MP3 Monday: Chango Spasiuk

Chango SpasiukYesterday’s New York Times had a rave review for a recent performance by Chango Spasiuk, one of our favorite Argentine accordionists. Spasiuk is best known as an innovator of chamamé, a folk music from northeast Argentina which blends native Guarani, Creole and European traditions. But Spasiuk’s music goes beyond the traditional, incorporating rock, jazz and even avant-garde references. He’s drawn comparisons to his fellow countryman, the legendary Astor Piazzolla, and indeed, Spasiuk may well be doing for chamamé what Piazzolla did for tango.


  1. wowAwesome.

    high five on the cattle intro

  2. I saw Mr. Spasiuk play at the international accordion festival in San Antonio in 2007. He’s obviously a fine player, but to be honest, his performances were not all that exciting, compared to some of the other players at the festival.

  3. Hey Chris

    Ever looked into Turisas?
    Another accordion thing worth a peek for us fans of the box.
    Oh and I hope the settling in part of moving is going smoothly for y’all