 40 + years now. He absolutely loves the Polka Joe Show and watches it religiously. His love is for music and in fact 1 yr. ago we as a family went to Ireland and he played in a Pub. It was the hilight of the trip! He plays almost every weekend still at the age of 82. He has many many followers. If there was a chance for him to be on the show would be amazing! Thank You….

  488. Just heard that Big Joe passed away. You were the best!

  489. I want to share a cool dream that I had just a few minutes ago. I thought that i was polka joe’s cameraman, What fun to travel with a big shot like him, an hit the big his in all these cool towns. JEANNIE STILL ROCKS!!!

  490. Big Joe did not pass away……just his career….LOL

  491. I understand loyality. And also that Big Joe had a lot of loyal fans. Big Joes Polka show was on for quite a long time. And for the most part Big Joe was a nice enough guy and did his job that some feel was silly or corny. But none of that matters when the public demands more for a show the network bosses will and do listen. I was a fan of Big Joes, However I’m now a fan of Molly B, and will not let spite ruin a wonderful time listening and enjoying the new Polka show.

  492. Hey Linda Taylor! Are you still around? Do you have a life anymore since Big Joe left us? I’ll call him and chat with him once in a while.

  493. Hey Linda, that was weird. I didn’t mean to send that last post. It wents by itself! I was just wondering if you still visited the Big Joe blog. I was watching an old rerun of Lost in Space and I though I saw you doing the polka on the rock and roll hippie episode! I just came back to the site and was reading your old blogs. You were too funny. Write back if you haven’t grown up yet!


  494. Hey Richard! I haven’t checked in to this blog since our old pal Joe went off the air. I do miss talking here to you and to Irene. Now that I know you are here I will check in more often.

  495. Hey Linda…Cool! I’ve been checking this site every so often hoping for some recent comments. We’re still doing well and still here…the Mayans were wrong. We got through Christmas…next is New Years. When Richard comes over in a little while, I’ll tell him you’re still around… alive and kicking!
    Keep those cards and letters coming!…Cathy

  496. Hello again Richard & Cathy,

    How I wish the old Joe re-runs were still on. I haven’t had a good laugh since they went off. There just isn’t anthing like it around. It ws sort of a “Slovick Mystery Science Theatre”. Ha ha.

  497. Hello Linda!!!!

    We tried watching the new Polka show with ‘what’s-her-name’ (which is exactly the point…everyone’s forgettable!) It’s horrible!
    I have my framed, signed picture of Big Joe on the wall in the living room and that’s the way I get my BJ Fix. Oh well…life goes on.
    Good to hear from you…
    Cathy & Richard