Flickr Find: 1950s Accordion Boy

Nice Accordion
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This Year’s Love
I came across this photo — probably from the late 1950s/early 1960s — and couldn’t help but wonder if this boy kept playing into adulthood, or if he was forced to take lessons, quit a short time later, and this is the only known photo of him smiling and holding the accordion at the same time. Either way, he’s got the right idea with the bow tie — regular ties always get caught in the bellows.


  1. I love that pic!

    I want to correct their misspelled “accordian” tag! I think that misspelling is more common than we realize. How do we tell the world it’s spelled “accordion”?

  2. It so happens that Accordion Guy, whose blog has an unfortunate amount of stuff that is not about accordions, and therefore pales in comparison to this one, shows how to investigate exactly how common the misspelling is:
    Sadly, looking the up to date trends don’t indicate that the correct spelling is gaining:
    Though I haven’t attempted to understand google’s normalizing process, it appears that the English speaking countries are the ones to blame.

  3. Clearly we need some sort of awareness campaign to wipe out “accordian” (it pains me just to type that) once and for all. Maybe some PSAs or a piece on 60 Minutes would do the trick.

  4. I know this post is over a year old, but I just discovered it during a search to see if my photos were posted anywhere.

    If anyone reads this comment then here’s some history: the boy is my father, this was taken in the late 50’s. He is half-German, half-Serbian and his father (the Serb) had his kids all play an instrument whether they wanted to or not. My dad’s music teacher told him that he should tell his father to save his money–he wasn’t a very good player! But to give my dad some credit, he just wasn’t too enthused about it to give it much effort. He still has a couple accordions but I can’t remember the last time he took one out to play it–he used to on occasion when my sisters and I were younger. Maybe I can even take a new picture mocking this old one.

  5. Thanks Rebekah! Your dad sounds a lot like my uncle, who’s about the same age and was also forced to learn to play the accordion. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos of him. (I think he had them all destroyed.)