New! Let’s Polka Calendar

Looking for an accordion concert this weekend? Or maybe an accordion club meeting? Check out our newly-launched accordion event calendar, where you can find squeezebox events across the country. Events like:

New events will be added daily. Keep up to date by subscribing to one of our calendar RSS feeds: there’s one for most recently added events, plus feeds for each event category. (So if you’re only interested in polka events or concerts, you can just subscribe to those.) So many options!

And you can help us create the most comprehensive list of accordion events anywhere. If you have an accordion event to promote or hear about something in your area, just let us know and we’ll post it!


  1. the calendar looks awesome! i can’t wait for some of those events. also, the site redesign looks really spiffy. you did a great job!! :)

  2. And marked up with microformats too! Great work, Chris. :)

  3. Chris,

    You do such a great and professional job with your website.

    With your expanding website and great features, you must really be making a lot of money at this. lol