Gaucho Music from Brazil

If you enjoy the great Brazilian accordionist Renato Borghetti, check out this video of Firmino Tebaldi playing “Missioneiro” by the legendary “gaiteiro,” Antônio Soares de Oliveira (“Tio Bilia”). When most people think of Brazilian music, they think samba, but this is very different — traditional gaucho music from southern Brazil, in the Rio Grande do Sul region near the border with Argentina.

(Thanks, Chris!)


  1. I’m glad you liked the video.There’s a lot more out there now.One particularly good clip of a young Renatto Borghetti shows hin accompaning Cesar Passarinho on the beautiful song “Guri”.


  2. very nice music. very nice hat too. I want one like that!

  3. Thanks for pointing out those clips, Chris! And there goes another evening spent watching accordion videos on YouTube…