25 Songs: Pistolera

Bouncy cumbias, a pumping accordion, Spanish lyrics… you would assume this music comes from somewhere south of the border. But no, Pistolera comes straight outta Brooklyn, combining Latin rhythms and instrumentation with indie-rock guitar and politically conscious lyrics. Which makes sense given the background of leader Sandra Lilia Velasquez, who grew up in San Diego listening to a combination of alternative rock and her mom’s cumbia records. They recently released their second album, En Este Camino, but this track comes from their excellent debut, Siempre Hay Salida.


  1. I love Pistolera.

    This is one my children sing along with. Seven year old twins sing the chorus as, “Yogurt! Is not invented! Yogurt! Is not invented!” No one knows why. I made a recording and sent it to the band to their amusement.

  2. Ha! That sounds fantastic. I’d love to hear their version sometime.