Garfield, Why Can’t You Be Funny?

Jim asks Liz to polka.  Hilarity ensues.

As a matter of fact, Garfield, polka-karaoke night sounds awesome. I’ll bring the accordion, you bring the Lil’ Wally records. (Thanks, Micah.)


  1. And that’s why polka lovers rarely have dates!


  2. Garfield IS funny, you’re just not reading it correctly. You seem to think the joke is that Jon likes Polka and the American people shall laugh. You think it’s ironic, but it’s not. Jon loves Polka. Look at the smiles in the last panel, Garfield and Jon Love Polka. I envision years of Jon and Liz singing crooning ballads to Garfiled as he dances. Also, Liz’s cringe is not from her fear of fun loving Polka sing alongs, no. Look at those speed lines behind Jon, he’s attacking her with a hat, and appears ready to bite off her head in his love of accordian music. That or she’s unhappy because she hadn’t been warned is not wearing her Polka clothing, hence trying to cover her ill advised tube top in shame. Permanent Monday shall show you the way.

  3. Nerds!

    Permanent Monday Rulz!!!!!111