Accordion + Banjo = The Scarring Party

For further proof that accordions and banjos can live together in harmony, check out The Scarring Party. This unique Milwaukee quintet plays 1920’s-style music with gothic, macabre lyrics delivered through vocals that sound like they should be coming out of an old Victor Victrola. The catchy “No More Room” — off their debut album A Concise Introduction — “fortells certain doom to the bouncing rhythm of tuba, bass, accordion, banjo, and tongue drum.” Certain doom never sounded so good.


  1. You should post the many tracks of Frosini (accordion) playing with his (banjo) accompanist, Don Mafio (what a name!).

  2. Good idea, Zevy. I’ll dig through my records/CDs and see if I can find a good one to post.