Bizarro Slovenian Polka Video

I don’t know where to begin with this one — it’s a video for a Slovenian (I think) group named Skuter. The song is called “Na Pomoc” and can best be described as cheesy polka-pop, featuring accordion and synthesizer melodies over a thumping 2/4 beat. The video, though, takes a page straight out of the hip-hop video playbook — a pool party with bikini babes gyrating around fancy cars — but adds a twist in the form of… tractors. Yup, tractors.

A handful of Let’s Polka stickers to anyone who can provide a English translation of the lyrics, or just explain what the hell is going on here.


  1. I have at least a partial answer for you; I was looking for a full English translation for the same, but DID manage to find this on one site (was posted as GUEST, and is not my words, so I quote):
    “The song is Slovenian, it seems. If you find a more accurate translation, let me know; esp. of: O punce moje drage, osel enkrat gre na led. No doubt I have more of a transliteration than a translation. The group is known as Zdravo in Germany and Skuter in Slovenia. The type is music is polka rap. Who knew such a thing existed? The title “Na Pomoč” means “save me” or “give help”. In brief, femme fatale fakes drowning to entrap lifeguard. In other words, he chased her until she caught him. The rescuer needs to be rescued. — Digibumbumbam digidigidigibam Nonsense syllables, but nice beat.”
    So do I get a sticker?:P

  2. Great sleuthing, Joe!!! Send us your mailing address and we’ll ship out those stickers ASAP. Thanks!

  3. I’m from Slovenia and have never heard of this group or video.

    “O punce moje drage, osel enkrat gre na led.”

    The literal translation of this would be:

    “Oh, my sweet girls, s donkey goes onto ice only once.”

    If you want to see a bizzare video, look at this:

  4. Wow, now that’s a bizarre video. Thanks abaris!

    Have you heard of a group called “Turbo Angels”? I think they’re Slovenian, too, and play a similar style:

  5. Sure – “Atomik Harmonik” and “Turbo Angels” are the most famous groups of this genre.

    It’s called “turbo-folk” here, and is a mixture of folk and techno.

    You can download some videos from their site here:

    If you need some translation, I’ll be glad to help you. ;)

  6. Here’s Skater with Roke Proc, video and lyrics:

  7. Here is the lyrics in english, enjoy!

    On the beach immediately came the very first moment
    She saw me, stood still as a statue
    Because here I am in charge, believes nothing will escape
    I am a big, tan, this is my macho body.

    Tries, inviting me, but I do not let
    She wants my lips, but she will not allow
    Then, brilliantly, that the body is cooled
    Eliminates the water and have heard all

    Chorus: (2x)
    I screamed aloud save, save me
    I’m waving with my hands, hey, the drowning
    When you finally grab me, now it is completely my
    The poor fellow did not know what awaits him tonight

    And another day fades have a lot of the girls
    O my dear girl, whack it on the ice again
    Are all late, but since this solver
    Caught in a trap was only me in mind now is

    I pull it out of the water and check her pulse
    Strong heart pounding, waiting for my touch only
    All of a sudden attack me and kiss me hot snaps
    The really expensive solver to help you so much

    Refrain (3x)

    On a voice shouted save, save me
    He is waving his arms about, hey, the drowning
    When you finally grab me, now it is completely my
    The poor fellow did not know what awaits him tonight