Behind the Bellows: A Documentary

The accordion has always seemed like the perfect movie subject. Its story features a glamorous past, an unceremonious fall from grace, and now a lively renaissance. What audience wouldn’t love that story?

Thankfully, Steve Mobia agrees and is putting the finishing touches on Behind the Bellows, his documentary chronicling the accordion’s “variety, history and rise and fall in popularity.” It includes interviews and performances by Anthony Galla Rini, Stefan Hussong, Guy Klucevsek, Carmen Carrozza, and more. In the trailer below, you can see clips of Those Darn Accordions, Henry Doktorski, the Great Morgani, and Jason Webley, among others.

On Mobia’s site, the documentary is listed as “unfinished”, but I’ll post an update as soon as we hear it’s ready for public consumption.


  1. You may be interested to know that apparently Oberlin College Music Conservatory has allowed a student to major in accordion this year. This Oberlin student, who also plays piano, did a winter term project where he made a video of his experience studying with Lou Jacklich. If you look up Lou Jacklich on u-tube there are two interviews with him as well as an amusing sequence done by the student. We saw your documentary at the ATG convention and were mesmerized. Thanks. Jan

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