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Red Hook, New York


This infinitely adjustable accordion back strap is easy on, easy off, and easy to adjust while wearing. It is comfortable, sturdy, and good for your back, too. Construction: durable straps and quick-release buckle. One size fits most. The maximum extension 20 inches. XL sizes available.

These accordion back straps are designed and constructed by an accordion player — me! And I use mine everyday. I could tell you more about why I think they are so much better than any other choice of back strap but I think you might be more interested in hearing what other folks have to say:

“The accordion backstrap arrived in today’s mail. It certainly is easy to wear and feels much better than my old backstrap with its metal pins digging into me. It also is very easy to adjust while playing. Great product, Elena!”

– Joe Maniscalco, Fairfax, Virginia

“I love it! I love the packaging too. I love that there are no metal pieces, I always disliked that and have in the past scratched my accordions with that part of the back strap. It is cool looking and soooo easy to use. I am going to enjoy using it over and over again. Thank you so much!!! I honestly think that if every accordion player could see this they would all buy them! on that note, I would like to buy two of them for my other accordions!”

– Zoe Zak, New Paltz, New York

“This accordion back strap is easily adjustable. While wearing you can quickly readjust the fit. The cross strap can be comfortably tightened or loosened as needed. I truly love it!”

– Sara Parrilli, Monterey, Massachusetts

“This backstrap is a must for all accordion players. It supports the mid-back area and removes muscular strain. It maintains your center of gravity in a way which prevents problems in the shoulders, neck, and low back. Your body will thank you for it.”

– Dr. Nori Connell, Chiropractor and Music Lover

“I received the back strap Wednesday, promptly attached it to my 72 bass accordion, played for three hours in a jam session that evening, then a couple hours for a charity fund-raiser yesterday. It worked out perfectly. Due to a shoulder injury from many, many years ago, I lack the flexibility to fasten a backstrap in the traditional mid-back location. Your design allows me to attach the back strap a bit lower on the shoulder straps, extend the adjustable end to allow for easy connection, and then grab the loose end of the strap and cinch it up as tight as I’d like. Then I can reach back and simply push on the connector to loosen it up. Once again, my compliments on your design…easy to attach to the accordion, easy to fasten, easy to release. Wonderful! I previously cobbled together a leather backstrap for my 120 bass accordion that is working out reasonably well. Even though it took a lot of time and effort and trial-and-error to get it just right, I’m considering junking it for another one of yours. So don’t be surprised if you see another order coming in from me sometime in the future.”

– Mike McKown, Columbia, MO


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