Have a Polka Question? Ask Zosia

Zosia, the polka advice columnistWondering how you can get your kids interested polka? Or where you can learn to polka in New York City? Take your polka problems to Ask Zosia, home of the “polka world’s lighthearted advice columnist.” (Ask Zosia is for entertainment purposes only; don’t blame us if she gives you bad directions to the Bayway Polish Home.)


  1. Back in the ’50’s we had a 45-speed record of a polka that I think was called “Fanny Polka.” I can’t remember the singer’s name, but the first line was “I took my Fanny to the circus…” Have you heard of this polka, and if so, where I can get a recording of it? The tune keeps running through my head, but I can’t remember all the words. Thanks!

  2. Ellen, I think you’re looking for the “Fanny Shake Polka.” If you check on iTunes, there are a couple versions by the Polka Dots (click here). Also, the Polkaholics do a non-traditional (punk polka) version on their self-titled debut album.

  3. I am looking for a list of VERY popular German Polkas and waltzes (recognizable by most people).

  4. J.W., how about this: a songlist from the German Music Society.

  5. could you please tell if the words to the zosia polka are available perhaps on the internet? Your help is appreciated. Thank you

  6. Hello,
    Weird request – do you have the lyrics to the last part of “Fanny Shake Polka” – I could never quite get what he sings after, “I took my Fanny to the airport, to give her a thrill. She knew the pilot(?) ???? and(?) ????, -the party’s going still-(?)… When you..???”

    Any help appreciated, this has been driving me nuts for about 30 years.

  7. Does anybody have the music and the words to that great polka called “Zosia”Any help would be deeply appreciated in obtaining this music for a string band polka.