How Much Is My Accordion Worth?

Far and away, the most common email we receive is from someone who’s found or inherited an old accordion — often stashed away in a closet or garage — who wants to know how much it’s worth. I’ve probably answered this question a hundred times, a hundred different ways. But now I save myself the trouble and refer them to this handy guide on Jeroen Nijhof’s excellent Accordion Links site. Jeroen’s guide covers the basics (condition, brand, size) along with two pieces of advice I often give: that “vintage” doesn’t mean much unless it’s playable (or festooned with diamonds) and it’s only worth what someone will pay for it.

With that in mind, I should really ask: “Why sell this accordion when you can learn to play it?” Instead of dumping it at a garage sale for a few bucks, you could have countless hours of enjoyment by playing cumbias or mazurkas on your porch. Maybe the next time someone inquires about their grandfather’s old accordion, I’ll just reply with a list of accordion teachers in their area…


  1. almost always when I get that question, the box has a handful of busted reeds, broken waxes, dried out leathers, leaky bellows and is normally unplayable without a substantial investment…..

  2. That is true. Most people have not touched their accordion for years, or it was a hand-me-down, and they do not know what to do with it. Because the accordion seems like an instrument that has not been popular since ancient history, most people assume that theirs is an automatic antique. And most people probably do not know where to begin to ask about the value of their accordion. I am with Chris. If you can, learn to play it first. Then, if you want to sell it, at least you gave it a chance. Who knows, you might even love it!

    I have a special accordion that I have been trying to sell myself this year. It has been several months since I have tried selling it, but I thought that I would give it a go again with the holidays and all. By the way, Happy Holidays everyone! The accordion that I am speaking of was mentioned from the very same favorite website that you are looking at now. Here is the link:

    I have listed this unique accordion again on Ebay if anyone is interested. This is the lowest that I have ever listed it. If you are interested in having one of these mysterious instruments, now is your chance to own one! I have included the link to the listing below:

    Bill Horton

  3. I think a lot of people realize that they have had this old accordion sitting around for several years, probably had a parent or grandparent that played it, and figured that it must be of some value, and possibly an antique. Most people probably do not have the faintest idea of where to start researching what they have either.

    Chris, it may not be a bad idea to have a permanent link on your home page to this Handy Guide of yours. I think that guide is a great idea! The more people are educated about what they have, the more satified buyers will be when they purchase as well (i.e.busted reeds, broken waxes, dried out leathers,etc.).

    Honestly, I have no idea how much my accordion is worth. It is playable and in decent shape, but because of it’s uniqueness, it is very difficult to decide on a price to sell it for. Guides such as these will make it much easier to make these determinations. And will make your site even more valuable than it already is! I love this site!

    Everyone, lets give as much support to this website as we can. It contains a wealth of info!
    I have listed the unique accordion I was speaking about above again on Ebay if anyone is interested. This is the lowest that I have ever listed it. This very accordion was talked about on this website before. Here is the link:

    If you are interested in having one of these mysterious instruments, now is your chance to own one! I have included the link to the listing below:

    Bill Horton

  4. I have a “LYRIC ACCORDION” that was giver to me by my dad when i was 18 years old. I am now 92 and due to arthritis in my hands ia cannot play it any more. It was made in Germany and has a metal slide along the edge of the key board to change octaves. I’m not asking you to tell me how much it’s worth, all i would like to know the history of it. Do you know where i can purchase a book of some kind giving me some facts? I’d appreciate it if you could help me. THANK YOU!

  5. I have a riosa accordian complete with box. the keys and casing is in mother of pearl and it still plays excellent. there is no damage at all. It was left to my sister by her grandmother who had it bought for her when she was a child. Can you tell me how much it’s worth.

  6. Emma, please read my post at the top of the page or go here.

  7. I have two used accordions in cases that I am interested in selling, but I was wondering what they are worth.

    Pollina (made in Italy) red with white. It was my mothers from back in the 50s or 60s; cannot find a serial number on it. Good condition.

