Linda Warren

Linda Warren Teachers


Corryton, Tennessee


Why not play a musical instrument that will put a smile on your face? The accordion will do that to you and to those around you. The accordion is a naturally happy instrument. It looks good! It sounds good! It makes everyone feel good.

I love to teach accordion lessons. There is no musical instrument quite like the accordion. Once you put it on your lap and wrap those straps around your shoulders, you’re ready to make music. It’s party time. All eyes will be on you. After all, how many great accordionists do you know? Not many in this country and that’s a shame. The accordion is popular in many countries. Italians love it, as do Germans, Mexicans, Spanish, French, Irish, Canadians, Cajuns and Chinese. All kinds of music can be played on it, from Polkas to Classical.

The accordion is my favorite musical instrument. I play it well and would enjoy teaching you to play a truly versatile musical instrument. The accordion is fun to play! Let me put a smile on your face and on mine! I’ll teach you to be a great musician, an accordionist!


(865) 922-8770

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