Quick Links: Oh Canada!

Once again, we spotlight our hockey and accordion-lovin’ neighbors:

  • Accordion Revolution
    Great pair of interviews that focus almost entirely on accordion-playing. One with our old favorite Geoff Berner (touring in support of his new album, Klezmer Mongrels) and the other with Felicity Hamer of the United Steelworkers of Montreal.
  • Joanna Chapman-Smith
    Like Geoff Berner, Joanna is another klezmer-influenced accordionist from Vancouver. She combines jazzy vocal stylings with acoustic roots instrumentation, killer clarinet lines and accordion flourishes, a touch of modern jazz and a touch of cabaret.
  • Walter Ostanek Band
    Canada’s Polka King finally has a website (and blog) worthy of his title. I really like the videos — Walter is warm, genuine, and, of course, an incredible accordion player.

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  1. I just put up a post on klezmer in honor of Passover, and I wanted to see if anyone else was posting the Klezmatics. Finding you was quite a surprise. I must say, I’m impressed. I will be adding you to my links.

    BTW, before I knew you existed, I was planning a post on the accordion for my Corners of the World series. That should be up in a couple of weeks. I haven’t told anyone else about it, so keep it under your hat. Thanks.