Going to the NAA Festival?

Next week, the National Accordion Association is holding its annual festival in Richardson, Texas. It sounds like a blast — three days of concerts, workshops, and hobnobbing with fellow accordionists. I’m especially envious of the “Accordion All-Stars” performance on Friday night featuring Carl Finch of Brave Combo, Ginny Mac, Danny Jerabek of Copper Box, and many more.

If there’s anyone attending the festival who’s interested in writing something about it for Let’s Polka, drop me a line and let me know. We’ll try to make it worth your while.

If you’re in the festival mood this weekend, you can still catch the tail end of a couple good ones. The American Accordion Musicological Society (say that three times fast) is having their annual bash in Pennsylvania, with a massed band performance and numerous workshops on Sunday. Meanwhile, down in San Antonio, family-run KEDA Radio Jalapeno’s weekend party concludes with performances by Eddie “Lalo” Torres, Ricky Naranjo, and many others.

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