Billie Jean on Accordion

Like many other children of the 1980s, I spent last night listening to my old Michael Jackson albums and reminiscing about my childhood — the trip to the mall to buy Bad on cassette… borrowing one of grandma’s fancy gloves while practicing the moonwalk… okay, maybe that last one was just me.

Nestled among the classic Michael Jackson videos on YouTube, I found this clip of Montreal busker Scott Dunbar doing a fanastically funky one-man accordion band rendition of “Billie Jean.” All that’s missing is the glove.


  1. I find playing the both sides of the accordion at the same time hard enough, let alone complicated drum beats with both feet and singing!

  2. wow, that guy is good! his bass drum/suitcase is awesome, too.

  3. Good rendition by a very talented guy. I think Michael Jackson would like it! Nice tribute!!

  4. WOW — that was great. If I was there I’d be putting money in his hat. Thanks for sharing.