25 Songs: An Accordion Advent Calendar

Longtime readers have probably noticed the decline in our posting frequency the past few months. (Work + baby = no time for Let’s Polka.) But this month, we promise to make up for it. Today we’re kicking off “25 Songs” — an accordion advent calendar featuring MP3 downloads of awesome accordion tracks every day from now until Christmas. It’s our way of wishing you a happy holiday season and an opportunity to showcase some our favorite accordion-toting artists from around the world.

Our selections won’t always be holiday-themed, but we’ll kick off the month with Cafe Accordion Orchestra’s cha-cha version of “Winter Wonderland,” from their excellent Cafe Christmas album. Listen for the sounds of one of Minnesota’s hardest-working accordionists: Dan “Daddy Squeeze” Newton.


  1. creative and nicely done with a few runs and obligata.

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