Hohner Gola Prototype on eBay

Hohner GolaFor over fifty years, the Hohner Gola has been the top model in Hohner’s accordion line. The instrument is named for master accordion builder Giovanni Gola, who worked for Hohner from 1952 to 1972. You can’t just walk into a music store and buy a Gola, though — each instrument is hand-built and made to the specifications of its future owner.

If you can’t wait for Hohner to make you one, though, check out this auction for a one-of-a-kind “sub-octave” Hohner Gola prototype dating from 1953 (three years before the line was introduced). It comes with a letter of authenticity from the Hohner factory in Trossingen, Germany, as well as a handwritten note from Giovanni Gola himself describing the instrument. The asking price is a mere €50,000, or approximately $67,000. Cheap!

[Found via the Reyes Accordions forums]


  1. i have a 1948 domino coupler red morino. i also have a 1949 red domino coupler morino 4 both good condition. both are piano accordions. i am looking for chrome strips for the grill of the morino or a complete grille.

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  3. The only information I have on that accordion is what I posted — is there something specific you want to know, Robert?