Flickr Find: Castelfidardo Accordion Factory

from where i work
uploaded by otrocalpe
Last week we saw the inside of a 1960s era concertina factory; this week we get a glimpse inside a modern-day accordion factory. Flickr user otrocalpe took this photo, which shows a workstation inside the accordion factory where he works in Castelfidardo, Italy. (Castelfidardo is the legendary center of the Italian accordion industry and home to an accordion museum.) Apparently, this factory was built by his grandfather sixty years ago!


  1. I totally want to take a tour of an accordion factory. That would be a great documentary, too. Awesome.

  2. im going ti italy in late april i would like to visit castelfidardo accordion factory. what is presice address. thanking you.
    dominic byrne
    49 ardmore park
    kill avenue
    co dublin.

  3. I have an accordion from here and I am trying to learn more about it. Any ideas on where to look or whom to contact? Thanks

  4. ask me, my family owns an accordion factory in italy

  5. ask me my family owns an accordion factory in italy

  6. Hi There,

    I’m from holland and i would love to get a job in a accordeonfactory in Italy. I don’t speak Italian (yet)
    And learn how to build and repair an accordion.
    Any tips?

    Greetings from holland.

  7. I’m going to visit Castelfidardo’s accordion museum and factories in Feb 2012.

    Do the accordion factories and museum open on Sat and Sun?

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