Accordion-Shaped Kids Furniture

Posh Tots Accordion Dresser

Forget race-car shaped beds; your kids need this one-of-a-kind accordion-shaped dresser. Designed by Judson Beaumont, each dresser is custom-made and available at PoshTots for a mere $5,600. (There’s a reason it’s called PoshTots!) There’s also a vertical version available for just $5,000. A small price to pay for living in Wonderland…

[Found via Rare Bird Finds]


  1. I’m ordering 2 of them.

  2. a good and funny idea for accordionists kids !!!

    Sylvie Jamet

  3. How very, very odd!

  4. hey Guys,

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    Chelsey Jordan

  5. Hi..
    Its so funny and odd also.


  6. It’s have lots of fun…..