They Might Be Giants: The Else

They Might Be Giants: The ElseJust a couple weeks ago, They Might Be Giants released their new album The Else bundled with a super special bonus disc called Cast your Pod to the Wind, which contains music previously released only on their podcasts. It’s no doubt They Might Be Giants is one of the hardest working (and prolific) rock bands out there; releasing the equivalent of two albums at the same time is an impressive feat!

I love both of these discs. Yes, I am a long time fan, but every song included is quintessentially They Might Be Giants. From Flansburgh’s energetic power-pop guitar hooks to Linnell’s cleverly written lyrics and meticulously orchestrated geek-rock, both discs are a fabulous collection of musical experiments. I’ve listened to it about 20 times over, and yet I continue to get “Aha!” moments when I catch a lyrical phrase with a double meaning or a clever melodic riff. I can’t help but think “These guys are geniuses!”

Although light on accordion solos, I think any musician would appreciate the vast array of other instruments and effects used to enhance this otherwise straight-forward rock album and bonus disc. It’s a must for dedicated fans, and a great ‘starter’ album for people less familiar with the band.

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  1. I’m really digging it, too. Much better than The Spine and the bonus disc has plenty of the ridiculous mini-tunes that I’ve grown to love TMBG for (my current fav: “Why Did You Grow a Beard?”).

    My only complaint is that Linnell rarely seems to use the accordion in the studio anymore; it feels like he only uses it for live shows. I think it’s just the nature of their new material, though.