Dee Langley

Dee Langley Teachers


Minneapolis, Minnesota


When Dee Langley first played the accordion at the age of four, she could not have known that her love for the instrument and her passion for music would eventually reap her numerous first place honors, take her to Europe, and earn her several guest appearances as accordionist with the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra.

As a professional, Dee has participated in seminars and symposiums on accordion styles and techniques in Chatel, France and Klingenthal, East Germany. She also has performed with the Dolina Polish Folk Dancers and Ethnic Dance Theatre as well as officiating as Director of The EDT Folk Orchestra. Concert tours of Poland, France and the Czech Republic, respectively, being a few of the highlights of her tenures with these companies. On several occasions, Dee has been asked to perform accordion works not only with the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, but also the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, Philomusica, The St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra and the Northwoods Classical Players (members of the Chicago Symphony). She has also premiered compositions with the Ancia Quartet, the Minneapolis Philharmonic and Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra and has worked with contemporary composers including, Peter Blauvelt, Mary Ellen Childs, Becky Dale, Shelley Hanson, Mark Hellem, Carleton Macy, Carole Saline and Kim Sherman to expand the visibility of classical accordion with other instruments.

Dee Langley currently is the President of the Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International and a member of the nationally based performing trio, Accordion Brats. She lives in Minneapolis where she also performs with Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI) and Wild Hollow. Ms. Langley is founder of the NE Accordion Festival being the recipient of their 2002 Lifetime Accordion Award and she teaches accordion in the Metro area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.


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