Henry Doktorski’s Historic Records on CD

Henry DoktorskiToday I was going through my record collection, wondering if any of my old accordion records were available on CD. Sadly, many of them have not been remastered to CD. However, in my search I discovered that accordionist Henry Doktorski has taken the time to remaster some of his historic accordion records to CD! He sells copies of the CDs from his website for $15 each plus extra for shipping, handling and (optional) insurance. He has several albums by Myron Floren and Charles Magnante, as well as others. Take a look! While the recordings are not perfect (there are unavoidable hisses and skips), this is definitely a great resource for fans of the accordion.

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  1. Dear Anna,

    Many thanks for helping publicize this humble resource to make some of the historic recordings of the legendary accordionists available to the new generation. However, I did not remaster them; I merely purchased these from a vendor I met at an accordion festival to offer them to my customers.

    Best wishes!