eBay Find: “21 K Gold” Accordion

Sometimes I run across an eBay auction so ridiculous, it makes me laugh out loud. Check out this auction for an old Florino accordion. The description is priceless (as is the accordion, according to the seller):

“I think the gold parts are actual 21 K gold. A man once offered me $32,000.00 for this but I refused his pathetic attempt at a business transaction. Listen, I know this accordion is worth well over $560,000.00, but I am willing to take what I can get. No reserve and a $.99 minimum guarantees that this thing is going to sell. THIS IS THE CADILLAC OF ALL ACCORDIONS! YOU MUST DEMAND THE BEST!

Even after laying it on so thick, the current high bid is just $6.49 (about 1/6 the price of shipping). Can you believe it? For the “Cadillac of all accordions”!


  1. Ha! He says the gold parts are 21K gold? I can tell from the pic that they are made of that fake gold glitter stuff!

  2. Let’s hope he doesn’t find one decorated with rhinestones !

  3. Fortunately, the bellows are filled with helium to counterbalance the weight of the gold.