Self-Playing Button Accordion for the Lazy

Want to sound like an honest-to-goodness accordion player, but without all that pesky practice and hard work? Well, check out this accordion built by Hessmuller — it looks like a real button accordion but, in fact, it uses a small mini disc player and speakers to play over 100 Bavarian-German songs (including “Beer Barrel Polka”). Here’s the pitch:

“Have your own Octoberfest! You can convince them all that you are a musical wizard. This is a real button accordion built by Hessmuller of Morgenroethe Saxony (Germany), but instead of the usual reed sets it uses mini discs playing professionally sampled accordion solos of traditional polkas, marches, waltzes, tangos etc. played by real German accordion players… All the player has to do is move the bellows and play the buttons (keys are all functional) convincingly and people will marvel at your skills.”

Of course, becoming a “musical wizard” overnight has its price — typically $1,595 when it pops up on eBay. My advice: save your money and put it towards some accordion lessons. [Found via Squeezytunes]


  1. I would like to purchase a self-playing accordian for Christmas. Can you help me?

  2. Heidi, the only place I’ve ever seen one of those accordions is on eBay, so I would check there first.

  3. Have a look here:

  4. I would much appreciate if anybody could provide some contact details to Hessmuller accordion manufacturer. I am desperately trying to find it on the web but with no success.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. I couldn’t find a website for Hessmühler (which I think is the correct spelling), but I did find this: