Weird Al and the Roland V-Accordions

Weird Al YankovicIt’s probably no surprise that Weird Al Yankovic is on the cutting edge of accordion technology and, indeed, Roland has a fun little interview with him about their V-Accordion line of digital accordions. Apparently Al has been an FR-7 user for quite some time and just picked up the smaller, lighter FR-2. In the interview, Al talks about the appeal of a digital accordion versus an acoustic one:

“I really like the idea that it is a direct connection. The accordion is a hard instrument to mic, because if you put an acoustic microphone next to an accordion — especially the left hand — the bellows are always moving. So it’s kind of hard to get an even sound, because the mic is always going to be closer and then further away from the sound source. Internal microphones are also always a problem, because you still get the sound of the bellows. So just the simple fact that there’s a digital solution out there where you get a clean accordion sound is very appealing to me.”

Weird Al will be on tour this summer supporting his latest album, Straight Outta Lynwood; keep an eye on our calendar for dates. (Interview found via Wired).

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  1. I really wanted one of those new v 2 ones. I like the lightness and the size, but I wish it had a free-bass setting. It can play a bunch of different bass button patterns, (including the wacky Belgian left-hand that’s upside down!) but no free-bass, probably the only other bass system most players have ever heard of. I don’t get it, unless they want you to buy up for that? But then why the other patterns?

    If I could pay to add-on free-bass, I’d get one quick. As it is, I might wait for the next upgrade.