About the Site

Let’s Polka is a weblog devoted to all things accordion. We write about the latest accordion news and events, new music releases and reviews (any style as long as there’s an accordion!), and much more.


Anna and Chris at FebtoberfestAnna and Chris Saccheri (that’s us) are the primary contributors to Let’s Polka. We met through our mutual love of the accordion and have been main squeezes ever since. We aren’t professional musicians, but we love playing the accordion and we’re looking forward to learning more about our favorite instrument through our writing for this site.

Anna has been playing since 1992, after a friend’s mom agreed to teach her everything she knew. Some early recordings of those songs can be found on her accordion site. Later, inspired by ‘Weird’ Al, she began composing silly songs. Her accordion playing appeared in a radio commercial and an album released by The Corner Laughers.

Chris has been playing since 1995, when he started playing with the (in)famous Stanford Band. He cites John Linnell of They Might Be Giants as his inspiration for learning to play, and shares the same hometown (Fresno, CA) as accordion legend Dick Contino.

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