    Titano (made in Italy) black with white.
    Serial No: 17134
    Model: Stroller
    It was my brothers purchased in the early 1980s. Good condition.

    Both come with straps and cases.

  8. I have a Musictech Music Maker 50 digital piano accordion. 41 treble, 120 bass. Color is beautiful pearly blue with pearl white keys. I paid $4800 and have played it for 2 hours. I am unable to keep the accordion and willing to sell at sacrifice price. Includes custom accordion case, sound module & module case w/volume pedal, midi connection, and manual. Perfect condition. I paid $4800 for the accordion but am willing to sacrifice sell due to my physical problems. Contact soon! MAKE OFFER!!

  9. i have a lyric accordion i heard it was made in italy between 1830 and 1930 i would like some info on it and i would like to sell it thank you

  10. I have 3 vintage accordions. All are in cases and in very good condition. One says Demianenko One says Concertone and the other says Selmer and the case on that one says inside of it Titano Accordions I am interested in selling them and would like to know how I can find out what they are worth

  11. hi i have a hohner verdi ll what my grandad left me and just wondering if it was worth any think.
    I no it all works,
    But dont no anythink easl about it.
    Just wondering if youwould no.
    Many thanks roseanne.

  12. I have an accordion made in Italy and the brand on it is Video. It is in a case and has leather straps on it. I really have no idea how much it is worth or where I can find information about it, because in all of my searches I seem to only get videos to come up that show me how to play an accordion.

  13. I have an accordion that has Russian writing on it. I am having a difficult time finding information. I think it says Su Gvnybowski and there are other Russian writings. If anyone can help, please contact me. I do have pictures I can send…

  14. I would like to sell my Crucianelli Accordion. It’s black with 120 chords, two tones and 5tones for the keyboard. ( Organ, bassoon, oboe, master and piccolo) Pan Accordian Inc. Made in Italy. Comes in a case.

  15. I have a Scandalli accordian. Don’t know much about it, it was my mother’s. It has 6 rows of 20 buttons on one side. Was wanting to know how much it is worth. The condition is great.

  16. I have a large Paolo Soprani accordian in mint condition. 120 button/bass. 41 keys, 7 keys. color is black. What is it worth?

  17. I have an old hohner accordeon ,marca, regtrd., made in Germany with21 buttons and 4chrome buttons with4 brass buttons and a key slide button on the side.It is a C/F key stamped on the side near the 21 buttons.Any info would be greatly appreciated. J.Marsh

  18. I have a accordian which I am thinking of selling
    I cannot find any information on it – It is a Sonart Symphony Professional model 100 which I beleive was made in Italy

  19. scandalli-polifoniko XIV-3200$

  20. I have 2 piano accordians that I would like to sell, They are from the estate of my late mother.
    I would like to forward photos of each to best help you with my request. Except I am not sure how.

  21. I have a Pollina (made in Italy), 120 bass, 5 switches on left side and 10 switches on right. It’s approx. 55 years old and in excellent condition. I also has a velvet lined case for it
    Can you give me it’s approx. value?

  22. Hello. I have recently acquired a Delicia Carlo II accordion, and was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find more information about it, as I can’t seem to find anything specifically online. I can tell you that the inscription on the bottom is “made in czechoslovakia OTM 73/7 08925/ It is a beautiful opalescent blue color. I have no clue about these instruments. I appreciate any information you can bestow upon me.


  23. i have a hohner accordian about 1 foot long, and 8 inches high. it has a silver tag that says steel reeds on it. i cannot find the modle number. it is made of wood and has a lether strap. it has 10 buttons on top, and 4 buttons on the front. it is in fair condition, can anyone help me idenify it or tell me what its worth? thatnk u!

  24. I could only find the number 463 stamped and engraved on this yellow pearlescent 7 switch piano accordian with a long chrome bar above the 120 bass buttons. I would like to have the manufacturer and value of this piece. It is in very good condition.


  26. I DO have an antique accordion I would like to sell. According to Ken at it is from the 40s. It looks good, the bellows appear to be in good shape and it sounds good when I mess around with playing it.

