Flickr Find: Rock ‘N’ Roll Accordion Book

How to Play Rock ‘N’ Roll Accordion
uploaded by Jan Tonnesen
Here’s a blast from the past: this 1967 Palmer-Hughes accordion instruction book promises “all you need to know to play Rock ‘n’ Roll solos or play with a Rock ‘n’ Roll combo!” And if you put on 3-D glasses, you’ll discover the guy on the cover is actually playing “Paint It Black” backwards! Groovy!

Interestingly, this isn’t the only rock accordion lesson book out there. Palmer-Hughes has another book called Easy Rock ‘n’ Roll that appears to have first been published in the early 1960s. And with imaginative song titles like “Red Hot Rock”, “Soda Pop Rock”, “Juke Box Rock”, and “Injun Rock” (really!), it’s hard to see why more kids weren’t ditching their guitars for accordions. Shocking, really.

Still, I’m guessing Those Darn Accordions didn’t learn from either of these books…


  1. accordion piano and organ books

  2. I have a copy of Easy Rock ‘n’ Roll and it makes an excellent coffee table book….a great conversation starter, I say.

  3. I learned to play using the HP series! My instructor- Mr. Brownlow- used the books for my lessons. I liked the way the boy and girl in the series grew up so fast right before my eyes. Once I discovered girls (and more importantly they discovered me) I stashed the box and said nothing about playing for the next 25 years.

    I might have stayed with it longer if Mr. Brownlow had pulled out this snazzy book!
    Actually, I might buy it because I play again and Im going off of what I remember and what I figure out on my own. This could help. Can’t hurt!