Los Angeles Accordion Festival

Los Angeles Accordion FestivalNorthern California has had its fair share of accordion festivals over the years, so it was only a matter of time before Southern California got into the act. The first Los Angeles Accordion Festival is a three-day event running from May 30th to June 1st at Eagles Hall in Los Angeles.

Designed to showcase some of L.A.’s finest new accordion talent, there’ll be four or five bands performing each night with diverse styles ranging from Irish to Tex-Mex, Cajun to Rockabilly, and nearly everything in-between. On Saturday, May 31st, there’ll also be an accordion workshop on the three-row button accordion led by Otono Lujan of Conjunto Los Pochos, accordion instructor at the Eagle Rock Music Studio. For more information — including a full list of artists performing — check the festival website or the listing on our calendar.


  1. does anyone know what night the Tejano bands will be playing?
    Please advise,

  2. Jesse, click here to see the schedule of bands performing. For instance, Conjunto Los Pochos is playing on Saturday.

  3. Thanks Chris! I appreciate the information. Have you attended this before?

  4. oops, guess this is the first annual event.
    Thanks again for the info.