Muenster (Texas) Germanfest This Weekend

The town of Muenster, TX, is holding its 31st annual Germanfest this weekend, an event “where Texas hospitality and German customs meet.” Now that might sound like an odd combination, but Muenster was founded around the turn of the century by German immigrants, whose descendants now celebrate their heritage with a festival filled with food, fun, and, of course, music.

Events include a 5k/15k fun run, a bicycle rally, a sausage and rib cook-off (save me some!), and a number of other competitions including Nagelshlagen — where a spike is hammered into a tree stump by contestants to see who can hammer the spike into the stump with the fewest swings. If you’re looking for accordion tunes, you won’t be disappointed either — performers at this year’s Germanfest include Brave Combo, The Polka Kings (from Lawton, OK), Alpenfest, and more.

It’s also worth mentioning that admission is free if you arrive in “complete ethnic German costume,” so break out that lederhosen and get over to the Germanfest this weekend!


  1. This is my first time going to the fest with some friends. I would like to know how much the admission is since we don’t own the lederhosens. Thank you for your assistance and time.

  2. According to the Germanfest website, tickets are $6 per person and children 8 and under are free.

  3. Considering i never been to the fest. People say that “you can drink all the beer you want thats there for a price of a beer ticket” or B.Y.O.B. (bring your on beer). So basically im asking how much are the beer tickets and if its all you can drink beer? Thank you.

  4. Nope, its not all you can drink…(I wish) but a ticket is around 2 or 3 dollars a ticket for a cup of beer. They have margaretta’s under the tent! YOu can’t bring your own into the fest, but you can tailagate and drink your own there! Hope this helps…if you want to get drunk, bring lots of money!!!!!!

  5. Please remind me of when your festival takes place in 2008, Thank you, patti

  6. Please put me on your mailing list and give me driving directions from Flower Mound, Texas

  7. Need to know Fee and date of this year festivals
    willl bring a bus of senior group again this year

  8. What is price for entrance fee? this year 2011
    Will arive Saturday April 18th.

    Thank you
    David Coleman
    Roamin’ Catholic Tours
    Dallas Diocesan Seniors

  9. Hello: I went to last years festival- April 2010. I entered the metric bicycle ride. It was ride that had a lot of beautiful sceenery. However, it was a brutal ride with constant hills to climb against 30-35 mph winds.
    I believe that the entry fee is 5.00 a person. That will get you into the park where the carnival, food, arts and crafts, gifts for purchase, and a few live bands. Don’t forget the great German food and beer and get the out of this world struddel. Don.t forget to go to the main food store on the east side of the main street. It has a large variety of German foods and sample some German beer which I did after my ride. There is a rib and sausage cookoff this year. Everything is pretty easy to find since the town is small 1500-2000 in population. Parking can be hard to find but not impossible. I had no problem- I rode my bike. The bike ride starts at 11:00 a.m. and the festival gets into full swing starting at 4. Das guten

  10. I have gone to this fest since 1978. It just gets better.
    On Saturday about noon, we listened to Morgan & her boyfriends. They blew me way !
    Could you please give someway to contact these wonderful misicians.
    I would like to have them puit on a show for a party me and my wife are putting together.

    Tom & Karen Davis