Country Accordion With The Carter Sisters

Further proof that the accordion has never met a genre it didn’t like: this clip of the Carter Sisters performing “My Baby Don’t Love Me No More” features sister Helen on accordion. The accordion actually has a long history in country music, dating back to “Tennessee Waltz” author Pee Wee King, Vic Willis (played with Hank Williams Sr.), and Marion Martin (played with Doc Williams’ Border Riders).


  1. I realy enjoyed this video,would you happen to have
    any with ,Pee Wee King and his brother Max King playing the concertina??????????
    I seen Max King a couple of years ago at the,
    Allenton, Wisconsin Concertina Jamboree, he had a walker,eyes were bad and I dont believe he could hear me……..Max looked very rough!!!!!!!
    Hope you can help me on this, or maybe give me a referral somewhere,,,,,,,Sincerely, Ed Suterko,
    Concertina Hall of Fame

  2. Ed, I looked on YouTube, but the only thing I could find was this clip of Pee Wee and his band from the 1945 movie “Flame of the West”:

    Try searching on YouTube and you might find something with Max.

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