    I’m a tuba player and am in more demand at accordion gatherings than I would be if I were to learn the instrument itself.

    I have pictures, one thing Ken did not tell me was who the manufacturer was. It simply says “Humana” on the front, “Made In Italy” on the back.

    Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

  27. i have larry pino accordian in mint condition if interested email me it has all original music, case etc probably 40 yrs old i need to sell it asap.

  28. My Great, Grandfather owned this “squeeze Box”
    I inherited it and would like to know its value. Not for
    Sale, I have no ideat the value. Could you help me?

  29. I have a Hohner Accordeon Marca RegtRd
    \Made in Germany. Left to me by my Great Grandfather
    from Maybe, Michigan. My Mother, who is 79 remembers it when she was 19. Mint condition, even leather straps and surface. Can you help us ?

  30. I have a Scandalli, M 384/71 Made in italy. I don’t know much about it. It belonged to an old friend. Can you help me determine the value of it. Thank you.

  31. i have a pancotti macerata piano accordion that my granddad left me it’s been sitting in my garage for 10 years and it is in all right condition since my pop brought it over over 30 years ago.i want to know how much it’s worth and where i could get it valued or sold in sydney australia

  32. Hello, this is a response to the above message from “Michael February 24,2010”: I might be interested in your DEMIANENKO accordion. Please contact me! Alain

  33. I am adding my e-address to the above message about the DEMIANENKO accordion:

  34. I am looking at buying my first accordion and just wondering if i found the right one its a Busoni any idea if its a good model or what they go for. Thanks

  35. I am 93 years old. during wii I was stationed in germany the war was winding down squad was looting out enamy straglers.all the homes were davastated ;one of my men called me ; told me discoverd an accordion in the closet .with case I took it and shipped it to N.Y USA where I lived .I have kept since 1945 ..its a hohner 120 base white pearl no leaks in the bellows sounds great’ learned to play it a little. incidently was in command so I had first choice .the model no. oerd mb.t is probably older than 65 yrs old mr . c p.s. the town was dusseldorf

  36. I just acquired an accordion and I dont know anything about them. It is a piano accordion with 120 bass keys and all it says on it that I can find is Dyno. Does anybody know anything about Dyno?
    Thank you!!!!

  37. i don’t know but i have one for sell get up with me..

  38. I saved a piano accordion today from the dump. My Dad was throwing away my great uncles Accordian , it has our family name on it but no other. is there a way I can find out the brand of it? Thanks for any help

  39. Can’t find any info. on a Hohner Verdi IIIM accordion,120bass, piano, red bowling ball color,no serial # that I can find, condition fair.

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  41. I have a Baby Blue Marotta Accordion made in Italy that was purchased in 1960’s. One owner original in a box. Who or where can I get a price this?

  42. Need information on an accordion given to me years ago . It has wonderful sound and I play it in church . I just love it !

    Pancordion Inc.
    Patent in USA
    N.244868 2 and Italy N 435343
    Made in Italy

  43. I would like to know what my accordion is worth..It is in almost perfect condition. I do believe the name of it is a “Crucianelli” made in Italy. by Pancordion Inc..If you could help me out I would appreciate it.

  44. Regendoro crestone in perfect condition. Italian made. Whats it worth?

  45. my mum wants to sell an accordian/squeeze box which was left to her by her dad, it is a petrio? in original case, how much would she get for it?

  46. I have a beautiful BARRIE piano accordion. Has 120 bassis red pearlized beautiful condition. no crackes in the bellows has tiny bit of wear where person who played it worn a ring. has hard case and velvet inside also a cover has some sort of attachment that may be to hold music? I can’t find any info on Barrie accordions.the number onthe side is 26213, any info would be of great does play nice sound but ofcourse i don’t know how to play this instrument.thanks for any help.

  47. i ahve an old croft piano accordion, please tell me about this instrument it’s really fancy

  48. i have a1940’s 41-120 settimio soprani good condition would like to know its value.

