Hohner Factory Photo Tour

Tuning setup at the Hohner factory in Trossingen, GermanyEver wonder how Hohner accordions are made? Peter Unbehauen has posted a fantastic photo tour of the Hohner accordion factory in Trossingen, Germany. If your Hohner was “made in Germany” — very likely if it’s a Gola, Morino, Genius, Ventura, or Corona Classic — it came from this factory. It’s a really fascinating look at the production process as craftsmen install reeds, wax reed blocks, and tune accordions before they’re shipped to players worldwide.

I highly recommend poking around Peter’s site — it’s full of fascinating and unique accordion information. For instance, he has some great photos of the old Hohner factory buildings in Trossingen, as well as the workshop of master tuner and builder Claudio Beltrami.

[Found via the Reyes Accordions forum]


  1. oh bery good this Accordion Factory Photo Tour…

    So I made an article about this in my accordion and music blog :

    Musically to you
    Sylvie JAMET, accordionist from France

  2. i would like to see the photo tour

  3. Robert, here’s the link:


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  5. i’ve ordered a corona classic supreme ,can you give me more info. about the supreme,what is it made of
    thank you

  6. could you please send the latest catalouge
    on all your marinos.to 26 the riggs auchtermuchty
    fife scotland. ky14 7dx.thank you

  7. Bob, I can’t help you. You need to contact Hohner through their site: http://www.hohner.eu

  8. I have got an Hohner Sirena 1. I understand is very old. It is a button accoedion and I would like to know more about it. For instance , When was it made, It is an 80 bass five row of buttons,other accordions I have seen are six rows, which row is missing. My music teacher tells me it is the dom 7 row missing.
    Please can aneyone help and aney other imformation Please

  9. We visited the Hohner factory in Trossingen. We met the most incredible man there, Mr Thomas Trapp. We love Germany and if all people in the world were like Mr. Trapp what a wonderful world it would be!

  10. 50 years ago,we were given a Hohner Mignon 1 as present that was never opened or played. It a very
    small accordian in beautiful shape. I’d like it but have no idea how much is worth. Could you please give your
    opinion? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

  11. The old Hohner Factory building looks like a great site to visit not only for the great accordion craftsmanship but also from a purely photographic point of view. The pictures look really great.

  12. i have always admired the hohner shand morino
    b c c sharp. ionly wish i could find one with a price to suit my pocket.even one that has been under the weather will do.hohner made beautiful accordions.
    the best in the world.

  13. does hohner still build the shand morino to order?
    if so, mention price

  14. I have an old Hohner pokerwork 2 row 21 key button key accordeon with BC tuning and 8 bases.It has what we professional accordeonists call a singing tone I’m trying to find out its age.The only indicator to its age is the lettering C-C S in the keyboard. Can you help?

  15. Why not try the accordeon music of David Hutchison 1900-1975. His records can be heard free simply by tapping David Hutchison rare tunes archives into your search engine.