Accordion World Music from Calabash

If you’re into world music, Calabash Music is an excellent place to explore unique, hard-to-find music from all over the globe. Today, the folks at Calabash paid tribute to Accordion Awareness Month with a playlist of accordion tracks from their vast international catalog. There’s something in there for everyone — forr? from Brazil, tango from France, brukdown from Belize, and much more. (My favorite so far is Argentinian accordionist Chango Spasiuk.)

You can buy songs from the playlist starting at 99 cents, and they’re good ol’, plain MP3s — no DRM restrictions. Plus, Calabash uses an “equal exchange” model allowing artists to earn 50% of all sales, so you can feel good knowing your money is actually going to the artist, and not just paying for the gas in some record executive’s Hummer.


  1. I’ve been playing my Chango Spasiuk albums non-stop for long enough to be convinced that he really needs to tour the US. His strange website indicates he’s been all over Europe, so maybe if you drum up enough support he’ll make it this way too.

  2. Once I get my hands on one of his CDs, I’ll write up something bigger (focused solely on him) here. Plus it’ll take me a while to get through all the crazy nooks and crannies on his site. :)