Ed Fallon’s Squeezebox Politics

You can feel it in the air — the sound of attack ads, the smell of mud slinging, the sight of old men kissing babies — it’s political primary season! In Iowa, though, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed Fallon is spreading his message while accompanied by his own accordion soundtrack. Fallon has been playing since he was seven (taught by his grandmother) and even took 2nd place at the 2005 Iowa State Fair accordion competition (he’s actually won twice before). Of course, we at Let’s Polka don’t generally endorse political candidates, but having an accordion-playing governor couldn’t be all bad, could it?


  1. […] leader taking on an out of touch, geriatric incumbent, it could just as easily be depicted as an accordion playing, Kucinich supporter running against a war hero and family farmer. Both are valid story lines and it […]

  2. Ed Fallon is back! And running for the 3rd congressional district. I have always been a big fan of Ed’s and would like to post a link


    On this link you can vote for Ed and help him in his quest to be our newest congressman!