Build Your Own MIDI Concertina

A MIDI controller shaped like a Hayden Duet Concertina

Paul Everett always wanted to play a Hayden Duet concertina, but new instruments can cost thousands of dollars and used ones are nearly impossible to find. So he did what anyone else would do: he built his own.

The result isn’t really a concertina — there are no bellows, reeds, or valves — it’s a MIDI keyboard with buttons arranged according to the Hayden Duet system. It’s no substitute for a real concertina, but it looks like a useful little practice gadget.

Check out Paul’s site for more photos and details, as well as some useful links if you’re interested in building your own MIDI device.

[Found via MAKE: Blog]


  1. Very funny this little MIDI concertina

  2. Is there any literature available on how to build your own concertina