Art of Accordion: Akkordeon-Rap

I’m hoping one of our German-speaking readers can help me out on this one. It’s a video interview with Art of Accordion, a German quintet who won the International Competition for Ensemble Music at the Coupe Mondiale earlier this year. The interview is interspersed with clips of the group slapping their accordions rhythmically while singing/rapping. I’m curious to know what they’re singing about and where they came up with this style.


  1. Donna Regis wrote in with a summary from a German-speaking friend:

    “They’re basically saying that they play without music in order to communicate better with each other. They also talk about a ten-day trip that they took to Washington when they were in constant contact with each other. Although they got on each others’ nerves a bit, the experience further enhanced their ability to communicate with each other. The interviewer asks how they like being a group of both men and women, and they all agreed that they are better off for this. They see themselves as a Gestalt (though they don’t use that word)… when one of the is sick or otherwise missing it feels like there is a hole in the performance.”

  2. Some are members of the Hohner Academy Orchestra if I remember correctly. Michi ..the girl on far left is the poster girl for the Hohner Compadre and El Rey Del Vallenato on the Hohner Germany site.. and she plays with an all-woman trio called Triple Sweet.


  3. I had no idea. Thanks for pointing that out, Glenn!

  4. You see the Quintett “Art of Accordion”. The Homepage:“, but sorry, the page is only german, but we hope in a few days it will be in english.

  5. Thanks Ralf! I’ve updated the post to include the link.