Sammy Thomas Reaches the Top

Sammy ThomasFrom the Top is a weekly radio show on NPR that showcases America’s top young classical musicians, aged 9 to 18. A couple weeks ago, the show featured 18-year-old U.S. National Accordion champion, Sammy Thomas. Classically trained since the age of ten, Sammy has played at many of the top accordion festivals (Cotati, Las Vegas) and is preparing to compete in this year’s Coupe Mondiale in Washington, DC.

You can listen to the ten-minute clip of Sammy’s appearance on the NPR website. It begins with a brief interview (his least favorite accordion genre: polka), followed by his excellent performance of “Chopin’s Nightmare”:


  1. Hi,
    We love your Let’s Polka website!
    All the best from UK
    Ron – UKAO

  2. Thanks Ron! The world needs more accordion sites!

  3. Terrific accordion site.

  4. Thanks Peter!

  5. Where can one purchase CD’s of Sammy Thomas’s music?

  6. John, I’m not sure he’s recorded any yet. (I haven’t seen any.) I’ll ask around and see what I can find.

  7. I just want to put a plug in for an accordionist out of Greece which I stumbled upon recently. Though her music isn’t polka, her CD is excellent. Here is a link so you can see her play.


  8. I forgot to mention the accordionist’s name is Zoe Tiganouria.
    Also, i saw it mentioned that Sammy has 3 CD’s but I don’t see how we can purchase them. Anyone find out yet?

  9. Thanks for the video, Russ! Sounds great — I’ll have to listen to more of her music.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t learned any more about Sammy’s CDs. I’ll keep asking around.

  10. I actually heard Sammy on NPR the day he played. He was the last performer and brought the house down. They loved him. Fantastic player. I can’t wait to get the CD’s.

    Zoe’s CD was not easy to get. I had to go through a web site out of canada. If anyone needs the link just let me know.

  11. You can find the Cds of ZOE TIGANOURIA on

    All best