  49. Hi;
    My mother just dugout of the closet a Sonart by DeLuca accordion (made in Italy) It says Petite, It’s from the early 60’s, it was my older sisters. There is a number on it 2964. does anyboby have any idea how much it’s worth? Thanks in advance.

  50. Hello, I just dug out a Diamond accordion from a closet. It used to belong to my husbands mother and they have had it for 30 years. It is in excellent condition and says it was made in Italy. I think it has 2 shift levers. Could you tell me aproximately what it might be worth?

  51. I have a old accordion, with the only identification that it was made in Italy, #318, Vivo and Detroit on front, red pearl color finish, 2 levers with 24 white keys, 17 black. Can you provide me with any information regarding the manufacturer. It appears at least 50+ years old.

  52. hi i have a 120 base piano key accordion its a marinucci dont know alot about accordions so cant tell you much more about it was wondering if you could let me know how much its worth thank you

  53. I have an old S. Soprani accordian that was my grandfathers. I see all kinds on the internet but I cannot find the excat one that I have. There is a number on the back that reads C1664. If anyone knows anything about this accordian, please get in tough with me.

  54. I have a piano accordian Worldmaster 80 bass and I would like to now the value, many thanks

  55. I have a World Master 80 bass piano accordian and I would like to know the value

  56. I have a panocordion vidoe that I am trying to figure out how much it is worth. It is black and green and has 2 Bason, 2 oboe and 1 master key above the keyboard.

    Any advise would be much appreciated

  57. I have 1940’s Settimio Soprani left by american airman during the war. mother of pearl 120 buttons 41 key’s, im try to find out its value

  58. buonasera, ho una fisarmonica super sesta LX scandalli 120 bassi, 41 tasti 13 registri + 2 e 9 ai bassi. aquistata nel 1978 sette milioni e cinquecentomila. per favore desidererei saper il valore attuale. grazie giuseppe

  59. I found a mint condition accordion in my dads home. It is a Sonart by De Luca. Does anyone know what it is worth. I would like to sell it. It looks like it has never been used. Do they even make them any more?

  60. I have a Titano Accordian model 8045, that was my grandfathers. It’s 50+yrs old and in mint condition. How much is it worth? I would like to sell it. On the back it has” Made in Italy, Stroller model 8045″

  61. I have two accordions left to me by my mother. One has the name Beaver on it and the other just reads
    Artitone. I am not sure of the spelling. Would need to check how it is on the accordion. Was just wondering what they may be worth and where I can sell them.

  62. Hi,

    I have a large Parrot piano accordian, with leather straps and the orginal hard back case, although one of the clasps on the case is broken.

    Does anyone have an idea of what it is worth!!

  63. I have an old one too I just found…it is a blue pearl type without a name…but does have the numbers 5022 stamped on it with made in italy and “special for Gigante” No other markings on it excpet for the crest made in italy above the keys. If anyone can help, please advise.

  64. A good friend of mine has ended up with an accordian in excellant condition. It has the name “frankie” on the front, made in Italy is on the back

  65. I really need some advise on how much this accordion would be. I tried looking for the brand name on the stuff you posted but i couldn’t find it. please email me back.

  66. Have a M.Hohner 1904 Gold Metal with case,cant really find the value on it ,no serial number even tho I have read that older models do not have one.I would think one could figure it out.

  67. I have a accordion. It was made in Germany, I would just like to know a little bit more about it. It’s called the Playboy. It’s made I would and Kokan material. It has buttons for keys. It has a emblem inside the emblem is B S H, and it is green

  68. I have a red Empress accordion….has piano keys and many buttons. Plays well. Anyone know its worth?

  69. I have a mother of pearl pancordion/crucianelli accordion 25C with keys. Made in Italy; keys for different instruments (oboe, organ, basson, melodian, clarinet, and piccolo)

    Does anyone know what it is worth???

  70. have used marotta united acordian good shape

  71. I bought a Paolo Soprani Bass 120 button accordion. It is in EXCELLENT condition. It has Mother of Pearl Keys and the keys that have the diff instruments. The bellows have awesome compression. It says Special Accordion on the medal grate. Can someone tell me how old it might be?

