Quick Links: May 9, 2007

Every day, I come across interesting accordion links — to bands, videos, photos, etc. — that I don’t have time to work into full-blown articles. Instead of hoarding these links (and then forgetting about them), I’m going to start posting them daily as “Quick Links”:

Let me know if you have any cool accordion-related links to share!


  1. As a producer of a t.v. polka show on our local community cable channel, I am looking for videos of polka music.

    If you have any or know of a source, please contact me .
    We televise out of Wadsworth, Ohio, and our show is aired in Akron, and about 8 N.E. Ohio community cable outlets


  2. Polkavideos.com has a great collection of videos and I’m sure many of the bands would appreciate the additional publicity. And, of course, there are also tons of polka videos on YouTube.

  3. Hey Chris, thanks for your website. Gene and I hooked up and have exchanged videos. It’s all thanks to you.

    You just earned your eternal ticket to polka heaven.

  4. Ha! Glad I could be of help, Michelle.

  5. It looks like Time Warner has taken your show off the air. Any recommendations as to where we can see you guys.
    Thank you.
    Jack & Dorothy