2009 Grammy Nominees Announced

It’s that time of year again. The nominees for the 51st annual Grammy Awards were announced yesterday and, as usual, accordions dominated at least two categories. First up, the nominees for Best Polka Album:

It’s many of the same nominees we’ve seen in previous years including LynnMarie, Walter Ostanek and, of course, 17-time winner Jimmy Sturr. But I’m excited to see conjunto legend Paulino Bernal in the mix this year; he’s certainly long overdue for this recognition.

This is the second year for the Best Zydeco or Cajun Music Album award; here are the nominees:

Meanwhile, our daughter’s favorite album — Here Come the 123s by They Might Be Giants — was nominated for Best Musical Album For Children. It’s certainly been played enough at our house to earn some sort of award.

We’ll post clips and reviews of many of these albums between now and the awards ceremony, which takes place February 8th in Los Angeles.


  1. There are some excellent choices there. My favourite of them is Cedric Watson’s cd, which is superb.

  2. its good to see paulino bernal as one of the grammy nominees this year. ive been playing tex-mex music on my polka show for years in our area. brave combo,the polka family jerry darlak etc. also glad to see the polka family in the nominees too. of course jimmy sturr once again.polka music continues to get much better over the years, and thats good. i still play frankie yankovick, the kryger bros., marion lush and lil wally, but its not just the umpa music anymore as you can see with this years grammy nominees. i still hear comments like, jimmy sturr isnt a polka band and he keeps winning the grammy. these polka jocks should move on and get the picture of what the new sound of polka music is. most of the people who listned to the old style of polka music are gone, and now we have a new generation of polka fans. i know the old sounds of polka music will live on, but we cant knock jimmy sturr or any other band that plays a variety of polka music. sam liguori warm radio…

  3. Hello

    I have a friend who is getting up in age and all he wants is a compact disc of the Kryger Bros. with the one song THE BOYS OF WILKES BARRE.

    That is all he wants for his Birthday can you please help me with this.

  4. john, now that im retired from playing polkas, ill look and see if i have the boys from w.b. by the krygers.. let me know if you still need it. ill check and see if i have it. sam

  5. I’m looking for Kryger Brothers recordings, preferably on CD or cassette tape, but not on 78 RPM vinyl. Anyone have something which they would like to sell?


  6. bob, i have the krygerbros.c-d. let me no if you still want them.sam