Castelfidardo Travel Tips

Tom Torriglia, accordionist for retro Italiano band Bella Ciao, just returned from a trip to Castelfidardo, Italy, the famous center of the Italian accordion industry. He passed along these tips for anyone making a pilgrimage to the area:

“I just returned from Mecca(castel)fidardo and offer up the following information for fellow travelers.

Castelfidardo is shut tight as bellows on both Saturday and Sunday.

I stayed at the 3-star La Fonte hotel in Osimo. It was 48€ per night and included continental breakfast. The room was large, very clean and had twin beds. There is a lounge/bar area where you can hang out. They also offer free parking.

In Castelfidardo, I met Dan from Denver who was staying at the only pensione in Castelfidardo and he said he was paying 40€ per night with no breakfast.

Osimo is a lot bigger than Castelfidardo and there is a real nightlife. I mostly hung out at the Silicon bar, a very popular place. Osimo is about 15 minutes from Castelfidardo by car.

In Osimo, there is a telephone place where you can call the US for 5 centesimi per minute — so 1€ gets you 20 minutes. It’s open late.

There’s an internet point in Castelfidardo called Media Place. Kind of down the hill a bit from the center of town. I think it’s on Aligheri. 1€ got me 20 minutes online.

I stopped at the accessories’ place, I think it’s called Carini, located at the bottom of the long flight of steps. There is no sign. It’s next to a little car wash. I got some nice straps with a backstrap included for 20€. Of course, there’s always Italcinte for straps.

The banks didn’t take travelers’ checks, but you could convert cash. There’s plenty of ATMs (bancomats) from which to get cash anytime.

Happy Traveling!”

Anna and I are planning to visit Castelfidardo next spring, so these tips are a big help. Thanks Tom!


  1. Hey Chris –

    If you are going to Castelfidardo make sure to get in touch with Genuino Baffetti:

    Via O.Pigini, 82
    60022 Castelfidardo (AN) Italy
    Tel +39 071 7820968 Fax +39 071 7822077

    Genuino came to San Antonio for the last Tejano Conjunto Festival. He worked the joint Reyes Accordions/Dino Baffetti/Karlitosway Accordions booth and he attended the workshop with Joél Guzmán. I have some pictures of him with Santiago Jiménez, Jr. who played my Baffetti for a couple tunes. Diane won the commemorative 25th Annual TCF Baffetti that Genuino donated to a raffle.

    He’s a very nice, young man, who I’m sure could give you a lot of tips on navigating Castefidardo.

    – John

  2. Thanks John! We’ll be sure to look him up.

  3. Hello,
    I plan to go to Europe in june, and try and buy an accordion there, either in Italy or Germany. I originally planed to visit Castelfidardo since I was told that there are more than ten factories there where one can try accordions and buy. If it is the case I imagine it would be the best place. But also the Hohner factory in Germany could be interesting.
    Do you have any suggestion for the best strategy ?
    I’ll be there 3 weeks. Thanks.

  4. Henri, I’ve never been to Castlefidardo myself, so I’m probably not the best person to ask. I’d contact Tom Torriglia (he wrote the tips above) and ask him for advice. Also, try emailing Genuino Baffetti, as John mentioned above.

  5. I am a professional photographer in Boston USA I have always wanted to do a photo essay on the world of accordions. I would love to spend some time in an accordion factory and photograph how such a beautiful instrument is built. I would like to find that old world hand crafted feel, and then photograph the energy of a live performance at night. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    thank you ….. len

  6. Oi, boa tarde! estou planejando viajar para italia em fevereiro próximo, e ir até Castelfidardo para adquirir uma acordeon antiga, usada, tipo dalapê, bell ou galantti, gostaria de saber se é possivel e fácil econtrar esses produtos em lojas comuns por lá?? abraço

    silvio lopes