Aleksandr Hrustevich, Internet Accordion Star

On the Internet can you become a star overnight; just ask Ukranian accordionist Aleksandr Hrustevich. Late last week, this video of Hrustevich performing the third movement of “Summer” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” swept across the Internet faster than his fingers across his bayan (Russian chromatic button accordion). From NPR to Digg, viewers raved about his performance, mostly along the lines of “Wow, I never knew an accordion could sound like this!” Indeed it can.

Check Aleksandr’s YouTube profile for more videos, including performances of Bach, Tchaikovsky, and more.


  1. What a fantastic performance. This fellow is a magnificient musician and virtuoso.

    Can someone tell a little bit of his background? How old is he, how long has been studying? Is he coming to the US?

  2. Who the hell is this kid and why haven’t I heard about him before now? This is incredible!

  3. Aleksandr Hrustevich will be performing at the Newport Music Festival on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. Details to follow!

  4. This young man is mindblowingly good! I hope, nay, I know he will be, very famous and hopefully bring accordion to a more popular standpoint in the music world! I wish I could go to that Newport Music Festival and see him live.

  5. i think this is my favorite video!