Joss Baselli’s Accordeon 2000

Jo Basile (also known as Joss Baselli) was one of France’s most popular accordionists in the 1950s and 60s. Rising to fame as the principal accompanist to French chanteuse Patachou, Basile later put out his own records as well. Some were formulaic (Rome with Love, Rio with Love… I think you’re getting the picture), but others (like his album with Brazilian jazz legends Bossa Tres) show what a virtuoso he really was.

Accordeon 2000 was a departure for Basile — an album full of futuristic originals with bizarre titles like “Pas de Camembert sur la Lune” and “Galaxie Valse.” Recorded with an electronic Cavagnolo Majorvox accordion, the resulting sound is far more like an organ than accordion, and helps creates a groovy, spaced-out vibe. Picture yourself in a flying car while listening to this track from Accordeon 2000:

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  1. Great stuff. I followed the links too, but for some reason I can’t download stuff from rapidshare. :(

  2. Worked fine for me: clicked “free”, waited about 50 seconds for the countdown to finish, typed in the coded word, clicked “download from…”, and waited 12 minutes or so for the 61.5 MB file to download.

  3. What a surprise that the electronic Majorvox accordion sounds NOTHING like an accordian! Read that it was invented in 1965, and it was the first electronic accordion with transistors. What does it look like? Has anyone ever seen one of these things? Interesting.

  4. This page has some info about the history of Cavognolo accordions and includes some photos. That’s all I could find, though.

  5. Someone who can help me to download this link:
    Joss Baselli’s Accordeon 2000, or upload it in another server for me and many accordion music lovers.

    I have tried with Rapid-Share, impossible!

    Any suggestion?

  6. Desde muy niña mi padre le gustaba la musica de Joss Basseli, el oia un Lp. que sellama EN SUEÑOS DE FRANCIA, de Joss Basseli y su orqueta Musetti, me gustaria obtener esta musica en Cd, no se si ustedes puedan ayudarme abteneralo.
    Muchas gracias,
    Patricia Gutierrez
    Desde el pais mas lindo del mundo Guatemala, pais de la eterna primavera.

  7. El disco ENSUEÑOS DE FRANCIA lo puede descargar en (No existe en CD)

    Por mi parte sigo buscando Joss Baselli Accordéon 2000. ¡HELP!