Back from the North End

North End Music
Anna and I just got back from a long weekend in Boston, where we enjoyed plenty of great Italian food, coffee, and hospitality in Boston’s North End. We also ran into a few accordionists in the neighborhood, including this guy who was playing on Hanover Street this morning. We tossed a couple dollars in his case and remind our readers to do the same whenever you see another accordionist busking. Support your fellow squeezers!


  1. As a guy who can sometimes be found busking with my Corona II at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, I appreciate your comments. This summer in Halifax, I supported two buskers, both on the piano accordion.

  2. I was wondering if how I could play and get a job on the gondola in boston please reply My name is Rick Silvestro and Ive play Accordion since I was 8yrs old and play it well I actually played at my Honey moon in Venice and got offered a job There

  3. Rick, I’d get in touch with Gondola di Venezia — they do gondola tours on the Charles River in Boston.