According to Gordie – Album Review

According to Gordie - Album CoverI recently purchased the album According to Gordie by Canadian accordionist Gordie Fleming. Gordie began playing at the age of five, toured extensively throughout his life, and became esteemed for his mastery of jazz accordion. During his career, he played with several famous jazz musicians and recorded songs for radio and film. He played his accordion to the end, and after his death in 2002, his daughter, Heidi Fleming, compiled and produced his album from historical recordings and radio performances.

All of the songs on this album are delightful, ranging from mellow and contemplative to upbeat and lively. Fleming is an amazing musician and his command of the accordion is superb. My favorite songs are ‘Parisian Thoroughfare’ and ‘Sunnyside Beach,’ which paint fantastic musical landscapes with nimbly-fingered melodies.

You can hear samples of the music or buy the album online at the Justin Time Records website.

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  1. We played some of this on our show/podcast January 18, 2008. Local squeezer Ana Bon-Bon brought it in. Delightful indeed!