  72. I have my grandfathers Catelli Organetto. I know nothing about it and I would like to get rid of it. The case is not in the greatest shape but it is. It does work, I tried it out as best as I could beings I don’t play. Can anyone help me with this??

  73. Oops its a Castelli Organetto.

  74. I have an Butti accordion. It has I. Dolci in mother of pearl and Butti NY engraved. I believe this is a piano accordion. It’s in the original case. Can someone tell me the age and history?

  75. I have a Accordion that has the name Tonality on it. It’s made in Italy. That’s all I have, It was given to me by my grandfather. I would like some infomation on it. Thanks

  76. I have a vintage crucianelli pancordian. i have no idea model # or year. the pattent number said 1948 but doubt that’s the year. can anyone help me with make model and value?????? thanx im clueless

  77. I have a Vintage 1940s Scandalli Accordian. It’s a piano accordian in beautiful condition and in great working condition. A family friend used it as a child in the 40’s for accordian lessons. Please email me for photos.

  78. I have an accordian – Universal Model 45115, purchased new in May of 1979. It is in excellent condition, in original box. it was purchased for $3,195 back in 79. I was wondering where I could sell it and how much I could get for it.

  79. i have a concertina in perfect condition–nrver been used-had it for 40 years-made in italy-bought at an estate sale-two rows of high notes on the right–tworows of low notes on the left.would be interested in selling-but dont know the value.still in the origional box.

  80. I have a Paolo Soprani 25 key, 24 bass in red marble look. It has an ‘S’ in a half starburst with lines emulating from that and back to front S’s at ends of widths left & right. Can you help me identify this for me please. It is like new but I suspect it has been stored. It comes in a fitted hard black case with leather look finish and red lining.

  81. I have Universal Accordion mine, new in 1959. It is Model 48114 and made in Italy. It has ten treble stops, full master wrist master switch, and a damper control so you have 20 different treble sounds in addition to Master. Bass has 4 stops–1st and 4th are the same. My parents purchased it in 1959 and I have my winning ribbons and entries from Western States accordion festivals for the years beginning 1958-1962. It is in very, very good condition and I can still play it but it is heavy! Beautiful white, creamy color with signature blue bellows. I don’t need to sell it but am thinking about it. If you might be interested please let me know.

  82. I have a CARMEN accordion, it is mother of pearl and wood, with blue letters and blue floral design. I think my father bought it in the 40s or 50s but I’m not. I have pictures if necessary. I am just wondering how much it might be worth. Thank you!

  83. I have a vintage Sonola Accordion, Rivoli – Little Maestro, Model LM. It is in excellent condition and in its case. The case is a bit worn, but accordian looks great! White pearled look.

    Would you be able to tell me approximately how much it is worth? Thank you.

  84. I have a united master accordion. I do not know what it is worth. Can you please help. it was my granfather’s in good condition.



  85. i have a vintage video accordion. it is a pearly green color. my great grandfather brought it from Italy when he came to the United States. I am not sure of the year. i am trying to find out how much it would be valued at. it is in working condition. has the case and strap. the strap is a little worn due to him playing it. could somebody tell me the value please? is it worth selling or keeping?

  86. My father brought me his old accordion and I have no idea what to do with it. I’m sure because of the age of it should be worth a little bit of money. Do you have any suggestions on what to do or where to go? I live in Manchester NH.

    Thank you,
    Cindy Lavigne

  87. I have a Dobren accordion from the 1970’s any idea what it is worth or does anyone want to buy it.

  88. I inherited my fathers accordion. I do not know anything about it except it says it is a pollina made in Italy. mother of pearl 120 bass full size piano accordion. Could you tell more about it and what it may be worth?
    I could send a picture if you would like to see it. it is is mint condition. and beautiful
    Thanks LeeAnn

  89. If you send me some pictures of your accordions or tell me little more about it, I may be able to tell you how much does your accordion worth.
    Thank you

  90. i’ve inherited a 7 inch mogar accordion. It’s black with stones making up the namr on the front. it has piano keys. tried looking for info online without sucess. not sure of age

  91. I have come into the posession of an old wood concertina. The only thing I can make out is Italy. Leather hand straps. In excellent condition for its apparent age. Who do I contact to get an idea of its value?

