Lou Jacklich at Camp AccordionLand

Anna and I just got back from a fun-filled day at Camp AccordionLand. (Thanks again to Henri Ducharme for organizing it!) I’ll post a full report and photos soon but, in the meantime, I want to share this video of Lou Jacklich playing “Granada” at the camp. Listening to Lou play and talk about his lengthy show business career was one of the day’s highlights; he also led an “accordion dissection” workshop that drew a crowd.


  1. Fabulous! Thank you for posting the video. Next year I’ll have to attend.

  2. I googled lou Jacklich and came up with site. It was great to see Lou still playing and entertaining. Lou was my Accordion teacher 30 years ago…Please tell him Hello and provide him my E-mail. I have recently started playing again.

  3. This is my grandpa and he’s awesome. He use to give me piano lessons. Thought I’d leave something just saying it’s great to see him although the video is a little old.

  4. Thanks Sarah! We had a blast listening to him talk and play. He was definitely one of the highlights of the camp.

  5. Hi Lou, this is Cindy’s sister Michelle. I have always enjoyed your wonderful playing. We know Phylis is watching you with a smile. Loved all of those Christmas’ we spent with you all. You are one in a MILLION!!!!

  6. I was just out here surfing and found this guy. He is still with us? Living in San Lorenzo by “Tot Town” park? I know that “San Lorenzo Music Center” is long defunct and torn down,a sad day in my life. I studied accordion with him from early ’60’s until early 70’s and he was a big influence on my life. I still dig jazz(totally missed the rock scene)thanks to him and his work with improvisation. Yes, I still have his gold album with his modern electronic accordion.

  7. I studied with Lou for my entire childhood and most of my teenage years at the San Leandro studio. (I am now 55). I went on to play professionally – but then didn’t touch my accordion for 25 years. Got lured back into playing a couple years ago with a klezmer band for fun once a month and having a blast. Before I studied with him I took lessons from Pam (?) Gianotti when there was a studio in Castro Valley on Castro Valley Blvd. It later moved over where McDonald’s is now. Then moved over to Lou. Also was in the Accordion Band in Castro Valley at the Adobe Center when Sam Totaro led it. Competed in the No. Calif. Accordion Assocation festivals way back when in Squaw Valley, Sacramento etc.. Lou was a phenomenal musician. He taught me classical music (Hungarian Rhapsody), Maleguena, Flight of the Bumble Bee and so much more – but his greatest gift was teaching me chord progressions. I have been able to play both accordion and piano using fake books and improvising with other musicians because of those chord drills. If his granddaugter is reading this are you Pam Jacklich’s daughter? How is Lou? I hope he is still with us. I’d love to connect with Peter Luchesi whose parents owned a pizza parlor in Oakland and then Pleasanton who I played duets with & performed at their restaurant etc… You can facebook me at Carol Pinckney Parker if you have info on Lou.