Quick Links: July 13, 2007

  • SPIN.com: Bowerbirds
    SPIN puts the spotlight on Bowerbirds, a trio of North Carolina “indie rock folkies.” Listen to “In Our Talons”, which SPIN describes as a “standout track, with its accordion-rich choruses and not-so-subtle message.”
  • Madonna uses Roland V-Accordion for Live Earth Concert
    Roland issues a press release on the use of their FR3 V-Accordion during the Madonna/Gogol Bordello duet at Live Earth. “Not only is this fantastic exposure for Roland, it is also a great advert for the accordion as an instrument in its own right.”


  1. the idea of an electronic accordion (I’m assuming that’s what the Roland is) is an odd one to me. The mechanics of the accordion are at the heart of the instrument….make it electronic, and you might as well just use a keyboard, I say.

  2. Yeah, I don’t understand the appeal either. Then again, I know some folks who swear by them and love the options they provide… to each his own, I guess.