All Hail the Kielbasa Kings

I’ve been on a polka kick lately; I just received a bunch of CDs from Jimmy K. Polkas, we watched It’s Happiness: A Polka Documentary on Saturday, and I’m almost finished with Bob Dolgan’s biography of Frankie Yankovic. I’ve also been doing a lot of polka-oriented web surfing, which was what led me to the Kielbasa Kings of Dearborn, MI.

Like many polka bands, the Kielbasa Kings play a mix of polkas, waltzes, and obereks, but they also throw in an occasional traditional Polish tune (sung in Polish). What really caught my attention, though, were their polka-fied covers of alt-rock songs by artists like Barenaked Ladies and Violent Femmes. Check out their waltzing cover of Elvis Costello’s classic “Alison”; some might consider it blasphemy, but I think their aim is true.

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