Accordion Pops Orchestra Clubs

Meets at:

Imperial Music Center
48 Appleby Avenue
South River, New Jersey


The largest professional accordion orchestra of its kind on the East Coast, the Accordion Pops Orchestra consists entirely of accordions plus percussion instruments. In addition, the orchestra often accompanies guest soloists including pianists and vocal artists.

Utilizing scores from a full symphonic orchestra, the players are normally divided into four sections that provide melody and harmony. In addition, the orchestra utilizes a single bass accordion with special reeds tuned to reach a lower octave.

Most of the twenty-five plus members of the orchestra are professional musicians or teachers. Many are soloists in their own right. The orchestra performs a repertoire of light classical, Broadway, big band and popular music. It has entertained audiences at concert halls, county fairs, festivals, schools, and playhouses at many locations primarily in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York.


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