  92. I have a Titanlo convertor Grand with organette tube chamber 7 treble and 4 Bass
    Model Grand for sale
    Can anyone tell me it’s value. Good condition
    Has case.

  93. I have a Gerhart full size 120 bass Accordian in mint condition. It is pearl white. I inherited this from my sister and would like to know the value of it. Model # 507

  94. I inherited an Gerhart Model #507 Pearl white accordian, in mint condition, can you tell me how much is it worth and what I might be able to sell it for? Thank you.

  95. i have an hohner Mignoni accordion ,,,it’s at least 50 years old, i was wondering how much it is worth ?.it’s in beautiful condition …

  96. I have an old Hohner mignoni accordion, and wondered how much it is worth.It’s more than 50 years old,and in good condition

  97. I have a Iorio Accorgan “G” Series Concert Model 120
    Bass with electronic amplifier and generating cab. w/
    volume foot pedal in excellent conditioon like new.
    What is it worth and how do I go about selling it?

  98. I have a hohner mignon 1, just curious about how old and how much its worth. It seems to be in great condition. Please help.

  99. I have a Hohner Atlantic 111 accordion that has been in my possession for about 60 years. The serial number is 000077 and the accordion has 120 buttons and 24 keys. Hohner in Glen Allen sent me a quote of about $3500 to refurbish it. What would its value be after refurbishing? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated

  100. I have a Crucianelli accordian Pancordion Inc. Patent in U.S.A. N. 2448682 and Italy N. 435343 made in Italy in the corner its like stamped the # 15945 would love to know the worth has straps little worn but great condition!? Thank You for any information!

  101. I have old accordion HOHNER 120 BASS. I believe that it was made before world war 2, and I have an accordion with buttons KUCLER, and I know, that it was made before world war 2, because man, who made this accordion died in war.

    Can I send someone some pictures of accordions to tell me, just approximately how much are they worth?

    Boris from Slovenia

  102. I have an very old accordion

  103. I have an excelsior gold. mod. 960 professional. how much is it worth. what can I realistically get for it.

  104. I have a 1950’s La Tosca by Gretsch in good condition; has straps and very good box. Any idea on its value and how can I sell it? Thanks.

  105. I have a1920 honhor button accordian with reads & spade in aridunal box top condiston

  106. I have a Universal 120 I think…. How do I identify this accordion’s maker? I would Guess it’s made by Universal, but how do I tell the model etc…? I see only a couple numbers stamped under the lacquer, they are 53E544U, does this mean it’s a 1953 Accordion maybe? I have photo’s if necessary. Thanks for your time, and Happy Easter.

  107. Hi

    I have a 120 base HOHNER TANGO VM Piano Accordian. Numbers stamped on the back.”300501″

    What can you tell me about it. Can you quote an approximate age and value?

    Thank you,


  108. hi, I want to buy a settimio soprani artist vi, or scandalli super vi, from the late 50’s or early 60’s. either one will do. however, I’m looking of one of their simpler version. the one that has 6 bass switch/coupler/register not 11. if you have one of them for sale, please contact me at: thank you

  109. I have a Pasquale Ficosecco (the maker of the first box acc.) box acc. that I won at an auction. It is the butt of many jokes because I paid so much for it . It still sounds great! Will I have the last laugh?

  110. I have a Cordovox I would like to sell. It was my father’s and is in good shape (he played it until he got really ill) It has an ID tag that says N592/19 Made in Italy. Has plug ins (2) to hook up to something electronic. Has keys to make other instrument sounds such as flute and others. I have photos available.
    Thank you.

  111. I have a Garena accordion the only markings on it are the numbers 684360 and Germany is it worth anything not knowing anything about accordions I would say its in far condition

  112. refering back to my question about the Garena that should read( Carena)