We’re Live, So Let’s Polka!

Welcome to Let’s Polka, our new weblog devoted to all things accordion. We’re Chris and Anna, and in the coming months, you’ll find us writing about:

  • Worldwide accordion news and events
  • New music releases and reviews
  • Photos, videos, and audio clips of accordions in action
  • And a whole lot more!

Of course, we’ll be looking to you — the smart, savvy, accordion-loving reader — to let us know when there’s squeezebox news in your neighborhood. Just put a note in our Suggestion Box and we’ll share your news with the world!

Thanks, and keep squeezing!

– Chris and Anna

1 Comment:

  1. hey chris & anna! nice site! i’ve already added its rss feed to my mozilla livebookmarks. i’m looking forward to reading more! :)